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Tue Apr 9, 2024, 09:58 AM Apr 9

WTAF??? REALLY? [View all]

“Donald Trump has adopted a more moderate tone” is what I’m hearing in the vaunted MSM.

Really…? Hannibal Lecter has apparently also decided that he prefers kidney beans rather than fava beans with the cooked liver and Chianti.

When is somebody on TV going to literally throw down the prepared script and just do the equivalent of what Joseph Welch did to McCarthy? Enough is goddamned enough of this utter bullshit and lies, this modern Hitlerian regime, this tinhorn Stalin/Mussolini. It’s like going to the Carnival that opened outside of town and trying to win that game where you drop the discs and try to cover the red dot. When is it the end of being bullshat to? Wake the Fuck up America and stop listening to this already and send this asshole back to his lair where he can sell rancid steaks and putrid water to the complete idiots.

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WTAF??? REALLY? [View all] PCIntern Apr 9 OP
I blame the millions of people who keep voting for and sending money to him Walleye Apr 9 #1
Actually DENVERPOPS Apr 9 #44
Just watch Stephanie Miller, gab13by13 Apr 9 #2
He's doing the "say ANYTHING To Get Myself Out Of This" dance. calimary Apr 9 #13
"groping for Something/Anything" Dave Bowman Apr 9 #17
Wonder who the next one is. calimary Apr 9 #22
We are wrong to expect the for-profit media... Think. Again. Apr 9 #3
In the past I posted similar comments and got blasted. People are waking up. It has only been going on for 50+ YRS. twodogsbarking Apr 9 #11
"It has only been going on for 50+ YRS." BumRushDaShow Apr 9 #16
I get your point but I also remember coverage of MLK. twodogsbarking Apr 9 #27
Coverage of both the Civil Rights movement BumRushDaShow Apr 9 #29
When you own the information you can bend it all you want. twodogsbarking Apr 9 #32
And that's what degulation allowed BumRushDaShow Apr 9 #33
Yep. That's the whole idea. calimary Apr 9 #56
Excellent comment, BRDS DENVERPOPS Apr 9 #45
It was going on long before Reagan NanaCat Apr 9 #41
But remember there was nowhere NEAR as much "media" then BumRushDaShow Apr 9 #51
I remember the initial coverage of the Kent State Shootings. twodogsbarking Apr 9 #57
And he was LYING though his teeth. NCDem47 Apr 9 #4
Charley Pierce just nailed it on Stephanie Miller, gab13by13 Apr 9 #5
I forgot that Charlie Pierce was on Steph's show Tuesday morning. OMGWTF Apr 9 #10
Please. Go ahead! That's a DU oldie but goodie. NCDem47 Apr 10 #61
Yup, we are in a "Houston, we have a problem" moment. Joinfortmill Apr 9 #6
Corporate media needs a horse race to make oddles of money Wild blueberry Apr 9 #7
I see the horse race narrative mentioned a lot on DU FHRRK Apr 9 #12
Yep, that angle seems to get the most viewers for the advertisements. Think. Again. Apr 9 #59
It's not the horse race they're promoting NanaCat Apr 9 #42
It is way beyond the time DENVERPOPS Apr 9 #48
Rachel Maddow had something to say about this triron Apr 9 #8
Unfortunately she DOESN'T have much to say about it calimary Apr 9 #28
She has a podcast, doesn't she? Elessar Zappa Apr 9 #38
Sadly, for us DENVERPOPS Apr 9 #49
Yeah. And she puts in ten years and then she bails. calimary Apr 9 #58
Let's see what Nicole Wallace has to see triron Apr 9 #9
Remember when they used to say Trump was becoming "more presidential"? sop Apr 9 #14
Neither do I. Rocknation Apr 9 #23
Trump adopted a more moderate tone? Conjuay Apr 9 #15
Any citations Blue_Adept Apr 9 #18
Don't trust Trump bmichaelh Apr 9 #19
He can switch positions in less than a day Captain Zero Apr 9 #46
He will stay out of prison DENVERPOPS Apr 9 #52
Keep on rockin' in the free world. iscooterliberally Apr 9 #20
What vaunted MSM are you referring to? brooklynite Apr 9 #21
Surely there are plenty of non-Fox examples out there, right? Blue_Adept Apr 9 #24
There are plenty that COULD be doing g it... brooklynite Apr 9 #34
Every newscast I saw other than prime-time PCIntern Apr 9 #36
"Every newscast I saw" still tells me nothing. brooklynite Apr 9 #39
Ok. PCIntern Apr 9 #50
Here's CNN: PCIntern Apr 9 #54
And here: PCIntern Apr 9 #60
Like I said, I'd love to know so I know who to avoid Blue_Adept Apr 9 #37
Morning Joe is not the entirety of the media NanaCat Apr 9 #43
Not the way MSNBC covered it last night... Trueblue Texan Apr 9 #25
Rachel and Jen are the exceptions which prove the rule PCIntern Apr 9 #26
I think this stance will only hurt him. Traildogbob Apr 9 #30
38 months and counting republianmushroom Apr 9 #31
Nicolle Wallace of MSNBC threw away her script in a rage over Trump recently. ... Hekate Apr 9 #35
President Biden responds to DJT's stance on Abortion LetMyPeopleVote Apr 9 #40
The stupidity and lies just keep eating away, don't they?? Evolve Dammit Apr 9 #53
Today, Mika and Joe were slamming Trump pretty hard. They weren't kind at all! CTyankee Apr 9 #55
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