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23. 100 percent
Sat Apr 13, 2024, 01:47 PM
Apr 13

And when they realized they have been royally fucked and think their almighty war toys will allow them to end the dictator hell, that’s when the GQP WILL come after their precious guns. And all the damn gun stores and gun shows will no longer exist.
Too damn use to being able to start over when they lose a video game with a clean slate, nobody really dies.
Keep your head on a swivel, EndlessWire.
Shit slide is rolling down hill, picking up speed like a damn Avalanche on Mt Everest after an earth quake (November).

100% something I never anticipated in the U.S. DemMedic Apr 13 #1
Let's start this off right for the younger veiwers in the audience. Those of us who lived to see it live. Click below. usaf-vet Apr 13 #5
This is exactly how I feel. FalloutShelter Apr 13 #2
Most of the Traildogbob Apr 13 #3
Yeah, this is what I feel. EndlessWire Apr 13 #22
100 percent Traildogbob Apr 13 #23
This game owning the libs has gone too far. Emile Apr 13 #4
In the 1930s the German farmers multigraincracker Apr 13 #7
"Twilight Zone", "Living on another planet"... Boomerproud Apr 13 #6
I found Twilight Zone prophetic. usonian Apr 13 #8
It's easy to underestimate how many truly awful Americans there are dlk Apr 13 #9
They never rest NJCher Apr 14 #33
The worst part is when you find yourself getting used to it. jaxexpat Apr 13 #10
Yup, everyday. StarryNite Apr 13 #11
Did I die and go to hell? Irish_Dem Apr 13 #12
"Insanity in individuals is something rare Ping Tung Apr 13 #13
Perfect PT...... NC DENVERPOPS Apr 13 #31
Actually, no. But I never bought the "it can't happen here" propaganda. malthaussen Apr 13 #14
That's the price of oligarchy, Uncle Joe Apr 13 #15
All I know is when Jack Klugman came to life the other night Xavier Breath Apr 13 #16
It really amps my sense of ennui when the MSM goes on as if he's a normal candidate as opposed to the criminal he is. Ford_Prefect Apr 13 #17
The episode "He Lives" describes now perfectly bedazzled Apr 13 #18
Please elaborate on the plot. triron Apr 13 #20
"He's Alive" (my mistake) has Hitler coming back to life bedazzled Apr 13 #21
Oh I bdamomma Apr 13 #28
I've felt that way since 2016. triron Apr 13 #19
I've felt that way since SCOTUS installed George Bush. Silver Gaia Apr 14 #37
I feel that I'm in the Twilight Zone when shit like this no longer shocks Bundbuster Apr 13 #24
They are not hiding it anymore. Religious fanatics taking away our freedoms. SupportSanity Apr 14 #40
It's like a sleep paralysis nightmare that we can't wake up from IcyPeas Apr 13 #25
I've starting replacing the word "reality"... Think. Again. Apr 13 #26
I just bdamomma Apr 13 #27
Yep. Every day Evolve Dammit Apr 13 #29
May as well have some music for it, DJ Synikus Makisimus Apr 13 #30
I regularly ask myself what the hell planet/country... 3catwoman3 Apr 13 #32
You think this is surreal NJCher Apr 14 #34
I've been calling it Bizarro World BigmanPigman Apr 14 #35
Oh Yeah.. Many Times Deep in the Twilight Zone. Cha Apr 14 #36
If you think about it... NanaCat Apr 14 #38
The POS traitor is beholden to Putin. Kid Berwyn Apr 14 #39
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