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7. Good luck with that, Donny!
Fri Apr 12, 2024, 04:16 PM
Apr 12

You broke the AZ republican party, now it’s all yours. Even Cindy McCain supported President Joe Biden in the last Presidential election. Here’s an idea Donny, hold your breath ‘til Cindy endorses you for this election 😘

"Heart" ???? spanone Apr 12 #1
i can see a November barbtries Apr 12 #2
Yep. They poked mama bear & she's not taking any shit. -nt CrispyQ Apr 12 #5
We can definitely wish it. And hopefully vote it so. erronis Apr 12 #14
Hope your vision is realized Traurigkeit Apr 12 #22
The Women's March was a massive event underpants Apr 12 #29
Ha! As if! nt CaliforniaPeggy Apr 12 #3
So many pro choice repubs now Demovictory9 Apr 12 #4
Yes Rebl2 Apr 12 #21
The Mango Menace should watchout for those hot button social issues. magicarpet Apr 12 #6
Good luck with that, Donny! maspaha Apr 12 #7
He's the arsonist who wants a medal Danmel Apr 12 #8
+1 dalton99a Apr 12 #25
Danmel Upthevibe Apr 12 #34
He's like the arsonist who wants a medal Danmel Apr 12 #9
So, is he still bragging about ending Roe v Wade? Ping Tung Apr 12 #10
The RAPIST has always talked out of both sides of his big fat yap on this one. TSExile Apr 12 #30
Nobody tell Donnie Dipshit that the conservative GOP that is only lately releasing some grip on the reins ... marble falls Apr 12 #11
Wants his cake and to eat it too. Emile Apr 12 #12
Demands? Too late. LiberalFighter Apr 12 #13
The 1864 law . . . AverageOldGuy Apr 12 #15
AverageOldGuy. Upthevibe Apr 12 #35
TSF Bragging about Ending Roe V Wade... "I was proudly the person responsible for the ending of Roe v. Wade" Cha Apr 12 #16
He is just trying to shift the blame to a democrat. Bev54 Apr 12 #17
Turn Arizona blue IronLionZion Apr 12 #18
If only there was a nationwide protection in place to prevent laws like that.... hmmmm... ecstatic Apr 12 #19
You can't put that evil genie back in the bottle, Donald.TSF has caused untold misery, &he doesn't like the blowback Hekate Apr 12 #20
They can't. It's literally against their f'd up religion. paleotn Apr 12 #23
Say it in tongues, Donald, frogmarch Apr 12 #24
Law was already on the books bucolic_frolic Apr 12 #26
Shows how much he really cares about the abortion issue SouthernDem4ever Apr 12 #27
you cant make this stuff up Blues Heron Apr 12 #28
He for abortion before he was against abortion before he was for it. nt Gore1FL Apr 12 #31
(1) MSM: "Trump takes a moderate tone ..." Maine-i-ac Apr 12 #32
There he goes, changing his position yet again. calimary Apr 12 #33
trump has more faces than a pinochle deck...nt Wounded Bear Apr 12 #37
Women's lives being treated like a political football Iris Apr 12 #36
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