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Mz Pip

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17. My understanding
Mon Apr 15, 2024, 11:28 PM
Apr 15

from the posts promoting this on Nextdoor, it wasn’t to win anyone over. It was to disrupt businesses that are somehow complacent in this perceived genocide.

Well, there is one tempting solution wnylib Apr 15 #1
So, you are advocating for killing protestors obamanut2012 Apr 17 #53
That's what it sounds like. JanMichael Apr 17 #74
Are they using the saws on the barrels or the protesters? ripcord Apr 15 #2
I think the police should figure out a way to move them aside BannonsLiver Apr 16 #28
You beat me to it. And make sure to remove the eqt the protesters used to move them in the first place. keithbvadu2 Apr 17 #76
They are not winning people over with this type of protest. brer cat Apr 15 #3
Post removed Post removed Apr 15 #4
Wow FHRRK Apr 15 #5
Did it ever occur to you that the people who have been victims of these self entitled assholes are tired of it? ripcord Apr 15 #9
People on Reddit are talking about missed medical appts and cancer treatments Sympthsical Apr 15 #10
I live here Mz Pip Apr 15 #11
Same Sympthsical Apr 15 #15
My understanding Mz Pip Apr 15 #17
Yes, to "stop the flow of capital" Sympthsical Apr 15 #20
Fuck 'em. Happy Hoosier Apr 15 #22
Yeah, they were at Valero here in San Antonio. They obstructed traffic near an interchange that's under construction. LeftInTX Apr 16 #25
Granted I don't deal with it FHRRK Apr 15 #19
The solution is simple ripcord Apr 15 #21
People uphread are advocating killing them obamanut2012 Apr 17 #54
I get the frustration and the right for people to protest FHRRK Apr 17 #60
Post removed Post removed Apr 15 #6
They need to fine them for the costs of all this! LeftInTX Apr 15 #7
Hey lets piss off middle class people trying to get to their offices by protesting and shutting down a bridge! dsp3000 Apr 15 #8
I've never understood the point of protests designed to turn people AWAY from your cause. Takket Apr 15 #12
Are you aware of the US's civil rights protests? Marcus IM Apr 15 #14
They forced people to miss cancer treatments....really???? EMS can't get through.... LeftInTX Apr 15 #16
Regardless blocking the highways is illegal ripcord Apr 15 #18
Reason the American public supported the Civil Rights movement is because they DIDN'T antagonize people. betsuni Apr 15 #23
Excellent Points, betsuni!💙 Cha Apr 16 #37
As we've seen over the last decade or so, pseudo-revolutionary radicals are nothing but trouble. betsuni Apr 16 #39
And they Don't 't accomplish anything. Cha Apr 16 #40
All or nothing and nothing is better than something because purity! betsuni Apr 16 #42
Well said.. Cha Apr 16 #46
If the protests aren't disruptive, then they're pageants that can be ignored. Orrex Apr 16 #31
Hit and Kill Laws. These are new. Now drivers can legally run protesters over if they are blocking traffic. LeftInTX Apr 16 #38
Well, posters in this thread are advocating for killing them obamanut2012 Apr 17 #55
That's so wrong. LeftInTX Apr 17 #63
Actually the way to do it: Get together with movers and shaker. Have contacts in the media. LeftInTX Apr 16 #43
+1 betsuni Apr 16 #47
Sure, but there are different levels of disruption. SYFROYH Apr 17 #61
What do you expect from a group Mountainguy Apr 15 #13
Good point Orrex Apr 16 #32
So true! Behind the Aegis Apr 16 #44
It would be really cool Mountainguy Apr 16 #48
It would be even cooler if people stopped spreading that propaganda Orrex Apr 17 #49
Believe whatever you want Mountainguy Apr 17 #50
Then you can provide independent documentation? Please do! Orrex Apr 17 #51
Thank you obamanut2012 Apr 17 #56
gee we used to love such protests in the 60's nt msongs Apr 16 #24
Being mean to people just ain't endearing at age 67. It's about as appealing as getting in a fight with a HS bully. LeftInTX Apr 16 #26
Yeah. This ain't that, though. BannonsLiver Apr 16 #27
more than 30000 people slaughtered is offensive to me and worthy of a protest of some sort. msongs Apr 16 #29
That does nothing NoRethugFriends Apr 16 #30
Survey says LeftInTX Apr 16 #33
blocking traffic was quite popular at anti war protests in the 60s which is what my first comment was about nt msongs Apr 16 #35
Maybe it was popular for the protesters and was it done on freeways with 65 mph traffic? LeftInTX Apr 16 #36
We blocked Interstate 5 in Seattle during the Vietnam War. jalan48 Apr 17 #62
From the ACLU LeftInTX Apr 17 #64
Yep, some of us went to jail for our actions. jalan48 Apr 17 #65
They know it is one of the things that pisses people off the most ripcord Apr 17 #69
Several points... Happy Hoosier Apr 17 #58
Exactly. Thanks. shrike3 Apr 17 #67
How many are pro-Hamas antisemites? And how do you know this? Orrex Apr 17 #75
Thanks.. Cha Apr 16 #41
Sounds serious Torchlight Apr 16 #45
Who is "we"? Happy Hoosier Apr 17 #57
They'd better have covered up the license plates of the vehicles which carried the barrels. Frasier Balzov Apr 16 #34
How about we split the difference... brooklynite Apr 17 #52
I know protestors impeded/halt traffic for the attention to the cause, but I'm opposed to it as a tactic. SYFROYH Apr 17 #59
I'm flabbergasted that there are so many people anti-peaceful protest here. Cuthbert Allgood Apr 17 #66
I have always protested following the ACLU's guidelines. LeftInTX Apr 17 #70
How is it peaceful protest EllieBC Apr 17 #71
The First Amendment Zeitghost Apr 17 #72
I have mixed feelings here because blocking roads has been used in the past by protestors. shrike3 Apr 17 #68
These kinds of protests Zeitghost Apr 17 #73
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