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We need to start a pool... "When will trump stage his first outburst and flounce out of the courtroom?" nt albacore Apr 2024 #1
Depends. -nt CrispyQ Apr 2024 #3
I think they get regular bathroom breaks. (n/t) Iggo Apr 2024 #5
Can you imagine having to clean up the floors/walls/loo after trump evacuates? erronis Apr 2024 #7
How about putting DENVERPOPS Apr 2024 #10
Or a nice live video as it's happening? erronis Apr 2024 #11
I don't even want DENVERPOPS Apr 2024 #12
And he needs a bathroom for what? birdographer Apr 2024 #22
But will they be frequent enough? Maybe that's what he's truly worried about. Chakaconcarne Apr 2024 #48
I see what you did there. SergeStorms Apr 2024 #15
Don't like the word "flounce". When you weigh around 375 lbs, "flouncing" is not on the menu. Plodding or blustering, ok jaxexpat Apr 2024 #24
"Lumber?" Sparkly Apr 2024 #30
For one such as him, having but a thin and unfinished veneer, lumber is perfect. jaxexpat Apr 2024 #39
Oxford says: ... albacore Apr 2024 #36
That Oxford, they got the words. jaxexpat Apr 2024 #40
We've been living in Beckett's dimension since the Jan6th Impeachment. Hugin Apr 2024 #45
Touche. jaxexpat Apr 2024 #46
These stunts will hurt him with the jury LetMyPeopleVote Apr 2024 #2
Yes, they will. And then he will use a jury conviction wnylib Apr 2024 #28
Trump will be covered wall to wall on every media outlet in the world everyday of the trial. Barry Markson Apr 2024 #4
The Secret Service would be doing him a big favor Mr.Bill Apr 2024 #13
Doing us all a favor! ALBliberal Apr 2024 #16
I think bdamomma Apr 2024 #42
Sadly true. wnylib Apr 2024 #29
As I have suggested elsewhere, this should be archived as an example of someone going through a personal melt-down. erronis Apr 2024 #6
If TSF moves to get out, the DOOR opens for Judge Merchan Traurigkeit Apr 2024 #8
He'll be like a little kid in church. Fidgeting and telling mom he has to pee RIGHT NOW! Ping Tung Apr 2024 #9
I thought NewsMax has it live Captain Zero Apr 2024 #23
I'm glad it's not televised. COL Mustard Apr 2024 #26
Better double up.... SergeStorms Apr 2024 #14
Lol, just imagined all the crap Dave Bowman Apr 2024 #17
Stand back... SergeStorms Apr 2024 #38
Do you suppose it could be that the scrunchy-at-the-ankle style came out just for him, just for now? jaxexpat Apr 2024 #25
If only it could be televised..... toad-eye Apr 2024 #18
Trump's head will turn into a oasis Apr 2024 #19
Will it spin around like the kid in the Exorcist as the wnylib Apr 2024 #31
An evil demon couldn't oasis Apr 2024 #47
His blood pressure bdamomma Apr 2024 #43
Guns and ketchup will not be allowed in the Court. twodogsbarking Apr 2024 #20
Almost choked on my yogurt laughing birdographer Apr 2024 #21
Yup. Rules apply to everyone but TSF. TSExile Apr 2024 #27
I think that he will deliberately push the envelope hard wnylib Apr 2024 #33
I heard George Conway say that he will Quakerfriend Apr 2024 #34
And Trump has said that all hell will break loose on Monday. wnylib Apr 2024 #35
I hate to say this bdamomma Apr 2024 #44
I'm sure that security will be very high. wnylib Apr 2024 #49
Sit Ladythatvotesblue Apr 2024 #32
At the top of this thread, I suggested a pool on when trump would storm out of the courtroom... albacore Apr 2024 #37
well bdamomma Apr 2024 #41
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