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23. That is really a foolish thing on his part. One night and he would be fatigued...more so, half sick, mentally and
Wed Apr 17, 2024, 10:54 PM
Apr 17

Emotionally DESTROYED

He's setting up another excuse for when he's convicted. Ocelot II Apr 17 #1
He's setting the MAGAts up.... SergeStorms Apr 17 #24
The endgame. OAITW r.2.0 Apr 17 #2
Will we EVER be rid of this guy? Deuxcents Apr 17 #3
I want to be, but I doubt it. BlueKota Apr 17 #8
Got that right Deuxcents Apr 17 #9
Maybe trump is America's karma. LuvLoogie Apr 17 #15
You could be right BlueKota Apr 18 #31
Oh, I'm thinking karma is alive and well and working all the time. PatrickforB Apr 18 #33
Thank you. This helps ease my anxiety some. BlueKota Apr 18 #35
Unless he drops dead. ProudMNDemocrat Apr 17 #14
Why oh why wont this happen now !!!!!!!!! Trueblue1968 Apr 17 #17
I remember praying in gratitude when Ilsa Apr 17 #19
I keep hoping to wake up to this news! BlueKota Apr 18 #32
Um cilla4progress Apr 17 #4
So we now positively know that they have ringers in the wings tavernier Apr 17 #5
Good point. Think. Again. Apr 17 #21
Yes; indeed, I wonder how many secret fascists have lied their way onto the jury already 0rganism Apr 17 #29
I counted three: "fascinating and mysterious" "he tells it like it is", and niyad Apr 17 #30
Watching malaise Apr 17 #6
Grab him by the ass triron Apr 17 #10
I always turn to Jesse Watters for facts and nonjudgemental reporting BOSSHOG Apr 17 #7
The Rat Bastard is pushing the Judge to jail him... ProudMNDemocrat Apr 17 #11
That is really a foolish thing on his part. One night and he would be fatigued...more so, half sick, mentally and PortTack Apr 17 #23
Sounds good to me. SergeStorms Apr 17 #25
Terminator, where are you? triron Apr 17 #12
Ruh roh, here comes the judge? DaBronx Apr 17 #13
Lock his ass up!! Enough already! tulipsandroses Apr 17 #16
Once a narcissist evemac Apr 17 #18
"now"?! UTUSN Apr 17 #20
Its a conspiracy! Bayard Apr 17 #22
Every allegation is an admission...... louslobbs Apr 17 #26
Tomorrow I'd very much like to see an arrest! louslobbs Apr 17 #27
Lock him up! Emile Apr 17 #28
Court will be fun tomorrow LetMyPeopleVote Apr 18 #34
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