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43. If Trump is not jailed
Mon May 6, 2024, 09:31 PM
May 6

one of his followers will kill someone as Trump will not stop. And fines mean nothing as Trump's fucking stupid supporters are the people paying the fines.

Suspended jail sentence is the way to go [View all] senseandsensibility May 6 OP
If He's Found 'Not Guilty' - Would He Still Have To Serve Jail Time For Violating The Gag Order If..... global1 May 6 #1
Good question senseandsensibility May 6 #5
Isn't this post about gag order punishment of a few hours in the courthouse... brush May 6 #8
He violated the gag order. Irish_Dem May 6 #26
If he's not found guilty??? bdamomma May 7 #47
I prefer a sentence in a suspended jail FHRRK May 6 #2
Or suspended in a jail. ;) Chainfire May 6 #28
Indeed! Lucky Luciano May 6 #34
There is a jail cell in the courthouse that the judge would use. brush May 6 #3
Yes, I said that senseandsensibility May 6 #7
Some posters don't seem to know that and are mention time in Rikers... brush May 6 #11
The Russians put the jail cells right in the courtrooms! nt Shermann May 6 #21
There is a door to a holding cell at the rear of Merchan's courtroom. ancianita May 6 #33
Nah... that bully needs to be put in his place. Jail him. tinrobot May 6 #4
You do have a point senseandsensibility May 6 #9
I have shared this thought before.... FarPoint May 6 #6
No: the object is to keep him from intimidating people during the trial struggle4progress May 6 #13
Wrong. He's lived a life where whatever consequences he's faced has always been minimal ... marble falls May 6 #10
An hour in jail after court adjourns for the week struggle4progress May 6 #12
Three days in jail for the first infraction. tinrobot May 6 #14
Not going to happen and politically ineffective struggle4progress May 6 #24
Politically ineffective? The judge is required to be non-political tinrobot May 6 #27
Courts have never been apolitical struggle4progress May 6 #30
Remand him to the court jailroom during any breaks or recesses in the trial, including meal times.... Think. Again. May 6 #18
You make a good point about keeping the trial running smoothly... Think. Again. May 6 #15
Yes, I struggle with this too senseandsensibility May 6 #17
It's a good plan... Think. Again. May 6 #20
I want him to show up for trial after spending the Emile May 6 #16
Combover or hairpiece? senseandsensibility May 6 #19
There's no question, it's a shitty combover JoseBalow May 6 #40
Fresh fish! nt Shermann May 6 #22
I'd be happy if he spent the night Demobrat May 6 #46
Again, the answer is so simple - HOUSE ARREST court and back, nowhere else. Runningdawg May 6 #23
Yes - house arrest with no access to media or internet, no phone, no tweets, no interviews FakeNoose May 6 #35
i hope the meter is running as i am loosing patience . AllaN01Bear May 6 #25
Bring back The Pillory!!! wolfie001 May 6 #29
Wouldn't that be the best? llmart May 6 #41
GREAT IDEA AND..... make him sign a behavior contract. Captain Zero May 6 #31
HWPDI .... how would Putin do it? OAITW r.2.0 May 6 #32
Lock him up now nowforever May 6 #36
How about tar and feathers? BWdem4life May 6 #37
I kinda think you're right on this Torchlight May 6 #38
Fuck that JoseBalow May 6 #39
I feel sorry for the Secret Service, but put his ass in Riker's general population. Trump is tough, Dan May 6 #42
If Trump is not jailed nakocal May 6 #43
I suspect the Secret Service has made the Judge aware of what their needs are for tRumps personal safety. Ford_Prefect May 6 #44
How much jury and court staff intimidation is too much? How does a suspended sentence stop that? Silent3 May 6 #45
These kinds of thread are great for DUers because it gives them an opportunity to fantasize elocs May 7 #48
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