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35. And Trump has said that all hell will break loose on Monday.
Sun Apr 14, 2024, 06:05 PM
Apr 14

Some DU posters and media commentators have compared that to the J6 invitation tweet "Will be wild." They thought that Trump was trying to get another J6 type crowd to take action.

But I think he might mean that all hell will break loose in the courtroom. I suspect that he has something planned to carry out in court. Don't know what it would be since my mind (fortunately) does not work like his.

Or, there might be multiple disruptive protests planned for around the country rather than a single gathering like J6.

We need to start a pool... "When will trump stage his first outburst and flounce out of the courtroom?" nt albacore Apr 14 #1
Depends. -nt CrispyQ Apr 14 #3
I think they get regular bathroom breaks. (n/t) Iggo Apr 14 #5
Can you imagine having to clean up the floors/walls/loo after trump evacuates? erronis Apr 14 #7
How about putting DENVERPOPS Apr 14 #10
Or a nice live video as it's happening? erronis Apr 14 #11
I don't even want DENVERPOPS Apr 14 #12
And he needs a bathroom for what? birdographer Apr 14 #22
But will they be frequent enough? Maybe that's what he's truly worried about. Chakaconcarne Apr 15 #48
I see what you did there. SergeStorms Apr 14 #15
Don't like the word "flounce". When you weigh around 375 lbs, "flouncing" is not on the menu. Plodding or blustering, ok jaxexpat Apr 14 #24
"Lumber?" Sparkly Apr 14 #30
For one such as him, having but a thin and unfinished veneer, lumber is perfect. jaxexpat Apr 15 #39
Oxford says: ... albacore Apr 14 #36
That Oxford, they got the words. jaxexpat Apr 15 #40
We've been living in Beckett's dimension since the Jan6th Impeachment. Hugin Apr 15 #45
Touche. jaxexpat Apr 15 #46
These stunts will hurt him with the jury LetMyPeopleVote Apr 14 #2
Yes, they will. And then he will use a jury conviction wnylib Apr 14 #28
Trump will be covered wall to wall on every media outlet in the world everyday of the trial. Barry Markson Apr 14 #4
The Secret Service would be doing him a big favor Mr.Bill Apr 14 #13
Doing us all a favor! ALBliberal Apr 14 #16
I think bdamomma Apr 15 #42
Sadly true. wnylib Apr 14 #29
As I have suggested elsewhere, this should be archived as an example of someone going through a personal melt-down. erronis Apr 14 #6
If TSF moves to get out, the DOOR opens for Judge Merchan Traurigkeit Apr 14 #8
He'll be like a little kid in church. Fidgeting and telling mom he has to pee RIGHT NOW! Ping Tung Apr 14 #9
I thought NewsMax has it live Captain Zero Apr 14 #23
I'm glad it's not televised. COL Mustard Apr 14 #26
Better double up.... SergeStorms Apr 14 #14
Lol, just imagined all the crap Dave Bowman Apr 14 #17
Stand back... SergeStorms Apr 14 #38
Do you suppose it could be that the scrunchy-at-the-ankle style came out just for him, just for now? jaxexpat Apr 14 #25
If only it could be televised..... toad-eye Apr 14 #18
Trump's head will turn into a oasis Apr 14 #19
Will it spin around like the kid in the Exorcist as the wnylib Apr 14 #31
An evil demon couldn't oasis Apr 15 #47
His blood pressure bdamomma Apr 15 #43
Guns and ketchup will not be allowed in the Court. twodogsbarking Apr 14 #20
Almost choked on my yogurt laughing birdographer Apr 14 #21
Yup. Rules apply to everyone but TSF. TSExile Apr 14 #27
I think that he will deliberately push the envelope hard wnylib Apr 14 #33
I heard George Conway say that he will Quakerfriend Apr 14 #34
And Trump has said that all hell will break loose on Monday. wnylib Apr 14 #35
I hate to say this bdamomma Apr 15 #44
I'm sure that security will be very high. wnylib Apr 15 #49
Sit Ladythatvotesblue Apr 14 #32
At the top of this thread, I suggested a pool on when trump would storm out of the courtroom... albacore Apr 14 #37
well bdamomma Apr 15 #41
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