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2. i can see a November
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 04:03 PM
Apr 2024

in which the republican is virtually wiped off the electoral map because of their hatred toward women.

not saying that's gonna happen. just that i can see it happening.

they may have just poked the wrong bear.

"Heart" ???? spanone Apr 2024 #1
i can see a November barbtries Apr 2024 #2
Yep. They poked mama bear & she's not taking any shit. -nt CrispyQ Apr 2024 #5
We can definitely wish it. And hopefully vote it so. erronis Apr 2024 #14
Hope your vision is realized Traurigkeit Apr 2024 #22
The Women's March was a massive event underpants Apr 2024 #29
Ha! As if! nt CaliforniaPeggy Apr 2024 #3
So many pro choice repubs now Demovictory9 Apr 2024 #4
Yes Rebl2 Apr 2024 #21
The Mango Menace should watchout for those hot button social issues. magicarpet Apr 2024 #6
Good luck with that, Donny! maspaha Apr 2024 #7
He's the arsonist who wants a medal Danmel Apr 2024 #8
+1 dalton99a Apr 2024 #25
Danmel Upthevibe Apr 2024 #34
He's like the arsonist who wants a medal Danmel Apr 2024 #9
So, is he still bragging about ending Roe v Wade? Ping Tung Apr 2024 #10
The RAPIST has always talked out of both sides of his big fat yap on this one. TSExile Apr 2024 #30
Nobody tell Donnie Dipshit that the conservative GOP that is only lately releasing some grip on the reins ... marble falls Apr 2024 #11
Wants his cake and to eat it too. Emile Apr 2024 #12
Demands? Too late. LiberalFighter Apr 2024 #13
The 1864 law . . . AverageOldGuy Apr 2024 #15
AverageOldGuy. Upthevibe Apr 2024 #35
TSF Bragging about Ending Roe V Wade... "I was proudly the person responsible for the ending of Roe v. Wade" Cha Apr 2024 #16
He is just trying to shift the blame to a democrat. Bev54 Apr 2024 #17
Turn Arizona blue IronLionZion Apr 2024 #18
If only there was a nationwide protection in place to prevent laws like that.... hmmmm... ecstatic Apr 2024 #19
You can't put that evil genie back in the bottle, Donald.TSF has caused untold misery, &he doesn't like the blowback Hekate Apr 2024 #20
They can't. It's literally against their f'd up religion. paleotn Apr 2024 #23
Say it in tongues, Donald, frogmarch Apr 2024 #24
Law was already on the books bucolic_frolic Apr 2024 #26
Shows how much he really cares about the abortion issue SouthernDem4ever Apr 2024 #27
you cant make this stuff up Blues Heron Apr 2024 #28
He for abortion before he was against abortion before he was for it. nt Gore1FL Apr 2024 #31
(1) MSM: "Trump takes a moderate tone ..." Maine-i-ac Apr 2024 #32
There he goes, changing his position yet again. calimary Apr 2024 #33
trump has more faces than a pinochle deck...nt Wounded Bear Apr 2024 #37
Women's lives being treated like a political football Iris Apr 2024 #36
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