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Sun Apr 7, 2024, 09:19 AM Apr 7

I dont believe for one second TSF raised $50 million [View all]

in one night. I think they decided on the number to double Biden at Radio City,
We know by now, none of TSF's numbers should be believed.

I will add the MSM dutifully report this without questioning, like good little dogs.

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He is fucking lying. Celerity Apr 7 #1
He even lies edhopper Apr 7 #2
umm ... speak easy Apr 7 #70
I'm surprised he didn't say a 100million. Buffoon. NoMoreRepugs Apr 7 #3
By His Third Upcoming Rally ...... global1 Apr 7 #7
He lies about everything all the time PatSeg Apr 7 #41
Eleventy billion... I got plenty of numbers. FalloutShelter Apr 7 #39
You must be a Stephanie Miller fan! kimbutgar Apr 7 #86
Haha... you got me. FalloutShelter Apr 7 #91
After all these years anyone willing to believe anything this liar says has to be a complete fool. sop Apr 7 #4
That would be the US media******. Cha Apr 7 #67
No, we DON'T know that... brooklynite Apr 7 #5
Trump violated FEC rules edhopper Apr 7 #6
Right? FEC rules? Is anyone STILL that naive? Scrivener7 Apr 7 #28
Thanks! The previous poster seemed eager to give triron Apr 7 #54
TSF raises 50 million mbischoff10 Apr 7 #8
Welcome to DU, mbischoff10! calimary Apr 7 #83
Another lie malaise Apr 7 #9
it will be a good thing barbtries Apr 7 #19
I will exhale malaise Apr 7 #22
future tombstone epitaph alterfurz Apr 7 #59
Nicely played malaise Apr 7 #60
Most excellent! 3catwoman3 Apr 7 #90
Why is it less plausible to assume brooklynite Apr 7 #10
??? niyad Apr 7 #11
He's got so many negatives NJCher Apr 7 #17
Thank you. I thought I was the only one. niyad Apr 7 #42
Because edhopper Apr 7 #12
George Santos? DFW Apr 7 #13
Correction: George Conway brooklynite Apr 7 #15
Ah, that makes a bit more sense. n/t DFW Apr 7 #16
Because he has NO friends? Give Peace A Chance Apr 7 #27
So you're saying nobody is willing to give him money? brooklynite Apr 7 #47
Because his lips are moving. Scrivener7 Apr 7 #29
It's *possible*, yes. But it's far more likely that Donnie is exaggerating unblock Apr 7 #32
Why is it "not very likely"? brooklynite Apr 7 #48
Sorry if I'm a skeptic. You go right on taking Donnie at his word. unblock Apr 7 #52
I don't distrust statements unless there's a relevant reason to. brooklynite Apr 7 #53
He's the most prolific and thoroughly documented liar in history unblock Apr 7 #56
obviously brooklynite thinks tsf is sane NJCher Apr 7 #61
I'm actually not sure that exactly applies to Donnie unblock Apr 7 #66
It does seem that Trump's lies are always to benefit himself. Although... Beartracks Apr 7 #72
the article deals with that NJCher Apr 7 #73
For a long time, my money has been medical problems to keep him out of prison unblock Apr 7 #75
ever read about the self-fulfilling prophecy? NJCher Apr 7 #84
Are you suggesting that I wield such power? unblock Apr 7 #87
it works collectively and individually NJCher Apr 8 #94
Were there actually 50 billionaires there? Or even 50 donating? That's doubtful. 58Sunliner Apr 7 #46
Because he constantly lies... PortTack Apr 7 #79
It won't have to be declared in a filing until July so he expects everyone to forget by then Bev54 Apr 7 #14
With his record NJCher Apr 7 #18
Why would the MSM "comply"? brooklynite Apr 7 #49
All day today has been how much Trump raised in his fundraiser and it will continue. Bev54 Apr 7 #55
Because it was announced today brooklynite Apr 7 #89
Yes and it has pushed the Biden fundraising out of the news except for them to say he outraised Biden by double Bev54 Apr 8 #93
M#M will comply, there are others that will dig in and find the truth. And surprise....it will come out that he lied PortTack Apr 7 #80
If true... kentuck Apr 7 #20
And You Think TFG Won't Squander It? modrepub Apr 7 #21
On the one hand, folks assume he had wealthy backers cough up $175 million for his bond, but then disbelieve onenote Apr 7 #23
Because the first is inaccurate. Phoenix61 Apr 7 #25
We don't know if the company has assets to cover the bond. The financial statement was through Dec. 31 onenote Apr 7 #26
From the article... Phoenix61 Apr 7 #34
And their liabilities are very high... getagrip_already Apr 7 #58
And when the surface of that $175 million was scratched, what did we find? Scrivener7 Apr 7 #31
His "backers" did no such thing. edhopper Apr 7 #71
100% agree! ShazzieB Apr 7 #24
There's a reason the fundraiser was held this weekend Fiendish Thingy Apr 7 #30
Ding, ding, ding... LakeVermilion Apr 7 #37
But of course! Thank you for that information. niyad Apr 7 #44
Not to mention TFG's donors aren't certain no_hypocrisy Apr 7 #33
As Mary McCarthy said about somebody-or-other ... Straw Man Apr 7 #35
He speaks in hyperbole... LakeVermilion Apr 7 #38
According to the WAPO, Fatfuck von Golfcart is "sprinting" Blue Owl Apr 7 #36
Having no basis other than my instincts... DFW Apr 7 #40
Thank you! niyad Apr 7 #45
Aren't contributions reported quarterly? LiberalFighter Apr 7 #43
Pathological liar will say anything. moondust Apr 7 #50
I can believe oligarchs are funneling that much to him mucifer Apr 7 #51
Didn't he also say he got "bigger" inauguration numbers in 2017 than Obama did in 2009, while 4lbs Apr 7 #57
agree mushroomhunter Apr 7 #62
RE: The "MSM".... reACTIONary Apr 7 #63
Holy shit. How many hamberders did they eat? twodogsbarking Apr 7 #64
Over 30,000 lies Ojerly Apr 7 #65
ordinarily I'd give this claim the benefit of the doubt since it's not exceptional in this context, but TSF lies a lot 0rganism Apr 7 #68
No one should believe TFG on anything LetMyPeopleVote Apr 7 #69
This....is the reality of it. Is it a horse or a zebra coming around the corner? PortTack Apr 7 #81
Campaign fundraising reports filed with the Federal Election Commission detailing donations from Saturday's event are totodeinhere Apr 7 #74
$50 is more like it. Most of the donors were probably there Firestorm49 Apr 7 #76
He's counting kacekwl Apr 7 #77
He has to report it to the FEC so his lies will be eventually exposed PortTack Apr 7 #78
Campaign reports $50M. Yes he lied Nululu Apr 7 #82
I believe they will have to report how much money their campaign raised each month ... aggiesal Apr 7 #85
Photos from the $50M event ... aggiesal Apr 7 #88
Of course he didn't. onecaliberal Apr 7 #92
Agreed, if his lips are moving, he's lying. Rhiannon12866 Apr 8 #95
Did anyone else say it? dchill Apr 8 #96
Biden raised 26 million. TSF says he raised 50.5 million Cattledog Apr 8 #97
i have heard a few question it and said since nothings on paper yet samnsara Apr 8 #98
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