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Sun Mar 10, 2024, 04:48 PM Mar 10

My wife and I have a comfotable retirement [View all]

We own our Condo outright and have an income in the upper 5 figures. This pays all our bills and expenses and allows us to go out for dinner and entertainment and travel. Not extravagantly, but enough to make us content. We have a nice Honda that take us where we need and with Medicare, out healthcare is taken care of.
Now if we had $10 or $20 or $50 million dollars we would have a more luxurious life, we could afford a better car, travel a bit more and stay in nicer places, flying first class would be great.
But I don't think our life is diminished because we don't have real wealth.

What made me think about this is all the Mega Rich assholes with more money than God, who have more than they can spend in 100 lifetimes. Many septuagenarian and octogenarians. Who could have a life full of adventure and enrichment. But instead all they want is another 3% tax cut to have more money they will never need. And they are willing to burn the country down to get it. They don't care about women's rights, LBGT rights, gun violence, climate change, education, healthcare, helping the unfortunate or anything else that might help people. They support the worst of us just to get their extra tax break, or destroy some regulation that prevents them from doing what they want.
Power and Greed is all that feeds them. And they will destroy anything that gets in their way, including the country.

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They hoard money. It's a mental illness and they will never have enough. OMGWTF Mar 10 #1
Yes. Someone always has more than they do. It's a never-ending game. I'd be happy to have no billionairea. Lonestarblue Mar 10 #15
They actually worship money and the power it gives them to get more money. walkingman Mar 10 #29
I look at the very wealthy DENVERPOPS Mar 11 #70
Money is our national religion The Wizard Mar 11 #83
I've been saying this for years drmeow Mar 10 #38
I hear you Ed and couldn't agree more. Diamond_Dog Mar 10 #2
Going into retirement FHRRK Mar 10 #3
Driving is the way to go. It is the best way to see many countries. flying_wahini Mar 10 #5
Take the train and relax. Wonder Why Mar 10 #11
Oh we do that, too when the country has one. We took a plane& a helicopter and still drove 1200 mi in New Zealand flying_wahini Mar 10 #19
I take Amtrak when I can. Book a roomette PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 10 #62
A roomette you say! Didn't know duch a thing existed. Well then, my wife and I KPN Mar 11 #93
Here's a link to the Amtrak page PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 11 #102
Oh I love that! PatSeg Mar 11 #104
Awesome. Thanks! KPN Mar 12 #105
There is economy plus edhopper Mar 10 #9
I fly Comfort Class with Delta Abnredleg Mar 10 #28
Rich wannabes vs the rich Johnny2X2X Mar 11 #101
So true FHRRK Mar 11 #103
I hope Biden taxes the hell out of them and the Churches too. flying_wahini Mar 10 #4
i hope you realize that many so called christians arnt and there are ones who do walk the walk AllaN01Bear Mar 10 #26
Tax them. Plenty walk the walk AND pay taxes. n/t Marcus IM Mar 10 #30
Except they are christians NanaCat Mar 11 #75
I am not aware of any elected officials of the Democratic party that supports taxing churches. former9thward Mar 10 #37
I say tax the preachers, not the church. And no tax ... Whiskeytide Mar 10 #41
Tax the churches NanaCat Mar 11 #76
I agree with all you said - my suggestion is ... Whiskeytide Mar 11 #84
So what? NanaCat Mar 11 #77
"politicians have always been behind where the people are" former9thward Mar 11 #88
Absolutely opposed to Biden taxing churches TexasDem69 Mar 10 #47
Why? NanaCat Mar 11 #78
He wouldn't win if he taxed churches. Elessar Zappa Mar 10 #58
So we're to be held hostage to a group NanaCat Mar 11 #79
Well that's about half of MAGA, if that - TBF Mar 10 #6
The other end are still just useful idiots helping the rich. live love laugh Mar 10 #22
Sociopaths. That's what they are. yardwork Mar 10 #7
This is so true edhopper Mar 10 #12
Agree with you about irrationality, mostly ... cultures do vary considerably in generosity, though. JudyM Mar 10 #45
We have been in a destructive positive feedback loop for half a century. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 10 #8
