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Lock him up!! A girl can dream mucifer Apr 15 #1
Fine. Bigger fine. Still bigger fine. Side bar with lawyers. Nothing dramatic too fast. struggle4progress Apr 15 #4
he always gets others to pay his fines. mucifer Apr 15 #5
We may get to him in jail, but no judge will rush to it struggle4progress Apr 15 #6
His chump voters will be picking up the tab for all this. calimary Apr 15 #11
Whatever he spends of their money.... SergeStorms Apr 15 #25
There certainly is that. calimary Apr 15 #27
I pray that is the case. More money going to his bills is less money spent down ballot. padah513 Apr 15 #30
It's been proven it takes $100,000,000 to get his attention. Mr.Bill Apr 15 #14
The good news is Blue Idaho Apr 15 #15
I wonder how much.... SergeStorms Apr 15 #28
They can gut the place Blue Idaho Apr 15 #36
And that will be the most poetic justice I can imagine! 😁 ⚖ ShazzieB Apr 15 #46
Let the bidding begin.... essaynnc Apr 15 #12
Teach Donnie about exponential growth! n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 15 #34
Yep. H2O Man Apr 15 #20
Recommended. H2O Man Apr 15 #2
Rubin Is Great DET Apr 15 #13
Right! H2O Man Apr 15 #18
I'd be OK with house arrest, wearing an ankle bracelet, and deleting his sign-in app on TS and X. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 15 #3
Also wipe his phone of all aliases and passwords FakeNoose Apr 15 #50
Huh, imagine that. First time ever. republianmushroom Apr 15 #7
Prosecution requesting fines for three instances brooklynite Apr 15 #8
the meter is running AllaN01Bear Apr 15 #21
Lock Him Up! lindysalsagal Apr 15 #9
You expect too much from our justice system. triron Apr 15 #10
I don't understand the NOT AKwannabe Apr 15 #16
That threw me at first too. StarryNite Apr 15 #17
... AKwannabe Apr 15 #19
See Post #8 n/t aggiesal Apr 15 #31
That's what I was about to say. ShazzieB Apr 15 #47
Why not remove crooked con-man trump from all courtrooms solara Apr 15 #22
Is there high speed wi-fi in Mac Donald's? usonian Apr 15 #29
Don't know.. I never go to McDonalds solara Apr 15 #44
Yes, McDonald's has wi-fi. ShazzieB Apr 15 #48
Who will stand up to him and be successful? twodogsbarking Apr 15 #23
SHOCK COLLAR usonian Apr 15 #24
Like in that episode of Cheers? Poiuyt Apr 15 #42
Shocking. usonian Apr 15 #43
Me, neither! ShazzieB Apr 15 #49
Throw his fat piece of crap, ugly stinking ass in the slammer... 49 years !!!!! Trueblue1968 Apr 15 #26
Come on Judge Merchan tell Donny to show up and bring his toothbrush, his slippers or tennis shoes, and not to worry.... Botany Apr 15 #32
Shave his head, like for all newbies Seinan Sensei Apr 15 #52
Any penalty????? LeftInTX Apr 15 #33
He's broken gag orders before and gotten away with it, or was just fined sakabatou Apr 15 #35
Post removed Post removed Apr 15 #37
Welcome to DU - Enjoy your stay, however short it is. GoneOffShore Apr 15 #38
Not short enough. Cha Apr 15 #40
Maybe TSF Should STFU. Cha Apr 15 #39
KICK orangecrush Apr 15 #41
"Shortly, we will be seeking an order to show cause why Defendant should NOT be held in contempt" Trueblue Texan Apr 15 #45
It's just one of those legal things that sounds weird to an outsider. RockRaven Apr 15 #51
Lock. Him. Up. Martin68 Apr 16 #53
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