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LOL we're fucking doomed. [View all] LuckyCharms Apr 11 OP
It is clearly a cult. The 'amen's' to utter idiocy and vile bigotry are obligatory. Voltaire2 Apr 11 #1
It really is scary. You make small talk with these people and you think LuckyCharms Apr 11 #2
There does seem to be a big difference PatSeg Apr 11 #23
There are bdamomma Apr 12 #73
They are ignoramuses who somehow feel that Diamond_Dog Apr 11 #3
He self-identifies as LuckyCharms Apr 11 #5
Once they climb aboard.... SergeStorms Apr 11 #32
"bat-shit crazy pheromone they exude through their conspiracy gills" dameatball Apr 12 #66
That's the psychology of it in a nutshell Random Boomer Apr 12 #69
That must be a Q thing a MAGA yesterday said his son got a picture of a UFO doc03 Apr 11 #4
Access to Netflix? KT2000 Apr 11 #45
You're right, it is scary... Think. Again. Apr 11 #6
Sort of like that scene from 1984. How many BootinUp Apr 11 #7
I believe that is from Catch-22, but I get your point...nt Wounded Bear Apr 11 #15
Nope, 1984. reACTIONary Apr 11 #31
OK, but I know for a fact it was in Catch-22...the book, at least...nt Wounded Bear Apr 11 #36
This is a great quote from Catch -22, which I cannot help but think of Trump and the Rethuglicans when reading it. OMGWTF Apr 11 #40
Except the "hero" Yossarian was not the trump-like character... Wounded Bear Apr 11 #50
I never read it, but... reACTIONary Apr 11 #48
I didn't recall the scene from 1984 at first. In Catch-22 it was on a ruse by Yossarian... Wounded Bear Apr 11 #51
+10! reACTIONary Apr 11 #54
... meadowlander Apr 12 #58
Here's your quote DBoon Apr 11 #27
Mr. Rogers knows his finger count mockmonkey Apr 12 #70
A friend asked me Monday, So even if we where the funky glasses, MerryBlooms Apr 11 #8
I have had DENVERPOPS Apr 11 #44
I total respected this guy and his wife before. Both college grads. MerryBlooms Apr 11 #49
How did you keep from laughing in his face? Trueblue Texan Apr 12 #64
The thing that amazed me the most DENVERPOPS Apr 14 #77
"was it always like this" bucolic_frolic Apr 11 #9
That type has always been around, but you needed to go to bars... JHB Apr 11 #10
Maybe they're thinking of cloud seeding, which is happening. CrispyQ Apr 11 #11
The stupid was always there NanaCat Apr 11 #12
Is he also a Flat Earther and a Moon Landing denier? A HERETIC I AM Apr 11 #13
He does deny the moon landing. LuckyCharms Apr 11 #16
It takes a special kind.... SergeStorms Apr 11 #38
If you haven't seen it genxlib Apr 11 #47
Where can I find it? SergeStorms Apr 11 #56
It used to be on Netflix but it looks like it fell off genxlib Apr 12 #65
Appreciated. SergeStorms Apr 12 #68
Every maga wants to be so important that the gubmnt blocks their eclipses from them. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 11 #14
I think I saw a documentary on them back in 60's. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 11 #17
We have a local joke around here regarding Mt Rainier... Wounded Bear Apr 11 #18
You could have called him out Hieronymus Phact Apr 11 #19
Are they speaking in tongues? keithbvadu2 Apr 11 #33
ppl used to peddle that stuff for free. now there's money in it. mopinko Apr 11 #20
The interwebs have allowed flat-eartherism to become contagious. lindysalsagal Apr 11 #21
There also used to be a filter durablend Apr 11 #29
Tell him during Biden's second term Mr.Bill Apr 11 #22
Amusing, but I wouldn't recommend it. soldierant Apr 11 #34
There have always been crackpots and nutjobs. ShazzieB Apr 11 #24
"Makes me not want to leave the house." OldBaldy1701E Apr 11 #25
I went though the 60s, I'm very well acquainted with weirdness Warpy Apr 11 #26
humans aren't evolved as much as we'd like to think cynical_idealist Apr 11 #28
Did they do a lot of acid in their hippie days? DBoon Apr 11 #30
Well, the silver lining to that cloud.... rubbersole Apr 11 #35
I twisted balloons at an eclipse event for the last one TlalocW Apr 11 #37
I lived in this republican "paradise" for 20 years before he hit the radar here in 2015 mountain grammy Apr 11 #39
"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." - George Carlin sop Apr 11 #41
You are right. You're doomed. Please keep away. I don't want to catch it. 😁 Wonder Why Apr 11 #42
LOL, they.are.everywhere....... DENVERPOPS Apr 11 #43
Look On The Bright Side DET Apr 11 #53
It makes me think DENVERPOPS Apr 14 #76
What's changed is we now have cable TV the likes of Faux and the internet to promote the conspiricies. Amaryllis Apr 11 #46
A classic - lady thinks the government directs deer WITH deer crossing signs underpants Apr 11 #52
I remember that, classic. betsuni Apr 12 #59
As it's been said so many times... Pluvious Apr 11 #55
i blame no child left behind. testing is not knowledge. i did great on my ACT math score. i was basically guessing. pansypoo53219 Apr 12 #57
I don't think it's that. Elessar Zappa Apr 12 #67
I'm curious what his reaction would be to this photo EYESORE 9001 Apr 12 #60
Clouds? He's griping about CLOUDS? I'm extremely p.o.'ed ... JustABozoOnThisBus Apr 12 #61
I know that sinking feeling, True Dough Apr 12 #62
A guest on MSNBC yesterday... Trueblue Texan Apr 12 #63
The internet was supposedly make Roc2020 Apr 12 #71
It was predicted by... lefthandedskyhook Apr 12 #74
This monster has brought the mental infection out lefthandedskyhook Apr 12 #72
Propaganda bdamomma Apr 12 #75
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