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3. When I red the whole article...
Thu Apr 18, 2024, 03:56 PM
Apr 18

...it echoes what I feel about "the Law" in the United States.

"There is no such thing as “law.”

Laws are impartially enforced and objectively applied. They are used to impose justice and redress wrongs. If a rule or code of conduct is arbitrarily applied or subjectively administered, it is just a suggestion. And in America, there is not a single regulation, judicial precedent or piece of legislation that has ever been enforced without consideration of the capricious, irrational consideration of race. Even the system of white supremacy has no rhyme or reason. It’s just an unwritten, preposterously inconsistent code of conduct that governs America’s behavior, but it’s not real."

To this I would add the word "class" to race. The is a mutable definition of Law in this country, depending on the race or class of the accused. "Justices" routinely bend "the Law" to the preconceived result they wish to obtain. That is why we can routinely predict what a circuit court will find depending on the district or what the Supreme Court will find depending on the reliable bias of the justices hearing the case.

There is a reason that prosecutors and litigants judge shop and jurisdiction shop. If Lady Justice was truly blind this would not even be a strategy.

As a primary recent case in point, nobody in the US would be given the latitude that Drumpf is given. Jury/Witness tampering/intimidation? No problem. Violate a court order? Why not? Fail to meet a bond requirement? Par for the course. And all the while complain that you are being unfairly prosecuted, attack the court system, attack the officers of the court, attack democracy itself, incite violence against police officers with almost no penalty.

That blind "Lady Justice" sure loves her some rich, bad boy white guys...

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