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38. Ha, ha, ha and with ties down to their crotch!
Wed Apr 17, 2024, 11:55 AM
Apr 17

Then there are those super stylish golf clothes that he wears, all identical of course.

Stevie sure is buttering up the boss or he needs an eye exam.

Everyone I know owns seven duplicate unfitted, off the shelf prerinkled suits. Seriously, Stevie? "Style Icon"? marble falls Apr 16 #1
+ riversedge Apr 17 #17
Ha, ha, ha and with ties down to their crotch! PatSeg Apr 17 #38
Every billionaire I know would go to a Buckingham Palace dinner in a tux that looked like random ... Hekate Apr 17 #45
Well, MY lifetime includes Jack and Jackie Kennedy, rsdsharp Apr 16 #2
I think Melania has an awful sense of style leftieNanner Apr 16 #4
You may well be right. I neither know, nor care, about women's fashion. rsdsharp Apr 16 #5
Most of the time, she looks like she buys NanaCat Apr 17 #22
...and her taste in men! Don't get me started! nt Trueblue Texan Apr 17 #54
Your subject line was the first thought that crossed my mind. Rec'd. rzemanfl Apr 17 #51
And I thought the stolen election was The Big Lie lame54 Apr 16 #3
Wait? Melania wears clothes?!? maspaha Apr 16 #6
Well,... diamonds & G strings & 8 inch Stiletto high heels magicarpet Apr 17 #28
"If anyone DESERVES a PUFF PIECE, it's Trump" DJ Porkchop Apr 16 #7
if I was a dead ringer for Reinhard Heydrich I would avoid fashion chat.... msongs Apr 16 #8
Tough choice between him and Herr Gobbles! Abolishinist Apr 17 #52
he's their baby prodigitalson Apr 17 #56
I never see men wearing wrinkled, baggy blue suits Ocelot II Apr 16 #9
Not to mention a world class combover. Miller is jealous of the hair chicoescuela Apr 17 #12
style icon Donald Trump? keithbvadu2 Apr 16 #10
He looks like 10 pounds of shit EYESORE 9001 Apr 17 #14
ROFL - I forgot how well Trump carries off formal attire. Vinca Apr 17 #41
A style icon? That shlub? Blue Owl Apr 16 #11
Stevie Boy. Go spray some hair on yer head. Stinky The Clown Apr 17 #13
I will never forget this😂😀😂 malaise Apr 17 #49
Brothers of different mothers. Marcuse Apr 17 #15
I wonder if they all practiced that dead-eyes look in a mirror from childhood Hekate Apr 17 #47
Consider the source. flvegan Apr 17 #16
'The wrinkled baggy pants and the long red tie and lifts in his shoes? That fashion?..... riversedge Apr 17 #18
Is this clip some kind of horror-movie screen test? diva77 Apr 17 #19
Not if we didn't watch the bullshit program. Captain Zero Apr 17 #20
Hey Miller! North Shore Chicago Apr 17 #21
Um, that was the '80s when financial titans and their trophy wives were celebrity fashion icons. betsuni Apr 17 #23
I don't ever want to see a blue suit with a red tie again. nt leftyladyfrommo Apr 17 #24
And I have a closet full of red caps I can never wear again. louis-t Apr 17 #33
Same here. Ick. Hubby always liked his red hat (actually says Red Hat) he got from a Linux salesman Hekate Apr 17 #48
Particularly a red tie that's ALWAYS too long. (nt) Paladin Apr 17 #35
He's not even dressed like Trump Johonny Apr 17 #25
Yes, in the fashion genre known as Girtherism /nt bucolic_frolic Apr 17 #26
"His farts smell better than any cologne a man can buy" is next. NoMoreRepugs Apr 17 #27
I did see some poor fellow walking around Walmart the other day with toilet paper hanging on his shoe. Midnight Writer Apr 17 #29
Fashion Icon edhopper Apr 17 #30
OMG, only if you love looking like you slept in the suit you got from a sinkingfeeling Apr 17 #31
I hear that stripes will be all the rage in about ten months. Conjuay Apr 17 #32
Oh Rebl2 Apr 17 #34
Has Miller ever seen typical Trump supporters? onenote Apr 17 #36
To be fair, that picture was taken 8 years ago. Abolishinist Apr 17 #59
Miller is a self-hating evil man. Beacool Apr 17 #37
True, he's evil. But can psychopaths actually hate themselves? Or just everyone else? Hekate Apr 17 #46
Yep. All the most chic couturiers claim to be sold out of 6ft red ties and goldern sneakers. Ping Tung Apr 17 #39
Trump wears a blue suit and a red tie just about every day he's not on the golf course. Vinca Apr 17 #40
Tim Miller takes Cotton apart LetMyPeopleVote Apr 17 #42
I keep wondering how Miller stands wearing his human costume LetMyPeopleVote Apr 17 #43
The Nosferatu Look Kid Berwyn Apr 17 #44
This is how Trump thinks he looks (as opposed to how he actually looks!) Coventina Apr 17 #50
Uh no senseandsensibility Apr 17 #53
This is The Onion, yes??? PLEASE tell me that this is The Onion!!! niyad Apr 17 #55
His ill fitted suits look like they are made out of polyester. SamKnause Apr 17 #57
Anyone remember 90s late night TV? Initech Apr 17 #58
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