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Tue Apr 16, 2024, 08:49 PM Apr 16

What the hell is going on with the US Supreme Court? [View all]

It's like they have all become Chris Sununu's?

They are trying to excuse and legitimize the insurrectionists who ransacked our Capitol on January 6th and threatened our elected Representatives and Senators.

Have they all fallen prey to the Trump spell?

They seem to be totally disregarding the laws and our Constitution and just making shit up??

Unless somebody can remove the pall that has enshrouded them, they are likely to do the unthinkable. They might even rule that not only does Donald Trump have "absolute immunity", but that he never did anything that would require immunity.

They have lost their friggin' minds. Too bad someone cannot remove their robes.

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Don't conclude anything important from media's presentations, elleng Apr 16 #1
But what is complex about whether those that invaded our Capitol "obstructed" justice... kentuck Apr 16 #3
Several parts of the legislation at issue make an otherwise simple matter elleng Apr 16 #6
The law seems to work fine and be cut and dried when regular people commit crimes. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #27
It seems like Alito and Gorsuch didn't know the difference between obstructing and disrupting Walleye Apr 16 #2
Which also imply the law could have been written more clearly. Layzeebeaver Apr 17 #46
Most men learn from their dad's DENVERPOPS Apr 17 #50
Yes they legitimize civil rights for insurrectionists just after stripping them from women bucolic_frolic Apr 16 #4
Yes make draconian laws to control and punish women. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #28
They are about to give Joe Biden Presidential immunity. Good. pwb Apr 16 #5
Oh no, the immunity will be only for Trump. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #29
Nah, they will make another "narrow" ruling Bettie Apr 17 #34
The MAGAs are drunk with power and out of control. Initech Apr 16 #7
Simple answer: they are corrupt. Mike Niendorff Apr 16 #8
I really think this is 100 percent correct. BlueKota Apr 16 #10
Their Mantra is: DENVERPOPS Apr 16 #20
It's so sad this is what they've become BlueKota Apr 17 #37
this. barbtries Apr 16 #12
Yup,... what he said up above.... magicarpet Apr 16 #13
Need to get corruption out of the USSC before the needed expansion. PufPuf23 Apr 17 #24
Exactly, this is the correct answer: CORRUPT SUPREME COURT. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #31
I doubt the house would do that. jimfields33 Apr 17 #35
I agree completely. But to accomplish the necessary changes wnylib Apr 17 #49
You know what might wake them up? Baitball Blogger Apr 16 #9
They have no shame and no reason to feel uneasy. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #32
But, not too long ago they were trying to get more protection Baitball Blogger Apr 17 #43
Power is used to protect themselves. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #44
Without question, since Scalia's term, this has been what's behind the conservative Supreme's Baitball Blogger Apr 17 #45
They're not going to rule that Trump has immunity Fiendish Thingy Apr 16 #11
I suspect they will DENVERPOPS Apr 16 #21
They've already agreed to hear the case next week. Nt Fiendish Thingy Apr 17 #23
They've agreed to "hear it," next week but they don't have to rule on it anytime soon. BlueKota Apr 17 #38
correct FHRRK Apr 17 #41
They want to find a loophole for every law designed to protect democracy. Karadeniz Apr 16 #14
What was once a Supreme Court The Wizard Apr 16 #15
The SC is crossing over into pure evil. Irish_Dem Apr 17 #33
They are about to re-issue the 'Dred Scot decision'.... DemocraticPatriot Apr 16 #16
They don't care. Mr. Evil Apr 16 #17
My European history professor BlueKota Apr 17 #39
I Smell A Rat Old Enough 2 Apr 16 #18
The right wing nutjobs were hired to support the dictatorship of Republicans / Trump relayerbob Apr 16 #19
Yup. A couple of these black robed bums... Joinfortmill Apr 16 #22
Maybe the right wing radical elders... returnee Apr 17 #25
The wingnuts have been compromised. spanone Apr 17 #26
The founders thought most would be interested in the betterment of the US. RKP5637 Apr 17 #30
To be honest BlueKota Apr 17 #40
The founders seem to believe in the 'goodness' of lawmakers. Surprise Surprise!! riversedge Apr 17 #52
They are desparately scrambling to find something trumpy -poo can use to get off the hook. GreenWave Apr 17 #36
Another captive institution of the ultra-rich. Kid Berwyn Apr 17 #42
3 or 4 members answer to the Republican party, not the US Constiution Johnny2X2X Apr 17 #47
Exactly..they are just ruling on political beliefs now Demovictory9 Apr 17 #51
Six of them are traitors NanaCat Apr 17 #48
You clearly don't understand the definition of "traitors" TexasDem69 Apr 17 #53
PRECISELY. The fact that some still have to ask B.See Apr 17 #55
The start to a solution of a politically biased court is to win in November. NowsTheTime Apr 17 #54
As someone said above ... Xoan Apr 17 #56
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