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11. It is the publicity that is the point
Wed Apr 3, 2024, 09:21 AM
Apr 3

Look at all the publicity that Burisma, Russian propaganda got because Garland pushed the investigation, a bogus investigation.

I am only asking Garland to look into real criminal activity on the part of Trump. My suggestion to Garland, to make things even, would be to make Peter Strzok or Lisa Page the special counsel.

When will Garland Appoint A Special Counsel to Investigate Trump's Money Laundering? Botany Apr 3 #1
Face it Gab, the oligarchs want Trump. CrispyQ Apr 3 #2
Crispy I think you are exactly correct. Irish_Dem Apr 3 #7
I listened to Michael Cohen a couple of days ago, gab13by13 Apr 3 #12
Just cuz they're rich doesn't mean they're smart. CrispyQ Apr 3 #16
Any day now dalton99a Apr 3 #3
K&R Hugin Apr 3 #4
The lack of interest in the post is because it's obviously another slanted anti-Garland thread (yawn!) * Oopsie Daisy Apr 3 #5
Darn tootin it's anti-Garland gab13by13 Apr 3 #9
+1 Emile Apr 3 #17
They are pro trump, it's all you can be left to think. onecaliberal Apr 3 #19
Even if the DOJ opened an investigation and had unassailable evidence BlueKota Apr 3 #6
It is the publicity that is the point gab13by13 Apr 3 #11
Any minute now. Emile Apr 3 #8
You know he won't do that. The wealthy and powerful own the top tier of justice. Autumn Apr 3 #10
K&R Blue Owl Apr 3 #13
Old Johnny Mathis song tavernier Apr 3 #14
Then we all need to stop pretending that Trump doesn't have the money gab13by13 Apr 3 #15
Second Tuesday of next week. onecaliberal Apr 3 #18
My guess is, if reasonable suspicion exists, DOJ is already investigating Fiendish Thingy Apr 3 #20
Maybe, possibly, could happen,.. but do expect to much and you won't be to disappointed. republianmushroom Apr 3 #21
the bibles r just a way to funnel money from rich fundies and corrupt pastors. mopinko Apr 3 #22
This Garland obsession is beyond bizarre. tritsofme Apr 3 #23
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