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Good grief, $70 million wendyb-NC Apr 12 #1
what a joke... democratsruletheday Apr 12 #76
Boo fucking hoo. You're lucky you made $70 singing. we can do it Apr 12 #2
no shit. musicians i know mopinko Apr 12 #9
As I've understood it, the industry is set up for musicians to have to tour to make money underpants Apr 12 #3
Fuck the suits. LuvLoogie Apr 12 #28
Les Claypool recently explained it thus... jcgoldie Apr 12 #45
Explains why ticket prices are so high SouthernDem4ever Apr 12 #51
True but... residentcynic Apr 12 #57
Well that and ticketmaster has a monopoly... jcgoldie Apr 12 #72
Yeah, ticket prices are so high I said the hell with it a few years ago. raccoon Apr 13 #116
she has a good point - and other artists just starting out will be more heavily impacted. samsingh Apr 13 #133
I think she has a great point Johnny2X2X Apr 12 #4
Yes. Elessar Zappa Apr 12 #34
I agree - she makes decent points about how difficult it is for recording artists. harumph Apr 12 #42
+1 demmiblue Apr 12 #61
I agree. MorbidButterflyTat Apr 13 #124
I agree too Unwind Your Mind Apr 13 #169
Spotify, Sirius, Prime and other legitimate streaming platforms aren't ripping off the artists FakeNoose Apr 13 #177
The streaming services are ripping off the artists... appmanga Apr 13 #183
Oh, poor, poor, millionaire sakabatou Apr 12 #5
Maybe she should consider going into Bible and shoe sales. Ping Tung Apr 12 #6
I'm sorry, but you've just touched the surface as to the vast universe of Abolishinist Apr 13 #108
I reached the nauseum long before the infinitum. BobTheSubgenius Apr 13 #130
Yet a few individuals at Spotify are soaking up all the cash... lame54 Apr 12 #7
She's lucky... newer musicians, not so much. Chakaconcarne Apr 12 #8
Got all mine too! Now I need a solar solution to make sure I'll have power. SouthernDem4ever Apr 12 #54
Not good for new acts.No more incentive for start-up bands like... brush Apr 12 #102
" Not good for new acts", like Billie Eilish or Olivia Rodrigo for example? speak easy Apr 13 #165
Yeah, what's the incentive now if you can't make money now with a start-up band? brush Apr 13 #180
She's not necessarily wrong, in a certain way. Tommy Carcetti Apr 12 #10
I agree Johonny Apr 12 #12
I think it's fun to stream an artist live Captain Zero Apr 12 #38
The argument is as Ive heard it Johonny Apr 12 #98
Yes. Straw Man Apr 13 #113
The musicians I know make nothing from streaming shrike3 Apr 13 #119
Has Beens Have Always Done Poorly MineralMan Apr 12 #11
Not true at all BannonsLiver Apr 12 #32
None of those were ever has-beens. Nope. MineralMan Apr 12 #69
She put out an album two weeks ago AZSkiffyGeek Apr 13 #128
OK. MineralMan Apr 13 #132
Sheryl Crow is not a "has been" Sugarcoated Apr 13 #144
OK MineralMan Apr 13 #145
A lot of misinformed comments Sugarcoated Apr 13 #151
I don't think you're up on the music scene past and present TBH. BannonsLiver Apr 13 #140
Motley Crue's Carnival of Sins tour Mr. Evil Apr 12 #71
If Crow has 7 mil then, Captain Zero Apr 12 #40
Seventy Million----$70,000,000 mtngirl47 Apr 12 #53
Crow's made a lot of great records. shrike3 Apr 13 #120
Yes. I'd call him a has-been, even though I'm a big fan. MineralMan Apr 13 #122
You do you. shrike3 Apr 13 #123
I always do. MineralMan Apr 13 #134
Zappa is dead, every dead person is a has been. Voltaire2 Apr 13 #139
I believe I first heard that True Dough Apr 13 #153
I was referring to the time when he was alive and ignored but still making records. shrike3 Apr 13 #154
Zappa and the Mothers of Invention were never 'big' they were always eclectic. Voltaire2 Apr 13 #162
I did not call him a has-been. Another poster did, so take it up with them, please. shrike3 Apr 13 #174
Doesn't matter how much money she has, she's still being ripped off. tinrobot Apr 12 #13
She's right about the business, musicians are fucked and it's wrong. BlueTsunami2018 Apr 12 #14
Absolutely. I know plenty of musicians. Some of whom are very talented. shrike3 Apr 13 #121
When she sold 15 million copies of her debut maxsolomon Apr 12 #15
But she was the only one getting paid! Sympthsical Apr 12 #16
thats why so many artists are touring like it's 1979... WarGamer Apr 12 #17
Also, why tickets cost so darn much. shrike3 Apr 13 #118
