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Too late... brooklynite Mar 26 #1
me too BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 26 #3
Me, too. My wife retired at 48. marble falls Mar 26 #9
61 GoodRaisin Mar 27 #46
Cancer got in my way. marble falls Mar 27 #53
Spinal cord deterioration sidelined me. GoodRaisin Mar 27 #66
Aging is not for pansies. I tell my wife sometimes, "I'm getting a job!". She just shakes her head and laughs. marble falls Mar 27 #67
Me too! phylny Mar 27 #48
Fuck him edhopper Mar 26 #2
It's always projection with these senseandsensibility Mar 26 #4
Fuck Black Rock too Captain Zero Mar 27 #43
FUCK.HIM! 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 26 #5
Guy who sits behind a desk telling carpenters and plumbers to keep working #SodOff irisblue Mar 26 #6
I retired at 59 ripcord Mar 26 #7
I retired at 60, about eight months ago... Silent3 Mar 27 #41
And I think Larry Fink should sink his head to his shoulders up his butt. marble falls Mar 26 #8
Young people have lost faith in older fat cats who are hoarding 90% of the wealth. usonian Mar 26 #10
During times of layoffs, companies KarenS Mar 26 #11
They do want it both ways. Especially when they are not on the receiving end for either. LiberalFighter Mar 26 #17
64 was enpogh for me quaker bill Mar 26 #12
Then, I guess he wouldn't mind paying SS on all his salary and perks. By the way, the remaining sinkingfeeling Mar 26 #13
Isn't it amusing when someone who is pontificating about spooky3 Mar 26 #31
The SS tax limit for 2024 is 168,600.$ Prairie_Seagull Mar 27 #50
I was glad that when I retired my well-paying job went to a much younger person wishstar Mar 26 #14
I was more than happy to retire 3 years early. Delmette2.0 Mar 27 #64
Hasan eviserating Shapiro DJ Porkchop Mar 26 #15
Why does anyone care what Shapiro thinks? LastLiberal in PalmSprings Mar 27 #38
Nope! Upthevibe Mar 26 #16
I put in my 30 years and retired at 52. LiberalFighter Mar 26 #18
Some for Rebl2 Mar 26 #19
Particularly people who did physical jobs. Bodies wear out. catrose Mar 27 #40
Sort Of ProfessorGAC Mar 27 #47
Even with SS I'll have to work till I drop. pecosbob Mar 26 #20
Huh? Retire later and not free up a job for younger workers? brush Mar 26 #21
being smart and being politcal are two different things,,,, KarenS Mar 26 #22
Correct about "guys like him..." They somehow get kicked upstairs. brush Mar 26 #24
"Guys like him just think they're smart." yep BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 26 #28
Nepotism? eom/ Backseat Driver Mar 27 #35
More like the opposite. Not helping a relative to get hired...keeping the job. brush Mar 27 #37
How's that for perverse incentives? Renew Deal Mar 26 #23
he is having a sad because people don't work themselves to death anymore DBoon Mar 26 #25
I believe Black Rock CEOs should die sooner Hassler Mar 26 #26
Fuck you, you entitled jerk. niyad Mar 26 #27
Greedy prick wants it both ways. Wants the businesses he owns or has stock in to pay as little employers SSA..... MMBeilis Mar 26 #29
Pre-boomer here....1943. Wife and I retired from teaching at 55. albacore Mar 26 #30
Facebook meme: CrispyQ Mar 26 #32
Is the Fink going to hire anyone over age 65? dlk Mar 26 #33
I thought it was 67 now Bucky Mar 26 #34
It keeps inching up. It's been some years since it was 65. catrose Mar 27 #39
It is GrapesOfWrath Mar 27 #49
Give me an offer I can't refuse... LakeVermilion Mar 27 #36
And the wonderful house and senate that passed it. jimfields33 Mar 27 #52
Hell, we should be heading toward 4-day work weeks and retirement at 60 Silent3 Mar 27 #42
what they do/ video link Captain Zero Mar 27 #44
My guess is this guy wants to privatize Social Security Captain Zero Mar 27 #45
"But at BlackRock, we won't hire you bc you're too old." Yavin4 Mar 27 #51
Says the wanker with more privilege than he deserves NanaCat Mar 27 #54
I wish just once one of these over-privileged jerks would bother to learn about jobs with tough physical labor. Lonestarblue Mar 27 #55
I'm 65 and just accepted a part time job Kaleva Mar 27 #56
Oh, gimme a fucking break. DFW Mar 27 #57
"Everybody has to spend their lives doing what I want, because I am rich and I always get what I want!" Midnight Writer Mar 27 #58
My employer went out of buisiness when I was 61 so I collected unemplyment doc03 Mar 27 #59
Larry Fink needs remedial math. Voltaire2 Mar 27 #60
Dude appears to be talking out of both sides of his derriere. intheflow Mar 27 #61
Most of my friends didn't retire. They got leftyladyfrommo Mar 27 #62
Tell him he doesn't have a say in the matter. LiberalFighter Mar 27 #63
Too Late! Deep State Witch Mar 27 #65
I'm probably going to work till 70 at least. Mosby Mar 27 #68
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