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5. Sayeth Maggie Haberman:
Thu Apr 4, 2024, 03:17 PM
Apr 4
There’s been a consistent effort by Democrats to try to scare away any big-name No Labels candidates, and it appears to have worked. No Labels was also entering a crucial window as the signature-gathering period was beginning in New York to get on the ballot in a few weeks.

Election Updates: No Labels abandons its effort to field a presidential candidate. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2024/04/04/us/biden-trump-election?unlocked_article_code=1.h00.Jt3S.cCWen_h1nBJ6&ugrp=c
Good news. Kennedy next. OnDoutside Apr 4 #1
Kennedy's campaign is dead in the water. lees1975 Apr 4 #8
The only concern is him getting on key swing state ballots OnDoutside Apr 4 #10
My 38 yr old grandson has recently beveeheart Apr 4 #30
Losers BootinUp Apr 4 #2
Good.... Spazito Apr 4 #3
So... No labels could find... No candidates... Ohio Joe Apr 4 #4
that's the bottom line. mopinko Apr 4 #11
Good one, No Labels, No Candidates, No Luck, No Joke. Tossers appalachiablue Apr 4 #17
No Spoiler Candidate, No Victory for dim donnie Grokenstein Apr 4 #18
Well said, I agree appalachiablue Apr 4 #20
Sayeth Maggie Haberman: ok_cpu Apr 4 #5
Maggie Haberman can fuck herself...you all see what is going on in UK, Italy, France ETC... Demsrule86 Apr 4 #24
The Lincoln Project-No Labels is OUT. LetMyPeopleVote Apr 4 #6
TY! We Need Dark Brandon Not "dark money"! Cha Apr 4 #15
Ah. Looks like Putin decided to go in another direction and stopped cutting checks. BannonsLiver Apr 4 #7
MaddowBlog-In 2024 presidential race, No Labels decides to have No Candidate LetMyPeopleVote Apr 4 #9
TY! Cha Apr 4 #16
Oh those poor RFs. "FreeDUM" Cha Apr 4 #12
Good malaise Apr 4 #13
Interesting they decide this the week after one of the founding members passes away. kimbutgar Apr 4 #14
No third party candidate ever won the US Presidential Election, but a couple did fairly well. patphil Apr 4 #19
Ross Perot got less than Teddy...Still thanks to him...we elected Clinton and Demsrule86 Apr 4 #26
I still have a label for them BaronChocula Apr 4 #21
From "No Labels" to "No Candidates" nt Gore1FL Apr 4 #22
Hi Gore1...that is a great line...can I borrow it? Demsrule86 Apr 4 #25
Absolutely. Make it your own nt Gore1FL Apr 4 #29
Good. whathehell Apr 4 #23
Will call out those acting in bad faith. So they will be spending $$$ to support Biden. Freethinker65 Apr 4 #27
Woot woot! KPN Apr 4 #28
Dead Joe Loserman wasn't an option? Hassler Apr 4 #31
This makes me smile LetMyPeopleVote Apr 5 #32
Bipartisan my ass. live love laugh Apr 5 #33
Tribute to No Labels' demise LetMyPeopleVote Apr 7 #34
This make me smile LetMyPeopleVote Apr 8 #35
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