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The guy already indicted for fraudulent valuations of his properties? tanyev Apr 9 #1
That's who he is...an unrepentant crook. He can't stop. brush Apr 9 #3
You keep using that word. whopis01 Apr 9 #5
In a sense, he is an overachiever I suppose PatSeg Apr 9 #12
It was inevitable Trump would break SEC rules C_U_L8R Apr 9 #2
That's just one reason ... VMA131Marine Apr 9 #8
He has broken them all along Captain Zero Apr 9 #20
Possible? no_hypocrisy Apr 9 #4
My thoughts BlueMTexpat Apr 9 #18
Only a crime if enforced Johonny Apr 9 #21
Probable? DENVERPOPS Apr 9 #27
SPACs are not good investments and are good vehicles to commit fraud LetMyPeopleVote Apr 9 #6
Trump ... Trump ... is that the dude what sells expensive Bibles and spray-painted sneakers? struggle4progress Apr 9 #7
He also sells t-shirts with his booking photo on them jmowreader Apr 9 #28
Securities fraud? Sounds like Genghis Don. twodogsbarking Apr 9 #9
Genghis Don. That's a good one! calimary Apr 9 #16
LOL catbyte Apr 9 #10
I am not a violent person but I'd love to smack him across the face looking at this pic! kimbutgar Apr 9 #24
Today - stock is "even", after a morning plunge and up. Essentially, languid overall. Tetrachloride Apr 9 #11
possible securities fraud ? republianmushroom Apr 9 #13
the Valuation is a FRAUD RANDYWILDMAN Apr 9 #14
TFG defrauding people? Get memy smelling salts Warpy Apr 9 #15
Oh noes an investigation. maxsolomon Apr 9 #17
There we go again..."The professor warned it could be a case"...IT COULD BE????...Well, is it, or is it not? Escurumbele Apr 9 #19
If the system is afraid to identify securities fraud malaise Apr 9 #22
It's rallied back today and is down 18 cents from yesterday closing kimbutgar Apr 9 #23
File this under: Duh! Crowman2009 Apr 9 #25
An endeavor that Dumpy is involved with is rife with fraud?!? 4lbs Apr 9 #26
is ANYONE surprised? Really? AmBlue Apr 9 #29
"A false statement of 'material' information is securities fraud" Wednesdays Apr 9 #30
"possible" Skittles Apr 10 #31
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