A few things ScratchCat Apr 12 #18
Best Buy doesn't even sell physical media anymore (other than video games) pstokely Apr 13 #107
I don't know if you remember The Romantics. "What I Like About You" and others. shrike3 Apr 13 #155
Milwaukee irish julmur Apr 12 #19
I didn't know she partnered with Kid Rock. Haggard Celine Apr 12 #37
I think she's correct rockfordfile Apr 12 #20
"Taylor swift music is imo junk." mwb970 Apr 12 #29
Taylor Swift music is... TexasBushwhacker Apr 12 #103
lololol. Someone needs to get off the top 40 channel Blue_Adept Apr 12 #50
Top 40? rockfordfile Apr 12 #79
How many members were still around in that bloated corpse of 38 Special?? AZSkiffyGeek Apr 13 #135
38 rockfordfile Apr 13 #167
Get off my lawn you kids with your terrible music! Elessar Zappa Apr 13 #146
I don't think so rockfordfile Apr 13 #166
And while you're at it GenThePerservering Apr 12 #74
That says it all. Thanks. twodogsbarking Apr 12 #89
Kids these days... Wednesdays Apr 12 #81
smdh Celerity Apr 12 #97
No "today's music" is crap for the most part rockfordfile Apr 13 #168
No it is not. You clearly are just bent on making derogatory universalised comments that would not withstand scrutiny Celerity Apr 13 #171
No rockfordfile Apr 13 #175
No. You are just using your personal prejudices to effect ageist, falsely universalised smears and attacks. Celerity Apr 13 #181
Grandpa, is that you? :P XorXor Apr 12 #101
I'll stay off your lawn pstokely Apr 13 #109
The only way one could reach this conclusion is by not listening to enough music made after the 90s. ramen Apr 13 #125
No rockfordfile Apr 13 #172
You're a victim of merging media empires. yourmovemonkey Apr 13 #142
"Now today's "music" is crap" vs Olivia Rodrigo (Live) speak easy Apr 13 #182
Wow, this group is right up there with Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Abolishinist Apr 14 #184
[snark] OK Boomer [/snark] speak easy Apr 14 #185
A classic song about an event 54 years ago from today. Abolishinist May 5 #186
The Cranberries - Zombie (Northern Ireland) 1994 speak easy May 5 #187
Seems like some investment advice might have been useful 30 years ago... nt Gore1FL Apr 12 #21
She had better prepare to live off her savings. Musicians these days get screwed out of their creativity. DFW Apr 12 #22
Oh little Crow ... I wish i had your problems. My house is falling down. Trueblue1968 Apr 12 #23
Mine is, too. The cost of repairs has gone leftyladyfrommo Apr 12 #27
We need a new roof aand deck on our floating home Trueblue1968 Apr 12 #62
I think she's complaining about systemic issues that affect all musicians meadowlander Apr 12 #24
+1 progressoid Apr 12 #36
Agreed. ShazzieB Apr 12 #43
The business model changed. Don Henley whines the same tune. twodogsbarking Apr 12 #25
It isn't a whine -- they are being ripped off obamanut2012 Apr 12 #80
Sorry I am not a whine expert. twodogsbarking Apr 12 #86
I think they are putting words in her mouth. LisaM Apr 12 #26
She is not a very good singer KT2000 Apr 12 #30
Hmm? Straw Man Apr 13 #114
Are you kidding? She's awesome. Bucky Apr 13 #131
Google searches for net worth are wildly wrong. Cuthbert Allgood Apr 12 #31
+1 ShazzieB Apr 12 #44
+1 demmiblue Apr 12 #60
I Found 4 Different Numbers ProfessorGAC Apr 13 #179
Interesting responses here dwking66 Apr 12 #33
And if it wasn't a famous artist saying it, who would be paying any attention? meadowlander Apr 12 #41
You are not wrong. demmiblue Apr 12 #65
Seriously -- wtf am I raeding? obamanut2012 Apr 12 #83
Welcome to DU Unwind Your Mind Apr 13 #173
Apropos of Spotify, didn't Taylor Swift pull all her material from that service? keep_left Apr 12 #35
My take is she's not really complaining she's not rich enough. She's talking about the MUSIC INDUSTRY. pnwmom Apr 12 #39
It sucked when the David Geffens of the world Arthur_Frain Apr 12 #46
Yeah, but listeners / fans want and almost expect (!) music for free these days. She is largely wrong though, there are TeamProg Apr 12 #52
Not anywhere close to what it was. ZZenith Apr 12 #66
5% sounds about right, unfortunately! nt TeamProg Apr 12 #68
You're absolutely right. Arthur_Frain Apr 12 #99
You are awesome. ZZenith Apr 13 #105
Obviously, you're having difficulty coping with how primitive your lifestyle actually is............. jaxexpat Apr 12 #47
