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21. I have registered with an anatomical donor
Mon May 6, 2024, 04:36 PM
May 6

organization. They take care of everything, cremate the remains after harvesting what parts can be used, and return the ashes to my family when completed. The only expense to my family will be certified copies of the death certificate for the accounts at the bank and whoever else may need them. It takes away all the hassle.

Well, that's weird. LisaM May 6 #1
Yes, and probably with baco's Model35mech May 6 #2
They have these all the time. jimfields33 May 6 #27
I've heard the bodies are stacked up out back. Arne May 6 #3
Is this the trump funeral home? getagrip_already May 6 #4
Sounds like a good opportunity. People are dying to get in on it! FSogol May 6 #5
It's worse than you think. After my mother died, my dad had her buried under the "prepaid" package ... marble falls May 6 #6
Here an interred person -must- be in a vault of some type... Model35mech May 6 #8
I'm going into a hole in a 'green' cemetery. If someone digs me up and uses me as fill sometime in the future ... marble falls May 6 #12
I don't have a problem with you getting what you want Model35mech May 6 #13
Crazy isn't it. They make a body 'safe' by filling it with formaldehyde ... marble falls May 6 #14
This is the sort of thing that happens when an industry lobbies Model35mech May 6 #16
I joke with my husband that he should just put me in the compost bin when I croak. Sky Jewels May 6 #24
That's my thought. marble falls May 6 #25
I like your plan.nt delisen May 6 #9
Probably a Soylent Green front organization delisen May 6 #7
Lol. Hassin Bin Sober May 6 #20
I would go, take friends, eat pizza, bring some to-go boxes, load them up, and leave Doodley May 6 #10
Eating pizza made by strangers, transported by strangers, set out by strangers Model35mech May 6 #11
Good point! Another option. Ask for pizza delivery instead! Doodley May 6 #15
Still puts strangers in the loop. Model35mech May 6 #18
I think all my pizzas are made and transported by strangers. Iggo May 6 #28
Could've been worse, especially if the postcard asked what you wanted on your Tombstone. Efilroft Sul May 6 #17
I've gotten quite a few of them myself. Conjuay May 6 #19
Reminds me that Nashville, Lars39 May 6 #23
I have registered with an anatomical donor anciano May 6 #21
Undertaker: Do you have any final wishes for the ashes of your dear, departed husband? keithbvadu2 May 6 #22
Let me guess... Think. Again. May 6 #26
It could be worse. They may expect the meal to be your last! They're not willing to wait if you refuse. Wonder Why May 6 #29
How do you feel about telemarketers? JoseBalow May 6 #30
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