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38. It seems likely that that would just be feeding the beast,
Wed Apr 17, 2024, 10:32 PM
Apr 17

providing and empowering the attention they think they deserve. What does it really accomplish?

They already listen to their own to the extent that they've created an echo chamber. They are just spouting disinformation and outright lies.

I wouldn't want to be an elected representative of The People giving time and energy to them to do that. Bringing to mind the phrase "stooping to their level" plus it seems petty. Certainly, undignified.

What's the point of having our legitimate government representatives signal boosting babbling insanity? Because that's all they're capable of doing, insane babbling.

Their insanity doesn't deserve legitimizing and that's what giving them a platform does.

If someone has a disease does it make sense to find out what caused it and do more of that to make one's self even worse? No, if you want to heal and feel better you do what it takes to overcome the illness by killing the cancer, infection, virus or whatever.

The Republicans are the perpetrators of all that is sick in our society. I believe they will have to be starved to death of the things that form the foundations of their sickness.

They certainly don't need to be encouraged to create more sickness and chaos.

Our leaders are duty bound to do what's good, right and helpful for our society. I don't want them fighting culture wars just to make a point.

That behavior in the grand scheme of things doesn't help us and will probably only hurt us in the long run.

Plus it's a huge waste of time which is the most finite resource on earth we have.

The first photo of MTG's "sad" reaction posted will earn our forever appreciation for the schadenfreude! hlthe2b Apr 17 #1
Between this and **GASP** Ukraine actually getting the aid it desperately needs... Tommy Carcetti Apr 17 #3
Can't spare a square. dchill Apr 17 #16
And it's done. Tommy Carcetti Apr 17 #2
Greene will blame it on "woke".......................... Lovie777 Apr 17 #4
51-49 to adjourn the impeachment trial. With that, the Mayorkas impeachment is over. honest.abe Apr 17 #5
49 Republican fools voted to continue the farce? bullimiami Apr 17 #32
Shallow observation blogslug Apr 17 #6
He's testing out his new Lex Luthor look. nt Tommy Carcetti Apr 17 #7
That made me laugh mountain grammy Apr 17 #24
Shallow, but funny. RussellCattle Apr 17 #8
He shaved his head back in September onenote Apr 17 #10
Well blogslug Apr 17 #18
I just want to hear him deny he had head lice, just like LBJ would have said n/t ArkansasDemocrat1 Apr 17 #22
I have mixed feelings about this Raven123 Apr 17 #9
They would have slimed the president and myorkas...so I am glad it ended this way... Demsrule86 Apr 17 #27
I'm less focused on MTG Raven123 Apr 17 #30
Why waste the people's money and time on it? littlemissmartypants Apr 17 #34
To force the GOP to listen to one of their own Raven123 Apr 17 #36
It seems likely that that would just be feeding the beast, littlemissmartypants Apr 17 #38
To each their own...but no matter what I am glad it is behind us. Demsrule86 Apr 19 #45
If it had been me receiving that mob of intellectual nincompoops I would have had a trash can at hand for their litter. Augiedog Apr 17 #11
I also thought "trash can" but for different reasons mountain grammy Apr 17 #26
I am happy to see they dismissed this quickly. Bev54 Apr 17 #12
Moscow Marge couldn't manage a peach stand - let alone an impeachment peppertree Apr 17 #13
She couldn't even manage a peach tree dish. louis-t Apr 17 #23
She's what we in the Navy called a "Seagull Manager" maxrandb Apr 17 #25
Perfect description. ❤️ littlemissmartypants Apr 17 #35
* riversedge Apr 17 #31
Moscow Maegie will shriek like a banshee into a bullhorn Warpy Apr 17 #14
Damn! And she probably took extra 'roids... dchill Apr 17 #15
Republicans are circling the drain that goes straight to fucking hell. NBachers Apr 17 #17
Eat💩 Mitch McConnell spanone Apr 17 #19
Good. The Republicans wanted to use the trial to make campaign speeches NYC Liberal Apr 17 #20
Instead of pointing their finger, why not pass Emile Apr 17 #21
The messiah says.... SergeStorms Apr 17 #29
It was a tale told by an idiot.... SergeStorms Apr 17 #28
And all our yesterdays... ChazInAz Apr 18 #39
"The Scottish Play".... SergeStorms Apr 18 #41
As an actor, ChazInAz Apr 18 #43
I've done a few plays myself. SergeStorms Apr 18 #44
I was kind of looking forward to watching MTG make an absolute fool of herself Takket Apr 17 #33
Could we talk for a minute about them giving her so much power? mahina Apr 17 #37
Works for me! calimary Apr 18 #40
"You are dismissed..." MineralMan Apr 18 #42
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