This is so sad, makes me want to cry! Leave Sheryl Crow alone! TeamProg Apr 12 #48
if she isn't living comfortably to say the least, barbtries Apr 12 #49
Remember Napster? SleeplessinSoCal Apr 12 #55
The "roof over her head" bit is from an anonymous "friend". "In Touch" doesn't have a great reputation muriel_volestrangler Apr 12 #56
This ain't no disco! Otterdaemmerung Apr 12 #58
Well, this is a bad take (not hers). n/t demmiblue Apr 12 #59
Go Fund Sheryl. While she oasis Apr 12 #63
That's what I thought too. BigmanPigman Apr 12 #87
But astonishingly we are expected to live on 7.60 an hour. onecaliberal Apr 12 #64
Really? What percentage of workers live on $7.60 per hour? Abolishinist Apr 13 #110
That is the federal minimum wage. Give or take a few. onecaliberal Apr 13 #112
It's 7.25 per hour and 1.3% of workers were earning that much in 2022 Bucky Apr 13 #136
The U.S. workforce in 2022 True Dough Apr 13 #156
Your 2.1 million computation is flawed. The total U.S. workforce Abolishinist Apr 13 #159
My thanks to Bucky for giving some perspective to your statement, Abolishinist Apr 13 #160
Sure Jan. onecaliberal Apr 13 #164
Put all of that pain into multigraincracker Apr 12 #67
She's not wrong. Nobody I know in the music biz is making money off recordings. bluesbassman Apr 12 #70
Taylor Swift is doing rather well at it, she's a billionaire RainCaster Apr 12 #73
Yes, she has done very well, but something of an anomaly. bluesbassman Apr 12 #75
Somehow Taylor Swift figured out how to make money. NameAlreadyTaken Apr 12 #77
Writing is part of it twodogsbarking Apr 12 #88
She made her money before streaming. Voltaire2 Apr 13 #141
Don't assume her net worth is that high NanaCat Apr 12 #78
No way is it that high obamanut2012 Apr 12 #84
This reminds me of an awesome, pissed off Queen song MorbidButterflyTat Apr 12 #91
The rest of Queen were a little hesitant to record it tavernier Apr 13 #158
You know, rich people have a right not to be ripped off, too obamanut2012 Apr 12 #82
Agreed. MorbidButterflyTat Apr 12 #92
🤜🤛 Traildogbob Apr 13 #137
How much money have you whizzed away, Ms. Crow ? republianmushroom Apr 12 #85
She needs to pack her lunch to save money. twodogsbarking Apr 12 #90
Try being an average working musician. shrike3 Apr 12 #93
Tried it for forty-seven years. OldBaldy1701E Apr 12 #95
I can remember Alice Cooper talking about his early days. shrike3 Apr 13 #117
I love seeing rich folk cry about losing money JoseBalow Apr 12 #94
Oh the times, they are a'changing. GreenWave Apr 12 #96
I'm not sure multi-millionaires are the best people to use when trying to highlight the plight of struggling muscians XorXor Apr 12 #100
I'm capable of both agreeing it's a shitty deal for artists these days, and also not having too much sympathy... Silent3 Apr 12 #104
Sorry. I don't care how much her net worth is (and net worth is a garbage number anyway). All Mixed Up Apr 13 #106
I can see her point Norbert Apr 13 #111
She doesn't make music all by herself, those employed in the music business are affected. betsuni Apr 13 #115
Oh, no! Mike Nelson Apr 13 #126
In the music industry, as with many other artistic genres, it's the suits who enjoy the lion's share of the profits dlk Apr 13 #127
Ahhhh. But how much staff do you have employed in your home? BobTheSubgenius Apr 13 #129
Some serious "Get off my lawn," and "OK, Boomer" vibes in this thread. AnrothElf Apr 13 #138
Ikr? Sugarcoated Apr 13 #147
For sure... Artists get it. AnrothElf Apr 13 #163
Not even from an interview. sl8 Apr 13 #149
It's beginning to look like Mr.Bill Apr 13 #143
The money is now in live performances. Jacson6 Apr 13 #148
I don't get self-pity from the message as much as a heads up about this change for musicians mahina Apr 13 #150
Did Crow actually say that? sl8 Apr 13 #152
so while she was reeling in the big bucks gopiscrap Apr 13 #157
People taking what "In Touch" magazine says seriously Sugarcoated Apr 13 #161
Maybe now she understands how Kevin Gilbert and the other guys ... dawg Apr 13 #170
She's talking about the music industry. But heres a tour of one of her houses... IcyPeas Apr 13 #176
It's amazing how many people have an opinion without actually listening to the interview AkFemDem Apr 13 #178
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