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Men would never tolerate it. [View all] Irish_Dem Apr 9 OP
What would men MOMFUDSKI Apr 9 #1
Insurrection. Irish_Dem Apr 9 #3
Would masturbation be allowed in jail? JoseBalow Apr 9 #12
I don't know that is it now. soldierant Apr 9 #33
The way I understand it, you don't want to be on laundry duty on sock day. Orrex Apr 9 #36
Not surprising - but that doesn't mean it's allowed, that means soldierant Apr 9 #38
If masturbation is made illegal, it will only be for females. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #62
Insurrection would be suicide by cop - or the U.S. military. Martin68 Apr 10 #108
No. White males become heroes and get a slap on the wrist. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #109
Only if there is a GOP president. Martin68 Apr 10 #110
No. Courts giving slap on the wrists now. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #111
Are...are you saying women "tolerate" these things? WhiskeyGrinder Apr 9 #2
The subject of my post is the psychosocial aspects of male behavior. Irish_Dem Apr 9 #4
But men *do* tolerate those things. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 9 #7
Would straight white males tolerate sexual control and punishment? Irish_Dem Apr 9 #21
You're eventually have to discuss women subjugation of women. MerryBlooms Apr 9 #44
Many women vote against their own interests intheflow Apr 9 #46
Excellent point. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #61
Some members of a subjugated class will align with the powerful oppressors. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #60
Some women do - and some, like men, revel in the fact they can force their views on other women. Probatim Apr 9 #6
Some members of a subjugated group willingly assist the power structure. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #63
Some people will just do anything for power. hadEnuf Apr 10 #84
Too many men bluescribbler Apr 9 #5
This! Fuck the patriarchy. onecaliberal Apr 9 #27
This is what I think bdamomma Apr 9 #45
And they pretend their no -existent sky wizard is a male. Sky Jewels Apr 10 #49
Males are taught they have a God given right to their sexuality and body. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #64
The first step on the way.... SergeStorms Apr 9 #8
Excellent point. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #65
I would never have to tolerate it Progressive dog Apr 9 #9
But men are half the reproduction equation. Irish_Dem Apr 9 #16
But men aren't ever pregnant Progressive dog Apr 10 #119
Yes I agree. Men should not control women for any reason. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #121
Also the issue is not really about pregnancy or abortion. Irish_Dem Apr 9 #23
Nailed it! This right here FakeNoose Apr 9 #35
Many men are pro-abortion and many women are not. twodogsbarking Apr 9 #10
"Pro-abortion"? marybourg Apr 10 #55
A vital point. Pro-abortion RIGHTS (or, simply, pro-choice) DFW Apr 10 #56
OK. Good greif. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #81
Well, excuuuuse. me. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #80
You've missed the point. Scrivener7 Apr 10 #104
So have you. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #106
Men still have an edge in money and parlay that to the (largely) male political class and bucolic_frolic Apr 9 #11
Thank you. raccoon Apr 9 #20
Yes white straight males targeting an historically subjugated class. Irish_Dem Apr 9 #22
I agree completely. onecaliberal Apr 9 #29
Woman's rights and Obama and religious backlash. lindysalsagal Apr 9 #13
This man doesn't want those restrictions for women either IronLionZion Apr 9 #14
Are you an outlier or the norm? Irish_Dem Apr 10 #72
There should be plenty of male allies on the left IronLionZion Apr 10 #78
Given this thread's points, and the current balances of power, Tetrachloride Apr 9 #15
Excellent question Tetra. Irish_Dem Apr 9 #17
Great topic SARose Apr 9 #25
Good points. Irish_Dem Apr 9 #28
Wondering about how women could pull off a tax revolt Attilatheblond Apr 9 #19
Yes several comments about a strike of some sort. Irish_Dem Apr 9 #30
But men seem to tolerate Hope22 Apr 9 #18
Women need male allies. Irish_Dem Apr 9 #31
I beg the men in my life to write the emails, make the calls! Hope22 Apr 9 #34
I hear you. I just get a nod or a "yeah" when I speak to men in my family Deuxcents Apr 9 #40
My heart goes out to you. Hope22 Apr 10 #54
Males are deeply habituated to female subjugation. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #66
Why do smart, good men do nothing? Irish_Dem Apr 10 #59
Yes women have suffered and sacrificed for our rights! Hope22 Apr 10 #87
Just the right to vote was a very brutal battle. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #98
