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Well, there is one tempting solution wnylib Apr 15 #1
So, you are advocating for killing protestors obamanut2012 Apr 17 #53
That's what it sounds like. JanMichael Apr 17 #74
Are they using the saws on the barrels or the protesters? ripcord Apr 15 #2
I think the police should figure out a way to move them aside BannonsLiver Apr 16 #28
You beat me to it. And make sure to remove the eqt the protesters used to move them in the first place. keithbvadu2 Apr 17 #76
They are not winning people over with this type of protest. brer cat Apr 15 #3
Post removed Post removed Apr 15 #4
Wow FHRRK Apr 15 #5
Did it ever occur to you that the people who have been victims of these self entitled assholes are tired of it? ripcord Apr 15 #9
People on Reddit are talking about missed medical appts and cancer treatments Sympthsical Apr 15 #10
I live here Mz Pip Apr 15 #11
Same Sympthsical Apr 15 #15
My understanding Mz Pip Apr 15 #17
Yes, to "stop the flow of capital" Sympthsical Apr 15 #20
Fuck 'em. Happy Hoosier Apr 15 #22
Yeah, they were at Valero here in San Antonio. They obstructed traffic near an interchange that's under construction. LeftInTX Apr 16 #25
Granted I don't deal with it FHRRK Apr 15 #19
The solution is simple ripcord Apr 15 #21
People uphread are advocating killing them obamanut2012 Apr 17 #54
I get the frustration and the right for people to protest FHRRK Apr 17 #60
Post removed Post removed Apr 15 #6
They need to fine them for the costs of all this! LeftInTX Apr 15 #7
Hey lets piss off middle class people trying to get to their offices by protesting and shutting down a bridge! dsp3000 Apr 15 #8
I've never understood the point of protests designed to turn people AWAY from your cause. Takket Apr 15 #12
Are you aware of the US's civil rights protests? Marcus IM Apr 15 #14
They forced people to miss cancer treatments....really???? EMS can't get through.... LeftInTX Apr 15 #16
Regardless blocking the highways is illegal ripcord Apr 15 #18
Reason the American public supported the Civil Rights movement is because they DIDN'T antagonize people. betsuni Apr 15 #23
Excellent Points, betsuni!💙 Cha Apr 16 #37
As we've seen over the last decade or so, pseudo-revolutionary radicals are nothing but trouble. betsuni Apr 16 #39
And they Don't 't accomplish anything. Cha Apr 16 #40
All or nothing and nothing is better than something because purity! betsuni Apr 16 #42
Well said.. Cha Apr 16 #46
If the protests aren't disruptive, then they're pageants that can be ignored. Orrex Apr 16 #31
Hit and Kill Laws. These are new. Now drivers can legally run protesters over if they are blocking traffic. LeftInTX Apr 16 #38
Well, posters in this thread are advocating for killing them obamanut2012 Apr 17 #55
That's so wrong. LeftInTX Apr 17 #63
Actually the way to do it: Get together with movers and shaker. Have contacts in the media. LeftInTX Apr 16 #43
+1 betsuni Apr 16 #47
Sure, but there are different levels of disruption. SYFROYH Apr 17 #61
What do you expect from a group Mountainguy Apr 15 #13
Good point Orrex Apr 16 #32
So true! Behind the Aegis Apr 16 #44
It would be really cool Mountainguy Apr 16 #48
It would be even cooler if people stopped spreading that propaganda Orrex Apr 17 #49
Believe whatever you want Mountainguy Apr 17 #50
Then you can provide independent documentation? Please do! Orrex Apr 17 #51
Thank you obamanut2012 Apr 17 #56
gee we used to love such protests in the 60's nt msongs Apr 16 #24
Being mean to people just ain't endearing at age 67. It's about as appealing as getting in a fight with a HS bully. LeftInTX Apr 16 #26
Yeah. This ain't that, though. BannonsLiver Apr 16 #27
more than 30000 people slaughtered is offensive to me and worthy of a protest of some sort. msongs Apr 16 #29
That does nothing NoRethugFriends Apr 16 #30
Survey says LeftInTX Apr 16 #33
blocking traffic was quite popular at anti war protests in the 60s which is what my first comment was about nt msongs Apr 16 #35
Maybe it was popular for the protesters and was it done on freeways with 65 mph traffic? LeftInTX Apr 16 #36
We blocked Interstate 5 in Seattle during the Vietnam War. jalan48 Apr 17 #62
From the ACLU LeftInTX Apr 17 #64
Yep, some of us went to jail for our actions. jalan48 Apr 17 #65
They know it is one of the things that pisses people off the most ripcord Apr 17 #69
Several points... Happy Hoosier Apr 17 #58
Exactly. Thanks. shrike3 Apr 17 #67
How many are pro-Hamas antisemites? And how do you know this? Orrex Apr 17 #75
Thanks.. Cha Apr 16 #41
Sounds serious Torchlight Apr 16 #45
Who is "we"? Happy Hoosier Apr 17 #57
They'd better have covered up the license plates of the vehicles which carried the barrels. Frasier Balzov Apr 16 #34
How about we split the difference... brooklynite Apr 17 #52
I know protestors impeded/halt traffic for the attention to the cause, but I'm opposed to it as a tactic. SYFROYH Apr 17 #59
I'm flabbergasted that there are so many people anti-peaceful protest here. Cuthbert Allgood Apr 17 #66
I have always protested following the ACLU's guidelines. LeftInTX Apr 17 #70
How is it peaceful protest EllieBC Apr 17 #71
The First Amendment Zeitghost Apr 17 #72
I have mixed feelings here because blocking roads has been used in the past by protestors. shrike3 Apr 17 #68
These kinds of protests Zeitghost Apr 17 #73
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