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6. Some may die
Tue Apr 9, 2024, 09:09 PM
Apr 9

Child rape victims' lives will be forever changed.

Families will be burdened.

Hearts will be broken.

I came across this today when looking for a quote to add to the daily Stock Market Watch thread:

The prediction that in the wake of the Hill-Thomas hearings, the Kennedy Smith trial, and other insults to women in the U.S., “visible, articulate fury” from those women would constitute “the warning of a revolution yet to come” came dramatically true. The year 1992 saw the highest number of women in U.S. history run for public office at every level—local, state, and federal. Furthermore, the elections saw a record number of women win. We doubled our numbers in the Senate and in the House of Representatives (although six out of one hundred in the former and approximately one-quarter of the latter is hardly cause for relaxation). We are now one-fifth of all state legislatures—yet we are still 51 percent of the population. Since a democracy half governed is not a democracy, this simply means more revolution still to come.

Robin Morgan. From the "Foreword" to the 1994 Second Edition of The Word of a Woman: Feminist Dispatches

My emphasis added, because this was published 30 years ago. Thirty fucking years.
YOU ARE SO CORRECT! (sorry for yelling, lol) Lunabell Apr 9 #1
Leave it to the states, they said. C_U_L8R Apr 9 #2
Aye, but tempered by my sincere regrets... Mister Ed Apr 9 #3
Some may die Tansy_Gold Apr 9 #6
And yes, we're STILL waiting. calimary Apr 10 #29
I am occasionally tempted to change my signature line Tansy_Gold Apr 10 #32
Indeed, without a doubt! anciano Apr 9 #4
Donate to an abortion fund to celebrate, because in the meantime, people will be hurting. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 9 #5
Like moth to flame shelshaw Apr 9 #7
Yep.. could they be anymore Stupid? Probably. Cha Apr 9 #8
Pissed-off women voters are dangerous. DinahMoeHum Apr 9 #9
I think the same thing is going to happen in Florida whopis01 Apr 9 #10
Turn AZ solidly blue Demovictory9 Apr 9 #11
K&R spanone Apr 9 #12
"women are not without electoral or political power," Biden said. "You're about to realize just how much."... bsiebs Apr 9 #13
I loved it when he said that! You can't say they weren't warned! liberalla Apr 10 #19
Wish I could have seen Alito's face BaronChocula Apr 10 #23
I hope you are correct FuzzyRabbit Apr 9 #14
It is hard to say thank you. Unless state legislature changes it, there will be a lot of suffering even mucifer Apr 9 #15
Hopefully there will be a stay to delay enforcement Fiendish Thingy Apr 9 #16
But, what about the physicians who don't want to go to prison.? I'm sure some will mucifer Apr 10 #17
The AG can say she won't prosecute.... careful with that: SupportSanity Apr 10 #25
AZ has Dem governor Fiendish Thingy Apr 10 #26
Thanks for the reminder SupportSanity Apr 10 #33
If we all work hard to GOTV, this will definitely come true Wednesdays Apr 10 #18
There are a LOT of GOP women who assumed choice would always be there. oldsoftie Apr 10 #20
Hell hath no fury like women voters scorned! SupportSanity Apr 10 #21
Arizonan Barry Goldwater "evolved" on abortion SpankMe Apr 10 #22
He favored a volunteer army as well. murielm99 Apr 10 #24
Cuz nobody wants to admit they were wrong, calimary Apr 10 #31
This old theatrical from Arizona has a vision. ChazInAz Apr 10 #27
Let's see the GOP destroyed like that printer from Office Space Blue Owl Apr 10 #28
You go...absolutely right. Demsrule86 Apr 10 #30
Those were pretty much my thoughts as soon as I heard the report, and then having seen AZ Gov on tv msfiddlestix Apr 10 #34
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