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Just like Katie Britt tried to clean up her disastrous state of the union rebuttal. Irish_Dem Apr 28 #1
The fact Kristi cannot understand why people are upset about her story says it all. Irish_Dem Apr 28 #2
No, she has a clue COL Mustard Apr 28 #47
She can understand why "some" people are "upset." Grokenstein Apr 28 #58
Sen Kate Britt didn't realize at first how badly she screwed up either. Irish_Dem Apr 28 #72
I did not know that! ShazzieB Apr 28 #87
She hit the Sunday talk shows. Irish_Dem Apr 28 #88
Ngl, I'm going to look for some videos so I can witness this spectacle! ShazzieB Apr 28 #91
I didn't see any of the videos. Irish_Dem Apr 28 #95
Her statement only further reveals her utter lack of heart and humanity. Her "responsibility" would have been LaMouffette Apr 28 #3
I posted this in another thread on the subject that is similar TxGuitar Apr 28 #6
She definitely doesn't have a public relations person, they would have killed that story so fast. BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 28 #10
It makes me wonder what else is in the book. yardwork Apr 28 #37
Remember how she bragged about Prof. Toru Tanaka Apr 28 #77
I forgot about that! yardwork Apr 28 #79
I wonder, too. ShazzieB Apr 28 #93
Is biting people part of the story in the book? Marthe48 Apr 28 #59
I had a puppy that kept biting hands as a form of play Farmer-Rick Apr 28 #75
I'm relying on other people here... but in the book she doesn't mention the dog biting people Goodheart Apr 28 #105
Coleridge understood a dead puppy can be an albatross Ponietz Apr 28 #4
Keep diggng, psycho! 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 28 #5
yep. and it's not just that she killed the puppy... she attached the story to selling a book BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 28 #9
She killed the goat because she hated it and was too stupid to figure out how to raise goats. haele Apr 28 #74
Yeah.. Get a Bigger Shovel. Cha Apr 28 #28
The right wing loves to do rotten things then use "it's legal" or "I have the right" to justify unblock Apr 28 #7
They call that asking for forgiveness. LakeArenal Apr 28 #35
Asking for forgiveness involves admitting you did something wrong unblock Apr 28 #43
she's feeling the heat. even on fox news youtube, the comments were 100% appalled that she killed a healthy animal BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 28 #8
Yep. demmiblue Apr 28 #13
That's a collection of terrible people who think Noem is worse. yardwork Apr 28 #38
Man, she's getting some serious heat for this Prof. Toru Tanaka Apr 28 #82
"He was a bad dog...a very bad dog" ret5hd Apr 28 #80
Little Anthony Fremont and his cornfield of death.... Prof. Toru Tanaka Apr 28 #83
When Trump fills the concentration camps,... LudwigPastorius Apr 28 #11
That is exactly the message she wanted to send. yardwork Apr 28 #39
Written for an audience of one. OMGWTF Apr 28 #69
Her original statement was a dog whistle to the hard right. John1956PA Apr 28 #12
So now the dog was biting people? NickB79 Apr 28 #14
She's Lying.. a maga "lying".. shocking. Cha Apr 28 #30
Our chickens stay in their pen, Bayard Apr 28 #51
Was cheating with Corey Lewandowski a "hard decision" too? Cha Apr 28 #71
Is that THE dog? Bayard Apr 28 #73
Yes they do.. you don't take them out and shoot them in the face & Cha Apr 28 #76
That was Noem's puppy, Cricket.. "14 months old" Cha Apr 28 #110
I looked up the breed Bayard Apr 29 #114
Oh Thank You. Cha Apr 29 #115
Admittedly, I haven't read SD law ok_cpu Apr 28 #42
In her next iteration it will be a pitbull ecstatic Apr 29 #113
Zero humanity - if she really felt that way she could have a conversation w/the Vet TBF Apr 28 #15
'Kristi Noem's Killing Of Her Puppy Slammed Across Parties' Forbes BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 28 #16
TY!! Cha Apr 28 #33
Wanted to kill something. Went hunting. Puppers no help. Ran around chasing birds. struggle4progress Apr 28 #55
The dog was out of control, she took it out hunting, the dog later "escaped" the car, she got the dog back in the car, chowder66 Apr 28 #17
I didn't read her self-serving statement...the whole thing has sickened me. I Demsrule86 Apr 28 #18
