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I've got an idea. liberalgunwilltravel Apr 2 #1
Rename a federal penitentiary after his fat orange ass. rubbersole Apr 2 #2
I'd propose using John Oliver's idea and naming a sewage treatment plant after him. Initech Apr 2 #18
Only problem with that is sewage plants BlueKota Apr 2 #25
Or a toxic waste dump. Dave Bowman Apr 2 #57
Try saying that three times fast! Hugin Apr 2 #3
I'll still call it Dulles greatauntoftriplets Apr 2 #4
Exactly. You never hear locals call National "Reagan." Nt spooky3 Apr 2 #20
As do I! BlueMTexpat Apr 3 #63
Another smooth landing at Trump International... Tommy Carcetti Apr 2 #5
I vote for renaming Reagan airport although thinking people call it DCA already. twodogsbarking Apr 2 #6
I was based at DCA for most of my airline career. I was there when the name was changed. Bo Zarts Apr 2 #14
Earl G. you forgot proven Russian stooge too. Botany Apr 2 #7
Wasn't yesterday April Fools Day? Emile Apr 2 #8
The only place Trump's name should be displayed is at a sewage treatment plant DFW Apr 2 #9
If Republicans insist, I guess we could compromise on naming spooky3 Apr 2 #21
My bathroom toilet is already named for him: lastlib Apr 2 #47
Ouch, I had way too many burritos... Dave Bowman Apr 2 #58
Exactly. Diamond_Dog Apr 2 #32
Customers will be required to wear MAGA caps, golden shoes, and sing Don Save America Ping Tung Apr 2 #10
Loser's Luftwaffe Landing Lot Jrose Apr 2 #11
Granted, a lot of airports have been named due to their location, famous person, etc. tornado34jh Apr 2 #12
Change the 3 digit code to SHT RainCaster Apr 2 #13
Are POO and ASS taken? Initech Apr 2 #30
Or GFY jmowreader Apr 3 #65
No thanks. I still use National for DCA instead of saying Reagan IronLionZion Apr 2 #15
I remember 1981 all too well IzzaNuDay Apr 2 #55
i mean, the dulles bros were pieces of shit, so it sorta makes sense. mopinko Apr 2 #16
The Dulles brothers are responsible for why Iran is so screwed up today IronLionZion Apr 2 #56
Whoa, that is really pathetic! PatSeg Apr 2 #17
Fremdschmen: it's a German word meaning "external shame," where you see someone in an embarrassing situation and TeamProg Apr 2 #19
Complexes as large as IAD usually have their own sewer treatment plant SpankMe Apr 2 #22
There is ONE thing I very much want to see with TRAITOR**'s name niyad Apr 2 #23
me too. FalloutShelter Apr 2 #31
A headstone? Diamond_Dog Apr 2 #33
'Dullard Airport" louis-t Apr 2 #24
🏆 underpants Apr 2 #35
Dotard International Conjuay Apr 2 #42
"Dotard"....... lastlib Apr 2 #48
The only place he should have something named after him is in Moscow! BlueKota Apr 2 #26
On one condition.... Blue Owl Apr 2 #27
The father of national security renamed for the guy who gives it all away bucolic_frolic Apr 2 #28
Someone must be really desperate to get that VP slot! Initech Apr 2 #29
The only public facilities named after TFG should be dobleremolque Apr 2 #34
Selling Bibles by the airport... underpants Apr 2 #36
A fine grasp of the important issues of the day n/t Silent3 Apr 2 #37
The only airports that should be named after Trump... Martin Eden Apr 2 #38
I thought the rule was onethatcares Apr 2 #39
Yep. Must be dead first and new rule: If convicted posthumously name is dropped. GreenWave Apr 2 #59
Introduce a competing bill naming it Obama National. JohnnyRingo Apr 2 #40
He doesn't deserve.... SergeStorms Apr 2 #41
Only if they bury him on a runway. Soon. marble falls Apr 2 #43
to be fair I believe it is down to "88" indictiments FHRRK Apr 2 #44
Priceless! Another worthless time waster from repugs. Whole thread a Duzy. txwhitedove Apr 2 #45
Exactly! Is this what they're spending their time and energy doing? Deuxcents Apr 2 #51
Everything TFG touches, dies. That's not good for an airport. dmr Apr 2 #46
snork. what ever happened to ron raygun airport. AllaN01Bear Apr 2 #49
It's already named after Allen Dulles, dumb@$$e$ ... aggiesal Apr 2 #50
This message was self-deleted by its author trusty elf Apr 2 #52
oh my Roc2020 Apr 2 #53
I wouldn't mind seeing his name on a tombstone. tclambert Apr 2 #54
I presume "sucking up to Trump" is the whole point of this, right? ShazzieB Apr 2 #60
best meme ever... WarGamer Apr 2 #61
GOP Trump Regime CarolinaNC Apr 2 #62
When pigs fly! William769 Apr 3 #64
Destined for bankruptcy. C Moon Apr 3 #66
Smelvis International Airport 😂 GoodRaisin Apr 3 #67
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