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16. She can't get one of her lobbyists to pony up them a lawyer?
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 03:30 PM
Apr 12

I hope this is a good sign that they won't support her re-election too.

If you can't stand the heat . . . Sucha NastyWoman Apr 12 #1
Hock some of those AK-47s. oasis Apr 12 #2
Probably need to pay a retainer up front Old Crank Apr 12 #3
Yes. If he'd only killed someone like Kyle Rittenhouser, RW donations would be pouring in... hlthe2b Apr 12 #13
Smart guy. Be his own lawyer. multigraincracker Apr 12 #4
Plead insanity rpannier Apr 12 #7
Public Defender?? But isn't that . . . Soshulisem??!? NBachers Apr 12 #5
Which is why Socialisim and Capitalisim need each other to exist. Mopar151 Apr 12 #6
Call the RNC... orwell Apr 12 #8
The TNC has but one commitment. SergeStorms Apr 12 #10
I'm not saying everyone has to be me Dorian Gray Apr 12 #9
The past incidents in the neighborhood with sons armed threatening neighbors a couple years back... hlthe2b Apr 12 #12
Obviously you're right Dorian Gray Apr 12 #22
Seems like with his father's current case (and the family's past issues) they should have one on retainer... hlthe2b Apr 12 #11
Supply and demand. There's a limited supply and the demand is way up since YouKnowWho's indictments started. Wonder Why Apr 12 #14
since he's going to plead out, a PD would work fine. maxsolomon Apr 12 #15
She can't get one of her lobbyists to pony up them a lawyer? SouthernDem4ever Apr 12 #16
Boebert needs to open a "kissing" booth... lame54 Apr 12 #17
Onlyfans wolfie001 Apr 12 #18
What? Mom isn't helping? struggle4progress Apr 12 #19
his mom has plenty of cash, right? Why isn't she supporting her son? Takket Apr 12 #20
I'm Having No Issue With Defense Attorney Prices ProfessorGAC Apr 12 #21
No slap on the wrist for criming this time, lil' Tyler? GenThePerservering Apr 13 #23
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