The loop tightened with Trump billionaire tax cuts and insider trading. live love laugh Mar 10 #23
Some data supporting what you say Hermit-The-Prog Mar 10 #27
There will never be enough money to fill the holes in their souls. Irish_Dem Mar 10 #10
Sounds like you guys have what you need in life. This hunting for wealth, and yet more wealth, never seems to end. SWBTATTReg Mar 10 #13
Need can be satisfied. markodochartaigh Mar 10 #25
"Power and Greed is all that feeds them" Ferrets are Cool Mar 10 #14
Consider yourself blessed.My dad had two degrees from notre dame Tribetime Mar 10 #16
I grew up in the shadow of Notre Dame LittleGirl Mar 10 #31
For some of us, five figures is very 'real wealth'. (n/t) OldBaldy1701E Mar 10 #17
Yes edhopper Mar 10 #20
The average single recipient gets moonscape Mar 10 #32
Hmm edhopper Mar 10 #36
Average overall $1770 dpibel Mar 10 #55
Not alone edhopper Mar 10 #57
In any case, I agree with your OP dpibel Mar 10 #61
widows and divorcees get screwed. mopinko Mar 11 #90
Absolutely correct Abstractartist Mar 10 #18
Retired. Don't pay SS, State or Local taxes. Didn't pay any Fed tax last three years. twodogsbarking Mar 10 #21
Human dragons Bettie Mar 10 #24
They were bitten by Smaug and infected with extreme greed. GoneOffShore Mar 11 #82
The mega-rich are so lost in the moonscape Mar 10 #33
Who is the "mega rich"? TexasDem69 Mar 10 #48
I just turned 65 and received 2 of the various pensions I built over the years. liberal N proud Mar 10 #34
Money is how new money parasites keep count within their own class Warpy Mar 10 #35
You nailed it Ed! Feel the same way. ED. Evolve Dammit Mar 10 #39
I have a comfortable chair. Tom Yossarian Joad Mar 10 #40
The value of a comfortable chair cannot be overlooked GoodRaisin Mar 11 #74
we're in roughly similar condition mike_c Mar 10 #42
Well the problem is this; Mr.Bee Mar 10 #43
I might also add; Mr.Bee Mar 10 #49
Amen! Aussie105 Mar 10 #52
Not all jobs are mind killers. I've been at mine for the last 49 years, and if my mind is dead, it was dead at age 23. DFW Mar 11 #86
Welcome to DU, Mr.Bee! calimary Mar 11 #73
Depends on how you define accomplishment NanaCat Mar 11 #81
You know, Ed, you're right. PatrickforB Mar 10 #44
They're believers in Divine Right JHB Mar 10 #46
I'm a leading edge Boomer bluestateboomer Mar 10 #50
They're all assholes, plain and simple. InAbLuEsTaTe Mar 10 #51
They want more privilege than everyone else. LiberalFighter Mar 10 #53
This cardboard owner guy backing trump is giving me pwb Mar 10 #54
"Many septuagenarian and octogenarians". I think it's strange that people in later years focus on controlling young BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 10 #56
We'll never make the needed steps to tax ALL income properly or attack the debt oldsoftie Mar 10 #59
It's just another form of hoarding. Scrivener7 Mar 10 #60
I'm 75, retired, live alone. PoindexterOglethorpe Mar 10 #63
And that, your last sentence, they will destroy antyhing that gets in their way, is why we must destroy c-rational Mar 10 #64
Then they will die and find out that you really can't take it with you. LoisB Mar 10 #65
Where wealth accumulates, men decay. RipVanWinkle Mar 10 #66
Tax them into reality! Bluethroughu Mar 10 #67
"Every billionaire is a policy failure" Seinan Sensei Mar 10 #68
The largest expansion of the middle class occurred when there was... LudwigPastorius Mar 11 #69
According to Cheryl Crow Roy Rolling Mar 11 #71
That could have been taken from a fictitious character in the novel "Shibumi." DFW Mar 11 #87
I think it is a form of hoarding. tblue37 Mar 11 #72
More4Me czarjak Mar 11 #80
Not to toot my own horn, but I also had a few thoughts Goodheart Mar 11 #85
I'm always reluctant to dump everyone into one barrel DFW Mar 11 #89
Amem! BlueTexasMan Mar 11 #91
That's all of it in a nutshell edhopper! KPN Mar 11 #92
Post removed Post removed Mar 11 #94
Welcome to DU. William769 Mar 11 #95
Hello again. GP6971 Mar 11 #96
Upper 5 figures edhopper Mar 11 #97
Message auto-removed Name removed Mar 11 #100
This is one of the best threads I have seen in my 16 years here. Permanut Mar 11 #98
My Republican brother can't resist saying how bad the economy is.... SleeplessinSoCal Mar 11 #99
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