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5. Avenatti is a felon and a conman
Tue Apr 9, 2024, 06:23 PM
Apr 2024

Why are we surprised by any of this? And he’s in prison because he is unethical. And why is an incarcerated felon giving interviews to anyone?

To think that it wasn’t that long ago that folks on DU were Avenatti’s biggest fans . . .

I can't watch Ari anymore senseandsensibility Apr 2024 #1
If Avenatti hasn't been disbarred, he should be for what he is saying about his former client Stormy Daniels JohnSJ Apr 2024 #3
Yeah.. good job, Ari.. you had to go all the Cha Apr 2024 #9
Disgusting, and Ari is trying to justify Avenatti a legitimate person, while Avenatti is pushing that Bragg JohnSJ Apr 2024 #12
Sounds like Ari worked Furiously to Apply Cha Apr 2024 #17
Being convicted of financial crimes... appmanga Apr 2024 #39
I stopped a very long time ago for that reason. onecaliberal Apr 2024 #24
Yeah, I just saw your thread after posting my own upstream. Ari was caught offguard that's for sure. hlthe2b Apr 2024 #2
It is disgusting, because Avenatti discussing a case where he was representing his former client, and saying JohnSJ Apr 2024 #4
Frankly, I hold Melber accountable for interviewing him. He has no information about the case and hlthe2b Apr 2024 #6
He's almost certainly been disbarred TexasDem69 Apr 2024 #7
good, he deserved it, and shame on Ari for allowing this jackass to spew crap. Remember Avenatti stole JohnSJ Apr 2024 #8
Oh certainly TexasDem69 Apr 2024 #10
"California disbarred Avenatti" Cha Apr 2024 #11
I am glad that this asshole was disbarred LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2024 #51
Since Avenatti is now a felon... appmanga Apr 2024 #40
Avenatti is a felon and a conman TexasDem69 Apr 2024 #5
That dude was full of shit from the start. LuvLoogie Apr 2024 #22
Katie Phang on Xitter said: spooky3 Apr 2024 #13
She isn't the only one. He had former Watergate prosecutor and Joan Walsh saying what Avenatti is JohnSJ Apr 2024 #14
Imagine they have to make statements that they Disagree with Cha Apr 2024 #18
Some here thought he was presidental material MichMan Apr 2024 #15
I know. It was the new bright shining object. People are so gullible. It won't be the last time either. There JohnSJ Apr 2024 #20
Where has critical thinking gone? Caliman73 Apr 2024 #23
You use to brag about the stock market under trump. nt RandiFan1290 Apr 2024 #48
After Avenatti Nick Akerman and Joan Walsh basicly said "Ari!! WTF are you doing with steaming turd Avenatti?" IA8IT Apr 2024 #16
Nick Ackerman shut it down & he was right. Avenati has nothing to do with this case. spanone Apr 2024 #19
this is why Ari Melber is not to be taken seriously... agingdem Apr 2024 #34
I'm not a fan of a lot of his schtick... appmanga Apr 2024 #41
and because of Navarro's reveal, Ari contributed agingdem Apr 2024 #43
Maybe time Rebl2 Apr 2024 #21
He could follow his dream and become a hip-hop artist. rubbersole Apr 2024 #35
There ya go Rebl2 Apr 2024 #36
The sooner it happens, the better. Paladin Apr 2024 #46
Convicted felon said what? onecaliberal Apr 2024 #25
Ratings Ploy Roy Rolling Apr 2024 #26
Avenatti... former POTUS flavor of the week a few years ago... WarGamer Apr 2024 #27
Someone actually said that Roy Rolling Apr 2024 #45
Whoever thought that dopey felon had something useful to say deserves a demotion. bullimiami Apr 2024 #28
I knew there was more than one reason I have not been able to stand niyad Apr 2024 #29
I don't know why he does this other than his self ego for getting Tribetime Apr 2024 #30
Ari seems to making a quick turn PlutosHeart Apr 2024 #31
AMEN!!! AverageOldGuy Apr 2024 #32
I am glad she is recovering so quickly and well, and glad that you niyad Apr 2024 #50
Ari is more concerned about clicks than substance dlk Apr 2024 #33
Why doesn't he just have tsf on and have him give his opinion...geez PortTack Apr 2024 #37
Bad move Joinfortmill Apr 2024 #38
This was an extremily unethical thing to do. Takket Apr 2024 #42
I changed channels LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2024 #44
Yeah but did Avenatti ever represent a rap artist PCIntern Apr 2024 #47
Really wish they would fire him SocialDemocrat61 Apr 2024 #49
Nick Akerman is critical of Ari Melber's interview with Avenatti LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2024 #52
I turned the show off...and am considering deleting it on the DVR...despicable. Demsrule86 Apr 2024 #53
I agree with Katie Phang LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2024 #54
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