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1. I knew it....
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 09:23 AM
Apr 12

was either the Onion or Borowitz.

Innocent people do just the opposite. This is what I've been saying all along. If Donald is so innocent, as he always cries to his cult, get all of your exculpatory evidence together and get to trial.

Clearing your "good name" of false accusations is paramount. Why waste so much time and money appealing this and that, using every delaying tactic along the way.

Clear your "good name," Donald.

I knew it.... SergeStorms Apr 12 #1
lol I was fooled until the second paragraph. Elessar Zappa Apr 12 #2
Same here! PatSeg Apr 12 #3
I was hooked until: Marcuse Apr 12 #4
Since I'm in academia NJCher Apr 12 #5
That was almost depressing! niyad Apr 12 #8
I thought it was funny! NJCher Apr 12 #11
I am sorry, should have made myself clearer. I agree that it is funny, yet niyad Apr 12 #13
gotcha' NJCher Apr 12 #21
Thanks, that was a good read. BunnyMcGee Apr 12 #20
Great Find! ProfessorGAC Apr 12 #23
Ironically, Dr. Logsdon's celebrity status may have impeded his career path at Minnesota. Marcuse Apr 14 #32
Had me going until I spotted the link... Wounded Bear Apr 12 #6
your sig! barbtries Apr 12 #16
Yeah, that particular passage strikes a note with me personally, I guess... Wounded Bear Apr 12 #19
I had to check the link! niyad Apr 12 #7
BP steadily increased until I saw link. Prairie_Seagull Apr 12 #9
I was about to say, "Sure, Jan." phylny Apr 12 #10
Innocent people want to clear their name asap. TeamProg Apr 12 #12
that's what i've been saying. barbtries Apr 12 #14
The most beautiful experts wolfie001 Apr 12 #15
I hadn't thought of it that way. Totaly obvious now. ffr Apr 12 #17
Andy Borowitz! calimary Apr 12 #18
One sentence in, and I thought it was The Onion. Dem2theMax Apr 12 #22
Ha ha, I was worried this was real until the 2nd paragraph LymphocyteLover Apr 12 #24
Lol Faux pas Apr 12 #25
The first couple of sentences I thought it may be either Jonathan Turley or Alan Dershowitz Walleye Apr 12 #26
In his personality disordered state it is entirely possible Trump thinks he is innocent. gordianot Apr 12 #27
Good one! ananda Apr 12 #28
LOL! Martin68 Apr 12 #29
When I see a headline like that I wonder whether rethuglican lurkers will quote the headline to sway diva77 Apr 12 #30
Also Billionaires asks for donations of their struggling Flock Smackdown2019 Apr 12 #31
Kick dalton99a Apr 14 #33
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