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King Charles waited a LONG time to be crowned KING--looks like his time as King will be rather short. riversedge Apr 25 #1
saw a picture of him earlier this week, and his lips were completely purple CatWoman Apr 25 #3
A very cruel irony that saddens me--regardless how one feels about the monarchy... hlthe2b Apr 25 #4
I'm sad for the UK. they had the same Queen forever (80 years?), now two main royals are sick BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 25 #8
She reigned 70 years NanaCat Apr 25 #13
Still seems strange to not have the Queen after 80 years,. brush Apr 26 #34
you should be sad that we still have a fucking king Celerity Apr 26 #38
he waited so long, some had suggested that Queen E. step down...about 20 years ago. BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 25 #6
QE2 wanted to be the longest reigning monarch ever. former9thward Apr 25 #10
In the shadow of the abdication of her Uncle, she promised as a newly- marybourg Apr 25 #11
I'm sure it was an important promise then. former9thward Apr 25 #12
What circumstances changed? She promised "whether my life be marybourg Apr 25 #15
Her life as a Queen effectively ended quite some time before she died. former9thward Apr 25 #16
I think she held on as long as she could because she saw the future CatWoman Apr 25 #17
How do you know she had BuddhaGirl Apr 25 #21
Your point of view. Not everyone's. marybourg Apr 25 #22
No doubt. former9thward Apr 25 #24
There was a time when a promise to God & people was taken very seriously. She was of that time. Hekate Apr 25 #18
People Don't Seem RobinA Apr 26 #47
I'm glad you understand, too Hekate Apr 26 #53
No, she just missed it Polybius Apr 26 #44
It seems if it was an early stage or easily treated cancer they would have announced it. Irish_Dem Apr 25 #2
I heard/read pancreatic Ca. apcalc Apr 25 #5
That's what I read as well. FalloutShelter Apr 25 #7
Not necessarily. Ms. Toad Apr 25 #25
I sincerely hope that is the case for the King FalloutShelter Apr 25 #26
Yes. It is a horrendous cancer - Ms. Toad Apr 25 #29
Holding you and your daughter in the light. FalloutShelter Apr 25 #30
Thanks. Ms. Toad Apr 25 #32
Buddhist FalloutShelter Apr 26 #39
I also heard a rumor that Kate has the same kind of cancer. I hope not. beaglelover Apr 25 #14
Self Delete! Maru Kitteh Apr 25 #31
Me as well MFM008 Apr 25 #19
Oh no! Damn. calimary Apr 25 #33
+1 Kaleva Apr 26 #35
Shame that he can't just rest and get well. He dosen't need to be trotted out to be seen. Srkdqltr Apr 25 #9
This is all so sad, with both Charles and Kate. Greybnk48 Apr 25 #20
I am sorry he has cancer, but BlueKota Apr 25 #23
They haven't been very kind to Harry and Meghan either JoseBalow Apr 26 #36
No they haven't BlueKota Apr 26 #37
Well Meghan is getting her revenge ripcord Apr 26 #45
I wouldn't want anything to do with them either JoseBalow Apr 26 #49
If he gets his health back ripcord Apr 26 #50
It's widely believed that he has pancreatic cancer. RandySF Apr 25 #27
Oh no! RockRaven Apr 25 #28
His cancer was discovered dweller Apr 26 #40
The funeral plan has been ready obamanut2012 Apr 26 #46
Also, it's kind of strange to me that Harry would rush to see his Father after the cancer announcement if it was NOT beaglelover Apr 26 #41
The Palace must have read this thread as they just announced he is returning to Royal duties!! beaglelover Apr 26 #42
Indeed: muriel_volestrangler Apr 26 #43
thankfully. BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 26 #52
I just scrolled past an article indicating that he would return to royal duties next week.. helpisontheway Apr 26 #48
I saw a report today claudette Apr 26 #51
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