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Do you want to change the entire justice system? TexasDem69 Apr 15 #1
There is no aspect of our civilization marybourg Apr 15 #8
Lynchings are SO passe JoseBalow Apr 15 #35
I agree. Aristus Apr 15 #2
I wouldn't depend on comforting stereotypes Bucky Apr 15 #27
That's the way the jury works. All 12 could say not guilty or all 12 could say guilty and any numbers in between jimfields33 Apr 15 #3
Thank you for saying that. I'm sure that won't be mentioned much in the next few weeks. ificandream Apr 15 #12
A lot of emotions are going on. Even with me. jimfields33 Apr 15 #29
This is how juries work, yes. WhiskeyGrinder Apr 15 #4
And probably get a lot of money for it, too. Think. Again. Apr 15 #5
I'm not sure it does Trump any good to have a single Trumpie do a jury nullification gulliver Apr 15 #6
I agree. There are nuts that will support Trump no matter what. LiberalFighter Apr 15 #10
Hopefully, prosecutors recognize any severely biased Trump supporter. LiberalFighter Apr 15 #7
Suggested question to get them to reveal themselves in the voir dire: GopherGal Apr 15 #9
As someone who picks juries from time to time former9thward Apr 15 #11
If you asked me that question, I'd say "I don't care what you call me, especially in the third person" brooklynite Apr 15 #20
Describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about... JoseBalow Apr 15 #36
Jury nullification has been around for a long, long time. keithbvadu2 Apr 15 #13
Yes it has. And a lot of people who have TheProle Apr 15 #14
The prosecutors are going to be very careful in approving any jurors that might be biased. honest.abe Apr 15 #15
as will the defense... WarGamer Apr 15 #16
No doubt. Thats why it might take awhile to get 12. honest.abe Apr 15 #22
I bet it takes 2 weeks Bucky Apr 15 #26
Prosecutors have a limited number of people they can strike. But, they do not approve jurors 33taw Apr 15 #28
Thank you for the clarification. That's good to know. honest.abe Apr 15 #33
Name a trial in the last 10 years when a RWer has spiked a jury. brooklynite Apr 15 #17
WAPO: How a Trump-supporting juror in the Manafort trial was a beacon of justice emulatorloo Apr 15 #18
Would 10/12 or 11/12 be better? moondust Apr 15 #19
Breaking News: WE are "a deeply polarized tribal society" Bucky Apr 15 #25
There is a much wider questions here dickthegrouch Apr 15 #21
CBS Blue Bloods just had an episode addressing this /nt dickthegrouch Apr 29 #37
11 jurors voting to convict you is not a good look prodigitalson Apr 15 #23
It's called the Jury System. It is less imperfect than any alternative Bucky Apr 15 #24
No one has mentioned what happens then. Cartoonist Apr 15 #30
I would consider that just as bad as a conviction. LiberalFighter Apr 15 #32
It is possible. But it is also possible the jurors will do their job. LiberalFighter Apr 15 #31
That bothered me too, but I read something satisfying... ecstatic Apr 15 #34
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