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6. This may have been a few years before the class I remember.
Tue Apr 9, 2024, 03:39 PM
Apr 9

By the mid 1970s the curriculum for this class was made by some maker of sanitary products. The whole class was like one big advertisement for their products.

I am a 76-yr old woman. There was no talk MOMFUDSKI Apr 9 #1
My school district was thinking of themselves moniss Apr 9 #3
That school example you gave sounds familiar to me Redleg Apr 9 #2
Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet Wednesdays Apr 9 #28
LOL Redleg Apr 10 #40
I remember that little film from grade school Bayard Apr 9 #4
I was 17 when i realized what was involved for sex. Delmette2.0 Apr 9 #29
I remember a male legislator leftieNanner Apr 9 #5
I remember that story about the camera too. iscooterliberally Apr 9 #24
That would be Rep. Vito Barbieri yonder Apr 9 #33
This may have been a few years before the class I remember. surrealAmerican Apr 9 #6
The school was maybe getting a moniss Apr 9 #9
I will say this and many won't like it: CousinIT Apr 9 #7
Sixth grade is too late for many girls to learn it's normal and they aren't bleeding to death. quaint Apr 9 #8
Sounds like your schools were pretty progressive moniss Apr 9 #10
Southern California in the fifties. quaint Apr 9 #32
I'm 70 years old Mr.Bill Apr 9 #11
How times have changed! Mossfern Apr 9 #12
I remember that most of the boys moniss Apr 9 #14
I remember in the movie "Circle of Friends" Wednesdays Apr 9 #30
The plan is working. Sick, but a plan. twodogsbarking Apr 9 #13
Had a similar experience at our grade school in the mid-late '70s. Xavier Breath Apr 9 #15
Funny story from a 5th grade sleep over. 3catwoman3 Apr 9 #16
When I was a kid we lived moniss Apr 9 #20
My idiot father NanaCat Apr 9 #36
I've known people moniss Apr 9 #37
I grew up in a very republican rural area. SergeStorms Apr 9 #17
I was about moniss Apr 9 #21
Bingo. SergeStorms Apr 9 #22
Yes indeed.nt moniss Apr 9 #23
Worked for Homer Simpson! NickB79 Apr 9 #35
Could be anecdotal birdographer Apr 9 #18
I recall a smattering of "health" classes in Catholic high school nuxvomica Apr 9 #19
The Girl Scouts organization sponsored a movie for girls and their moms to see together FakeNoose Apr 9 #25
Growing Up and Liking It! Mossfern Apr 9 #26
There was absolutely no sex ed in school when I was growing up. ShazzieB Apr 9 #27
I was lucky in one respect. soldierant Apr 9 #31
Warning: might be too gross for some. I'm 71 and my Mom never told me anything about 'becoming a woman'... no one did. Talitha Apr 9 #34
I can't relate to any of these tales, really NanaCat Apr 9 #38
Nothing in school in the 60's or 70's Tree Lady Apr 9 #39
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