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Mz Pip

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39. I hope so.
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 06:01 PM
Apr 15

I respect our laws and know that everyone is entitled to a fair trial. But I probably wouldn’t be chosen.

the evidence will speak clearly Tetrachloride Apr 15 #1
NOPE! Rebl2 Apr 16 #68
Same here. leftieNanner Apr 15 #2
On the contrary... Jirel Apr 15 #5
No.. agingdem Apr 16 #54
Most everyone could. Jirel Apr 15 #3
No and there is no way I would ever be seated. Wonder if they can ask who a potential juror voted for. efhmc Apr 15 #4
They have access to your primary voting records, political donations and your social media. LeftInTX Apr 15 #12
And the prosecutor will strike Republicans. former9thward Apr 15 #22
Exactly LeftInTX Apr 15 #24
Hypothetically, could the prosecutor use a clue by 4 to strike them? Like, really hard? Hermit-The-Prog Apr 15 #25
Absolutely Ohio Joe Apr 15 #6
I am not 100% sure that I could put all of my personal feelings aside. Chainfire Apr 15 #7
Yes, I could. Lunabell Apr 15 #8
Yes bdamomma Apr 16 #58
I think so. 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 15 #9
I would listen to the facts pfitz59 Apr 15 #10
I'd have to 'fess up and say "I have an immediate and negative reaction to him, Torchlight Apr 15 #11
100% Johnny2X2X Apr 15 #13
What he said! ;) Chainfire Apr 16 #62
"I cannot respect anyone who uses baby shit as facial makeup" RainCaster Apr 15 #14
Could I be a fair and impartial juror for Trump? Absolutely. Xavier Breath Apr 15 #15
Sure, innocent until proven guilty. dem4decades Apr 15 #16
Yep. He's not worth undermining my principles. -misanthroptimist Apr 15 #17
No 0rganism Apr 15 #18
Yes, I think I could. Midnight Writer Apr 15 #19
Yes Kaleva Apr 15 #20
It will be tough to come up with 12 jurors that both sides believe will not be biased. honest.abe Apr 15 #21
Not a chance 3catwoman3 Apr 15 #23
No (nt) appmanga Apr 15 #26
I could, but my participation here on DU would likely DQ me and I would getagrip_already Apr 15 #27
Would they ask about du? ecstatic Apr 15 #44
I believe they ask where you get your news from and what social media sites you frequent getagrip_already Apr 16 #64
Yes Progressive dog Apr 15 #28
While most of us like to think we could overcome our biases and examine the evidence fairly ... eallen Apr 15 #29
To answer your question: PCIntern Apr 15 #30
Yes, I feel very strongly that the rule of law supercedes political positions or beliefs. patphil Apr 15 #31
The basic facts are clear AncientOfDays Apr 15 #32
Nope Blue Idaho Apr 15 #33
Unless there's some shockingly new evidence... Think. Again. Apr 15 #34
No way. nt doc03 Apr 15 #35
But you wouldn't be picked MadameButterfly Apr 15 #36
ignorance seems like what may get picked... consider_this Apr 15 #37
I don't think you're elite or snobby MadameButterfly Apr 16 #48
Well said! consider_this Apr 16 #61
Nope. nt Baltimike Apr 15 #38
I hope so. Mz Pip Apr 15 #39
Absolutely. W_HAMILTON Apr 15 #40
Nope. BigmanPigman Apr 15 #41
I can listen to the evidence and weigh the facts. Emile Apr 15 #42
My vote would be guilty. ecstatic Apr 15 #43
My friend used to say tavernier Apr 15 #45
NO! liberalla Apr 16 #46
No n/t shanti Apr 16 #47
I think I could dsc Apr 16 #49
Absolutely of course. betsuni Apr 16 #50
Absolutely. Positively. Because ... * Oopsie Daisy Apr 16 #51
yes, because Justice matters !!!!! bdamomma Apr 16 #66
I don't think I could Bettie Apr 16 #52
Ironic OP question, can Cheato get a fair trial. bucolic_frolic Apr 16 #53
Someone who lived in a cave, on a remote island, cutoff from civilization... Omnipresent Apr 16 #55
I would like to believe I could. Conjuay Apr 16 #56
I wonder if I'd be disqualified True Dough Apr 16 #57
I come from a family of lawyers ... SomewhereInTheMiddle Apr 16 #59
Yes. Buuuuut.... Happy Hoosier Apr 16 #60
Our real problem is exactly the opposite. Trump's best chance for a victory lies in a hung jury. Chainfire Apr 16 #63
Interesting question. LAS14 Apr 16 #65
I would like to say yes, but I'm not at all confident I could be. Fla Dem Apr 16 #67
Hell no Iris Apr 16 #69
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