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proud patriot

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31. Yes
Thu May 2, 2024, 08:09 PM
May 2

Thank you Lawrence, you've been masterful at getting under Trump's skin.
Now you are taking up space in Trump's brain .. oh this makes me smile so wide ,

Yeah for Lawrence LetMyPeopleVote May 2 #1
Lawrence O'Donnell will be "must see tv" tonight. 😜😜😜 hlthe2b May 2 #2
I think Lawrence is officially on my calendar leftieNanner May 2 #3
Can't wait for Lawrence's show tonight! senseandsensibility May 2 #4
It oughta be TERRIFIC! calimary May 2 #19
Did Lawrence look straight back at him and smile? I bet he did. Lol. ms liberty May 2 #5
We'll find out more from Lawrence tonight. I just edited the OP to add his tweet. highplainsdem May 2 #33
Just saw this, watching him now lol! ms liberty May 2 #36
Yeah! Mike Nelson May 2 #6
Crocked or Crooked? 3catwoman3 May 2 #8
Ha! Mike Nelson May 2 #18
They both fit. calimary May 2 #20
Of course he is, and O'Donnell will wear that as a badge of honor. Ocelot II May 2 #7
Lawrence was the first person on television to label Cheetos a "liar." LastLiberal in PalmSprings May 2 #29
I think Trump is actually afraid of Lawrence. patphil May 2 #9
Trump threatened to sue O'Donnell years ago for something he said and has repeatedly threatened hlthe2b May 2 #10
good blogslug May 2 #11
I've been loving LO's reports from his walks to the courthouse. maxsolomon May 2 #12
The best compliment! I saw Politico's courtroom photo and noticed Lawrence & Klasfeld sitting in the front. ancianita May 2 #13
good. AllaN01Bear May 2 #16
i will wait for comentary here . AllaN01Bear May 2 #14
I guess that makes Adam Klasfeld COL Mustard May 2 #15
Wouldn't it be easier to list the people Danascot May 2 #17
Short or long, it wold be a stomach-churning list. soldierant May 2 #21
THANK YOU LAWRENCE Skittles May 2 #22
Yes proud patriot May 2 #31
Lawrence no doubt . . . AverageOldGuy May 2 #23
Lawrence is my hero 😍😍 Chicagogrl1 May 2 #24
NYTimes mentioned it too: Drum May 2 #25
There are so many people in trouble, should Mango Mussolini get back in the White House. notKeith May 2 #26
That would be a "Badge of Honor" to me. n/t aggiesal May 2 #27
Lawrence quoted Maggie's phrasing summer_in_TX May 2 #28
The defendant has disliked H2O Man May 2 #30
Love this information. TSF can never say he once supported LO Deuxcents May 2 #32
A truly classic.encounter with a Narcissist. gordianot May 3 #37
Kick! Looking forward to tuning in, in 20 minutes. Drum May 2 #34
Lawrence O'Donnell is relishing the "evil eye" scowl BigmanPigman May 2 #35
Trump will waterboard Lawrence at GITMO Submariner May 3 #38
LO giving tfg a little mindfuck for lunch. hahahahahahahahah Thank you LO ZonkerHarris May 3 #39
Was it a mutter, ... surfered May 3 #40
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