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17. If that was the case, they wouldn't have launched the ballistic missiles
Sat Apr 13, 2024, 10:13 PM
Apr 2024

On top of that they had Houthis and Hezbollah launching rockets as well.

They clearly expected some to get through. They have egg on their face tonight that their attacks were repelled.

So the planned drama is over. Irish_Dem Apr 2024 #1
exactly correct. TomDaisy Apr 2024 #2
It was quite the dramatic performance. Irish_Dem Apr 2024 #4
... orangecrush Apr 2024 #29
Except for the injured kid. Igel Apr 2024 #45
Reminds me of something that happened in WWII. Irish_Dem Apr 2024 #8
US had a whole fake Army Kennah Apr 2024 #47
Oh yes that is another story. Irish_Dem Apr 2024 #54
No - 4th wave of 40 drones minutes ago womanofthehills Apr 2024 #18
Exactly. Gore1FL Apr 2024 #3
You think that Iran wanted to make a public display of how Mountainguy Apr 2024 #5
Iran sent the drones first, knowing it would take hours from them to reach Israel TomDaisy Apr 2024 #7
If that was the case, they wouldn't have launched the ballistic missiles Mountainguy Apr 2024 #17
Iran is fighting a proxy war using wnylib Apr 2024 #26
Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis are far better at killing people. Iran looks weak. Kennah Apr 2024 #48
So no harm, no foul? sarisataka Apr 2024 #6
so the WWIII screaming is just hysterical blathering by people who don't know anything. TomDaisy Apr 2024 #10
The risk is there but is so far being averted. wnylib Apr 2024 #28
Delayed Kennah Apr 2024 #49
I would hardly classify Malcom Nance as a "know-nothing"..... AZ8theist Apr 2024 #43
As long as nothing slips through and hits something important or causes casualties. Should be yes. Zipgun Apr 2024 #16
Supposedly, another 80 drones are heading to Israel womanofthehills Apr 2024 #34
That points out a weakness in pretty much all Disaffected Apr 2024 #37
Joe enid602 Apr 2024 #9
yes TomDaisy Apr 2024 #11
It's getting really weird here. BannonsLiver Apr 2024 #12
couldn't agree more TomDaisy Apr 2024 #13
Where are you? OAITW r.2.0 Apr 2024 #20
It was a save face attack Johnny2X2X Apr 2024 #14
It seems like a measured reasonable response. Autumn Apr 2024 #15
Iran makes a rational response after testing Israeli defense systems. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 2024 #19
Crazy, but if Iran wanted to seriously hit Israel it would have a} fired more and b} had a coordinated attack with... dutch777 Apr 2024 #21
thx for the explanation BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 2024 #22
If/When they get serious, they'll come with 10 times as many drones and missiles? Silent Type Apr 2024 #23
At which point, the US will likely hit Iranian military sites Kennah Apr 2024 #50
So, it's the Hatfields versus the McCoys? TeamProg Apr 2024 #24
Good to know! BigmanPigman Apr 2024 #25
Yeah, OK orangecrush Apr 2024 #27
Iran firing over 200 real rockets and drones into Israel is not an escalation? Beastly Boy Apr 2024 #30
All the drones are not sold to Russia and not launched against Ukraine. . . . .nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 2024 #31
Post removed Post removed Apr 2024 #32
Think I'm gonna disagree on using nukes, sorry. Silent Type Apr 2024 #40
You forgot the sarcasm emoji (hopefully). Celerity Apr 2024 #41
Poor Iran. nt LexVegas Apr 2024 #33
Iran has Russia, China, N Korea, Yemen, Iraq womanofthehills Apr 2024 #35
Iran pulled a trump. BidenRocks Apr 2024 #36
So a dotard move? Kennah Apr 2024 #52
Interesting worldview where folks are so eager to be apologists for the tyrannical Islamist regime in Iran tritsofme Apr 2024 #38
Its bizarro....nt LexVegas Apr 2024 #39
So Saudi Arabia allowed the drones and missiles Ilsa Apr 2024 #42
From Iran and Yemen according to what I read, so yes, it seems the Saudis allowed it Kennah Apr 2024 #51
LOL n'kay. This is why I come to DU... AnrothElf Apr 2024 #44
The little Bedouin girl who was injured did not have access to a bomb shelter. LeftInTX Apr 2024 #46
dick waving Skittles Apr 2024 #53
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