If roles were reversed and women had all the power Tree Lady Apr 9 #24
I have actually seen women forced into psych care for reasons you describe. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #67
What if women held all the power on the planet? Irish_Dem Apr 10 #70
American women need to wise up dlk Apr 9 #26
"wise up"? Really? Not Heidi Apr 10 #53
How does a subjugated class obtain equal rights? Irish_Dem Apr 10 #68
Yes, too many women are passive about their rights dlk Apr 10 #93
A Hobby Lobby plot twist SARose Apr 9 #32
The religious right cannot convince people to willingly accept their rules. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #69
I think women will show they won't tolerate it either this November. Elessar Zappa Apr 9 #37
Only women?? Sogo Apr 9 #42
I for one, is one of those guys... William Gustafson Apr 9 #47
I for one support a women's choice, and I am a male... William Gustafson Apr 9 #48
No, many men too. Elessar Zappa Apr 10 #50
History tells us that the oppressor class does not rescue the subjugated class. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #71
Your lips to Bob's ears. n/t Not Heidi Apr 10 #51
Republicans offer this... keithbvadu2 Apr 9 #39
The GOP believes attacking subjugated groups will get them elected to office. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #73
era et tu Apr 9 #41
Highly unlikely the male power structure will pass the ERA. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #74
and that is exactly et tu Apr 10 #86
Excellent points. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #97
There is no pregnancy without a sperm donor. Why are the men not responsible for anything here? OMGWTF Apr 9 #43
The point of my OP is that men will never tolerate any sexuality restrictions. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #75
I'm not sure H2O Man Apr 10 #52
They aren't EVEN thinking about that scenario. Sorry to disappoint you, but those thoughts do not register TeamProg Apr 10 #57
And men would never do it, wouldn't even occur to them. betsuni Apr 10 #58
Wonen, not females obamanut2012 Apr 10 #76
You are 100% incorrect. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #77
I don't think we read the same post. It seemed pretty clear to me. Vinca Apr 10 #79
Then you need to educate yourself about the manosphere and the use of female as a noun obamanut2012 Apr 10 #112
I'm more concerned with actions than words. Vinca Apr 11 #124
Sure seems like people want to argue. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #82
....about what? N/t Hope22 Apr 10 #88
Exactly. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #89
Let me clarify... Hope22 Apr 10 #90
Some of the DU crowd seem to want to just disagree. Not a comment about choice. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #91
I am disagreeing with the OP , which I am allowed to do obamanut2012 Apr 10 #113
I wasn't referencing you. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #115
IMO its Christian perversion apnu Apr 10 #83
This this this SARose Apr 10 #92
Religions say women are to blame because men cannot control their sexual urges? Irish_Dem Apr 10 #102
You aren't wrong. apnu Apr 10 #103
Oh yes, the Taliban has made it clear how they see women. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #105
there was a case here in il a while back. a kid needed a transplant. mopinko Apr 10 #85
A most SUPERB and THOUGHT PROVOKING post. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 10 #94
Thanks Proud. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #101
This is proof that regarding the mechanics of starting human pregnancy LastDemocratInSC Apr 10 #95
Yes the recipient is the one who is sent to die or go to jail. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #100
OLD men would never tolerate it HAB911 Apr 10 #96
The old men are the ones sending the kids into battle. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #99
And they sell the honor every chance they get. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #107
no viagra for thee either. AllaN01Bear Apr 10 #114
This is not a male vs. female issue. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #116
The American power structure is mostly male. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #117
All that and more. It is not a male vs. female issue. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #118
Facts are facts. Irish_Dem Apr 10 #120
But this... twodogsbarking Apr 10 #122
Women's rights are totally on the whim of the male power structure. Irish_Dem Apr 11 #125
Men need to rally for the cause. It is their cause too. I am insulted to be included with twodogsbarking Apr 11 #126
It is not male vs female. Face the facts even if painful. twodogsbarking Apr 10 #123
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