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19. I've gotten quite a few of them myself.
Mon May 6, 2024, 04:32 PM
May 6

I'm holding out for an offer of bar-b-cue from a crematorium.
Seriously, I've gotten a few offers that were tied to rather up scale restaurants, you know they're going to be high pressure pitches.

Well, that's weird. LisaM May 6 #1
Yes, and probably with baco's Model35mech May 6 #2
They have these all the time. jimfields33 May 6 #27
I've heard the bodies are stacked up out back. Arne May 6 #3
Is this the trump funeral home? getagrip_already May 6 #4
Sounds like a good opportunity. People are dying to get in on it! FSogol May 6 #5
It's worse than you think. After my mother died, my dad had her buried under the "prepaid" package ... marble falls May 6 #6
Here an interred person -must- be in a vault of some type... Model35mech May 6 #8
I'm going into a hole in a 'green' cemetery. If someone digs me up and uses me as fill sometime in the future ... marble falls May 6 #12
I don't have a problem with you getting what you want Model35mech May 6 #13
Crazy isn't it. They make a body 'safe' by filling it with formaldehyde ... marble falls May 6 #14
This is the sort of thing that happens when an industry lobbies Model35mech May 6 #16
I joke with my husband that he should just put me in the compost bin when I croak. Sky Jewels May 6 #24
That's my thought. marble falls May 6 #25
I like your plan.nt delisen May 6 #9
Probably a Soylent Green front organization delisen May 6 #7
Lol. Hassin Bin Sober May 6 #20
I would go, take friends, eat pizza, bring some to-go boxes, load them up, and leave Doodley May 6 #10
Eating pizza made by strangers, transported by strangers, set out by strangers Model35mech May 6 #11
Good point! Another option. Ask for pizza delivery instead! Doodley May 6 #15
Still puts strangers in the loop. Model35mech May 6 #18
I think all my pizzas are made and transported by strangers. Iggo May 6 #28
Could've been worse, especially if the postcard asked what you wanted on your Tombstone. Efilroft Sul May 6 #17
I've gotten quite a few of them myself. Conjuay May 6 #19
Reminds me that Nashville, Lars39 May 6 #23
I have registered with an anatomical donor anciano May 6 #21
Undertaker: Do you have any final wishes for the ashes of your dear, departed husband? keithbvadu2 May 6 #22
Let me guess... Think. Again. May 6 #26
It could be worse. They may expect the meal to be your last! They're not willing to wait if you refuse. Wonder Why May 6 #29
How do you feel about telemarketers? JoseBalow May 6 #30
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