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46. Many newspapers do this -- it is done to save space.
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 12:01 AM
Apr 15

Trudeau has to agree to this and my take is that those first two panels are intended to be discarded if necessary. They aren’t essential to the overall understanding of the piece. This has been done for years.

Demented Donnie Kid Berwyn Apr 14 #1
A new classic! enough Apr 14 #2
Indeed! It's brillig and brimly with truthy mousels, morses, bits! . . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Apr 14 #20
r mdmc Apr 14 #3
When truth is humor and poignant all in the same throw bucolic_frolic Apr 14 #4
OUCH !!!!!! essaynnc Apr 14 #5
I used to think "it's funny because it's true." hay rick Apr 14 #6
Yes, Trump is hardly funny PatSeg Apr 14 #18
In his dreams, you can bet the TSF has a special prison Submariner Apr 14 #7
Perfect. dalton99a Apr 14 #8
Perfect jabberwocky erronis Apr 14 #9
The Doonesbury Strips mentioning FreeForm73 Apr 14 #10
Unbelievable. SergeStorms Apr 14 #11
Damn dalton99a Apr 14 #13
They can do ballot! SergeStorms Apr 14 #12
The Seattle Times leftieNanner Apr 14 #14
I noticed that pfitz59 Apr 15 #48
Trump forgot to say: "I'm a genus" chouchou Apr 14 #15
Genie! He's a Genie! That's how librechik Apr 14 #23
LOL! chouchou Apr 14 #32
LOL! chouchou Apr 14 #33
Brilliant malaise Apr 14 #16
Whoa, he really nailed Donald PatSeg Apr 14 #17
And quickly Easterncedar Apr 14 #29
Possibly an attempt to sound PatSeg Apr 14 #31
Don't forget "perfect". LudwigPastorius Apr 14 #34
Oh yes! PatSeg Apr 14 #35
The limited vocabulary is definitely key, imo. ShazzieB Apr 14 #39
Of course PatSeg Apr 14 #43
Trump has normalized so many psychopathies. sop Apr 14 #19
+1. Trump has also normalized TREASON. dalton99a Apr 14 #21
And he's also normalized not being punished for treason. stage left Apr 14 #38
All hail Doonesbury, as Trump slip-slides into another dimension Hekate Apr 14 #22
"Cognishly umpired" tanyev Apr 14 #24
Nailed it. republianmushroom Apr 14 #25
One of Doonesbury's BEST Wild blueberry Apr 14 #26
The Boston Globe left off the first two panels. So, thanks for posting this! FailureToCommunicate Apr 14 #27
Many newspapers do this -- it is done to save space. LuckyLib Apr 15 #46
Yes, I knew that was a thing they do. But in this example, those missing panels were essential. FailureToCommunicate Apr 15 #49
I want this to be funny. progressoid Apr 14 #28
They let him say that? catrose Apr 14 #30
Ouch!!! Sadly true! niyad Apr 14 #36
Let Doonesbury be kicked. Perfectly. planetc Apr 14 #37
That's always his MO when he misspeaks, "Bail and Reload" JoseBalow Apr 14 #40
This is a great Doonesbury strip LetMyPeopleVote Apr 14 #41
Yep! calimary Apr 14 #42
Spot on!! 58Sunliner Apr 14 #44
K&R Blue Owl Apr 14 #45
Bullseye democrank Apr 15 #47
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