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21. Milton Mayer, "They Thought They Were Free"
Fri Mar 29, 2024, 04:33 PM
Mar 2024

But the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join with you, never comes. That’s the difficulty. If the last and worst act of the whole regime had come immediately after the first and smallest, thousands, yes, millions would have been sufficiently shocked—if, let us say, the gassing of the Jews in ’43 had come immediately after the ‘German Firm’ stickers on the windows of non-Jewish shops in ’33. But of course this isn’t the way it happens. In between come all the hundreds of little steps, some of them imperceptible, each of them preparing you not to be shocked by the next. Step C is not so much worse than Step B, and, if you did not make a stand at Step B, why should you at Step C? And so on to Step D."

I just hope that the "one great shocking occasion" for the US may have been the Republicans biting off more than they could chew by scuttling Roe v Wade so soon.

Conservatism built this. czarjak Mar 2024 #1
Really? elleng Mar 2024 #15
From the bottom up the definition looks more like this: markodochartaigh Mar 2024 #17
Yes, really. This is what the hatred, criminal actions and general contempt of government from Conservatives hadEnuf Mar 2024 #18
They are not conservatives, elleng Mar 2024 #26
I was going to say this, but you beat me to it. They are radicals! flashman13 Mar 2024 #33
Thank you, flashman13. elleng Mar 2024 #35
When were Conservatives really not radical? hadEnuf Mar 2024 #41
Please tell me this is snark wolfie001 Mar 2024 #22
FASCISM is the culprit. magicarpet Mar 2024 #23
Thank you. elleng Mar 2024 #25
Question? Bakerboy17 Mar 2024 #38
Oh no djt does not give a sweet hoot about Jesus, the Bible, religion, or churches. magicarpet Mar 2024 #40
Opposition/Resistance czarjak Mar 2024 #42
Republicans built this dlk Mar 2024 #45
We all know what is happening, everyone is talking about it, the legal system needs to act. Blah, blah, blah Escurumbele Mar 2024 #50
So much for "The courts will hold" SledDriver Mar 2024 #2
The courts will not hold. People have to VOTE. CousinIT Mar 2024 #4
And we also need to be prepared for when the votes don't hold either. hadEnuf Mar 2024 #19
Enemies MOMFUDSKI Mar 2024 #3
By mobsters, crooks malaise Mar 2024 #5
Yup, republianmushroom Mar 2024 #6
The judges are enabling Trump to dismantle the court system. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #7
True. Too many of them are. L. Leo and Trump / MAGA are delegitimizing courts but... CousinIT Mar 2024 #8
Yes the judges are enabling a dangerous sociopath. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #9
So is the f*cking media. GOP, judicial system, media... CousinIT Mar 2024 #10
Yes this is the reality. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #12
Milton Mayer, "They Thought They Were Free" markodochartaigh Mar 2024 #21
The German people knew the Jews were being gassed and cremated. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #34
But think of the financial benefits the judges get LiberalArkie Mar 2024 #29
Over and under the table. Irish_Dem Mar 2024 #31
+1 dalton99a Mar 2024 #46
This won't stop if Biden wins the election. But, if he loses, all will be lost. Earth-shine Mar 2024 #11
He's wrong. Grins Mar 2024 #13
Judge Luttig's point in my understanding after listening to him on many occasions cayugafalls Mar 2024 #47
Indeed, Trump is the carefully chosen front man/diversion for the efforts to change US Attilatheblond Mar 2024 #48
The courts haven't done themselves any favors in that regard. cloudbase Mar 2024 #14
Luttig is correct: Trump represents the greatest threat to the Constitution in the nation's history. Kid Berwyn Mar 2024 #16
I would say that SCOTUS has played a huge part in this RainCaster Mar 2024 #20
KnR Hekate Mar 2024 #24
Do not give Trump too much credit. Yes, he is using what has been built Scalded Nun Mar 2024 #27
Yes McConnell is the architect - tip toeing in the backdoor magicarpet Mar 2024 #30
The battle is between would-be plutocrats and the rest of us. Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2024 #28
It's the whole Republican Party and it's fascist oligarch owners. tRump is not doing this alone. diane in sf Mar 2024 #32
the rs are doing ths to service only him. the just us system. rich mans court. AllaN01Bear Mar 2024 #36
Also voting and elections n/t hibbing Mar 2024 #37
Lets see- Who is the one judge who is not receiving these threats, bombast, and intimidation? NBachers Mar 2024 #39
His glorious defense attorney, Aileen Cannon. n/t CousinIT Mar 2024 #44
One of the greatest minds of this century. cayugafalls Mar 2024 #43
I wish we could have a jurist of the caliber of Mr Luttig on the USSC. malthaussen Mar 2024 #49
Nicolle Wallace presents a groundbreaking MSNBC segment, featuring Judge Reggie Walton's CNN interview LetMyPeopleVote Mar 2024 #51
"dismantling of its system of justice and Rule of Law by a single man - the former President of the United States" BlueWaveNeverEnd Mar 2024 #52
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