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43. At which point the school should have said,
Wed Apr 10, 2024, 05:08 PM
Apr 10

“We looked in his backpack and found a gun. The police are on their way. “

This deference to both students and parents is BS.

They were totally irresponsible and unresponsive to obvious signs and warnings NoRethugFriends Apr 10 #1
Plus they ran away and hid after their son was arrested. yardwork Apr 10 #45
I think it will have the effect to make others think twice drray23 Apr 10 #2
Yiou are assuming rationality NoRethugFriends Apr 10 #49
The case lays it out. Hope22 Apr 10 #3
At which point the school should have said, LuckyLib Apr 10 #43
Our carceral system is extraordinarily harsh. Voltaire2 Apr 10 #4
Agree with not feeling any "satisfaction" with this sentence. I despise ammosexuals and crummy parents, but Silent Type Apr 10 #5
rights poozwah Apr 10 #18
Good Post, And... ProfessorGAC Apr 10 #48
thanks poozwah Apr 11 #60
I'll make a prediction: this precedent will be used to disproportionately ratfuck black women in re their children Celerity Apr 10 #6
Unfortunately snpsmom Apr 10 #33
+1 leftstreet Apr 10 #34
Scumbags who got what they deserved. BannonsLiver Apr 10 #7
I agree.. 4 kids are Gone now Bc of them & their kid that Cha Apr 10 #31
Absolutely BannonsLiver Apr 10 #37
Yes Zero Remorse.. and I read a neighbor had Cha Apr 10 #39
Interesting! yardwork Apr 10 #46
Seems the abusive neglect Cha Apr 10 #50
Anyone can miss warning signs but no child should be given a gun unless it is locked up only to come out for Wonder Why Apr 10 #59
They ran away when their kid was jailed FelineOverlord Apr 10 #8
I hadn't seen this post when I made mine. Thanks for laying it out. yardwork Apr 10 #47
Thanks for the posts. I was unsettled yesterday when I read riversedge Apr 10 #51
They bought him a god Damned gun gibraltar72 Apr 10 #9
And it will never happen again. The mother of the Sandy Hook killer did the same question everything Apr 10 #14
They were a special breed of irresponsible, negligent parents who are now blaming everybody catbyte Apr 10 #10
They ignored so many warning signs, this from Wiki... Abolishinist Apr 10 #44
The school had the parents in their office before the crime. bucolic_frolic Apr 10 #11
Teenage drunk drivers? vanlassie Apr 10 #20
Children under the age of 18 are the Parent's responsibility. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 10 #12
Mother sent text, "You have to learn not to get caught. LOL" Coventina Apr 10 #13
Came here for this comment. aocommunalpunch Apr 10 #30
There was zero responsibility taken by either & zero remorse. hlthe2b Apr 10 #15
I agree with you. zanana1 Apr 10 #16
There is a big difference here, you said: bluesbassman Apr 10 #17
It's not federal prison. They'll be eligible for parole in 6 years, prob. maxsolomon Apr 10 #19
I suppose potentially a slippery slope Patton French Apr 10 #21
Not to lessen their culpability but no_hypocrisy Apr 10 #22
Didn't they go into hiding after the shooting as well? AZSkiffyGeek Apr 10 #27
Admittedly, not a good look, but no_hypocrisy Apr 10 #57
I think we've reached a point where parents can no longer claim ignorance ck4829 Apr 10 #23
They aren't exactly Sue and Tom Klebold obamanut2012 Apr 10 #24
If the parents are responsible for their kid's behavior, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 10 #25
Interesting theory dpibel Apr 10 #36
They bought an AR-15 for a troubled teen and did not lock it in a gun safe... JT45242 Apr 10 #26
No satisfaction, and yes sadness. But this needs to happen. Scrivener7 Apr 10 #28
Probably not a popular view... Mike Nelson Apr 10 #29
They bought him the gun. Daylily Apr 10 #56
Thinking of the precedent this sets... every teen shooter in the US now has parents who can be charged WarGamer Apr 10 #32
Damn, dude! dpibel Apr 10 #40
tell me you don't know the details w/o telling me you don't know the details Stardust Mirror Apr 10 #35
I don't know the details and I apologize if this has caused you pain, personally question everything Apr 10 #38
didn't cause me pain Stardust Mirror Apr 10 #41
Maybe not the same house since MotownPgh Apr 10 #42
It's not "revenge" it's justice. Such despicable parenting leading to such a tragedy should be catbyte Apr 10 #52
I think I'm OK with making an example of them for the greater good ecstatic Apr 10 #53
To exactly what positive end? Torchlight Apr 10 #54
They armed a kid they knew had mental and anger issues. If they'd only checked that backpack in the principal's ... marble falls Apr 10 #55
He wasn't old enough to get gun...Mommy and Daddy bought it for him...also Demsrule86 Apr 10 #58
I was happy with the verdicts and sentences. They knew their kid had problems and bought Vinca Apr 11 #61
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