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I knew it.... SergeStorms Apr 2024 #1
lol I was fooled until the second paragraph. Elessar Zappa Apr 2024 #2
Same here! PatSeg Apr 2024 #3
I was hooked until: Marcuse Apr 2024 #4
Since I'm in academia NJCher Apr 2024 #5
That was almost depressing! niyad Apr 2024 #8
I thought it was funny! NJCher Apr 2024 #11
I am sorry, should have made myself clearer. I agree that it is funny, yet niyad Apr 2024 #13
gotcha' NJCher Apr 2024 #21
Thanks, that was a good read. BunnyMcGee Apr 2024 #20
Great Find! ProfessorGAC Apr 2024 #23
Ironically, Dr. Logsdon's celebrity status may have impeded his career path at Minnesota. Marcuse Apr 2024 #32
Had me going until I spotted the link... Wounded Bear Apr 2024 #6
your sig! barbtries Apr 2024 #16
Yeah, that particular passage strikes a note with me personally, I guess... Wounded Bear Apr 2024 #19
I had to check the link! niyad Apr 2024 #7
BP steadily increased until I saw link. Prairie_Seagull Apr 2024 #9
I was about to say, "Sure, Jan." phylny Apr 2024 #10
Innocent people want to clear their name asap. TeamProg Apr 2024 #12
that's what i've been saying. barbtries Apr 2024 #14
The most beautiful experts wolfie001 Apr 2024 #15
I hadn't thought of it that way. Totaly obvious now. ffr Apr 2024 #17
Andy Borowitz! calimary Apr 2024 #18
One sentence in, and I thought it was The Onion. Dem2theMax Apr 2024 #22
Ha ha, I was worried this was real until the 2nd paragraph LymphocyteLover Apr 2024 #24
Lol Faux pas Apr 2024 #25
The first couple of sentences I thought it may be either Jonathan Turley or Alan Dershowitz Walleye Apr 2024 #26
In his personality disordered state it is entirely possible Trump thinks he is innocent. gordianot Apr 2024 #27
Good one! ananda Apr 2024 #28
LOL! Martin68 Apr 2024 #29
When I see a headline like that I wonder whether rethuglican lurkers will quote the headline to sway diva77 Apr 2024 #30
Also Billionaires asks for donations of their struggling Flock Smackdown2019 Apr 2024 #31
Kick dalton99a Apr 2024 #33
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