I wonder if she would have been elected Governor if this were public knowledge back then. TheBlackAdder Apr 28 #19
She doesn't get it. Ocelot II Apr 28 #20
Casual cruelty. WOW! Now THAT is a killer meme! calimary Apr 28 #85
Vastly unpersuasive. Paladin Apr 28 #21
Republicans abuse puppies. Voltaire2 Apr 28 #22
Republicans abuse Americans..... AZ8theist Apr 28 #61
Yes sure but as that abuse is framed as Voltaire2 Apr 28 #64
And heterosexual. ShazzieB Apr 28 #96
Glad she's feeling the heat senseandsensibility Apr 28 #23
Wondering how she treats the still living animal victims at her farm MorbidButterflyTat Apr 28 #24
Unfamiliar with that publisher AltairIV Apr 28 #29
Check out her glamour shot. yardwork Apr 28 #40
I'm under the assumption that American Indians revere their animals Deuxcents Apr 28 #54
Yesterday Noem mentioned she'd recently put down 3-4 horses. yardwork Apr 28 #32
So it's your fault. You should have rehomed him where he wasn't around livestock. Fla Dem Apr 28 #25
The message she is sending. That she can't make good decisions. LiberalFighter Apr 28 #26
The banality of evil. The banality of Kristi Noem. nt The Unmitigated Gall Apr 28 #27
What about the goat? yardwork Apr 28 #31
Best of luck to her kids. meadowlander Apr 28 #34
warning to everyone. Don't let Kristi lure you to the gravel pit. BlueWaveNeverEnd Apr 28 #36
AND her children....... lastlib Apr 28 #48
Too bad she wasn't FIRST chosen to be the former's running mate, and THEN Abolishinist Apr 28 #41
"If looks could kill it would have been us instead of him." NT mahatmakanejeeves Apr 28 #44
C'mon man. You guys make it sound like a popular republican governor in a red state could find a home for a cute brewens Apr 28 #45
gutless pscyho refuKKKchicken kills puppy, that is all bringthePaine Apr 28 #46
The damage has been done dlk Apr 28 #49
Yep! blue neen Apr 28 #108
14 months old. ismnotwasm Apr 28 #50
What a crock! hamsterjill Apr 28 #52
Well, at least she's not claiming that the pup was heavily armed or that God told her to kill it. Ping Tung Apr 28 #53
Yes, that's it!! Double down, you sack of shit! Grokenstein Apr 28 #56
I'm suspicious AverageOldGuy Apr 28 #57
This statement will NOT help her LetMyPeopleVote Apr 28 #60
GOOD! calimary Apr 28 #102
As I recall her COVID leadership was every bit as bad as Trump's rurallib Apr 28 #62
I was thinking the same thing, that it was pretty rich for her to brag about "leading South Dakota through covid." ShazzieB Apr 28 #98
If my memory serves me correctly.......... KS Toronado Apr 28 #63
Well according to one Du'er we all need a lecture miyazaki Apr 28 #65
I'd call her a c#nt but she lacks warmth and depth. OMGWTF Apr 28 #66
I just served on a jury for this post, now I'm recing it and toasting to it prodigitalson Apr 28 #86
As someone on Threads put it last night Jilly_in_VA Apr 28 #67
She could stop explaining, her decision really speaks for itself 0rganism Apr 28 #68
If you're explaining, you're losing. RandySF Apr 28 #70
Guess it's too much to ask to pick up a phone and call a humane organization to have Vinca Apr 28 #78
She'll be forever labeled as a puppy killer Kaleva Apr 28 #81
100% true. Her career is as dead as Cricket. Peregrine Took Apr 28 #94
How "Pro Life" of her... orwell Apr 28 #84
"CAN" be put down is NOT "MUST" be put down. no_hypocrisy Apr 28 #89
Noem's competition. Marcuse Apr 28 #90
Oh, barf! ShazzieB Apr 28 #101
I think it's terrible the way she treated that dog as if it was a labor union organizer Bucky Apr 28 #92
Well, Well! peggysue2 Apr 28 #97
She is an admitted puppy killer ColinC Apr 28 #99
it wasn't just the dog -- she's also a goat killer orleans Apr 28 #100
The goat was "nasty and mean" because they didn't TexasBushwhacker Apr 28 #106
There was an easy, obvious, humane choice: don't let the dog around other people or their livestock Goodheart Apr 28 #103
She may not have realized it yet Blue Owl Apr 28 #104
Telegraphing to Trump she is willing to do his dirty work. Freethinker65 Apr 28 #107
Puppy killer. bamagal62 Apr 28 #109
Maybe the dog had rabies, because vaccines don't work, intheflow Apr 28 #111
What a clown. "Upset about a 20 year old story..." ecstatic Apr 28 #112
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