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Wed May 8, 2024, 10:30 AM May 8

Hoo Boy ... DeJoy! By Jim Hightower [View all]

Woe is us (the American people) for having our jewel of a national Postal Service saddled with a corporate-minded postmaster general, Louis DeJoy. Formerly CEO of a private shipping contractor, DeJoy's chief qualification for running this invaluable public service is that he's been a major donor to Republican politicians — including Donald Trump, who appointed him to the post.

In 2020, the new honcho put forth a 10-year scheme to "save" the people's post office by imposing boilerplate corporate tactics — downsize staff, cut service and raise prices. He gave his plan a zippy PR slogan: "Delivering for America." But delivering less for more is a hard sell, and people soon started rebelling against absurdly late delivery, closure of local branches, long lines at understaffed postal counters, and relentless price hikes, including another 8% increase this year.

Excuse my bad play on words, but there is no joy in seeing an essential public service needlessly gutted. Millions of us rely on timely mail delivered by the amazing network of public postal workers. Their linking any one ZIP code to all others is a pillar of our democracy, not only servicing the well-off and corporate elites, but crucial to small businesses, rural communities, people getting medicines by mail — as well as to millions of us wanting to vote by mail this November.

Four years of DeJoy's corporate gimmicks to "improve" our postal service by shriveling it have proven disastrous — and the harm is spreading. Enough! This is a time when your voice can matter, for a bipartisan outcry is demanding that Congress and/or the postal board of governors step in pronto to terminate DeJoy's political meddling. For information and action go to: TakeOnWallSt.com.

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Hoo Boy ... DeJoy! By Jim Hightower [View all] justaprogressive May 8 OP
Kick and rec for Jim. nt Hotler May 8 #1
I think he's got to go - three years ago. For whatever reason he's been kept on ... marble falls May 8 #2
the post office spreads good jobs around all of America NJCher May 8 #6
I think the post office rank and file have completely obliterated the meme of "going postal". I think ... marble falls May 8 #8
Maybe DeJoy and his minions see all of that as part of the problem? calimary May 8 #11
yeah, as well as the jobs! NJCher May 8 #14
What is the political calculation for Biden not to remove DeJoy from his position? duckworth969 May 8 #3
Biden needs more people on the Postal Service Commission to have enough votes for DeJoy's removal Botany May 8 #7
I don't think DeLay is an ideologue, he's more a heartless corporate numbers cruncher with no consideration for ... marble falls May 8 #10
not that this matters, it doesn't NJCher May 8 #18
Biden has appointed a majority of the Board. former9thward May 8 #15
he has those people quakerboy May 8 #28
Because the board members Biden appointed, when combined with the others still there, do not want to remove him. Celerity May 9 #48
Thanx. K. I. G. knowledge is good Botany May 10 #49
Biden should recognize that DeJoy's personal mission is voter suppression in the form of slowing and losing ballots in.. usaf-vet May 9 #35
Point to any actual complaints of delayed ballot delivery in 2020. brooklynite May 9 #36
Point to evidence that that is not part of the plan for the 2024 election to put 45 back in office. usaf-vet May 9 #38
I don't start with "we know they will"; I start with "show me the evidence" brooklynite May 9 #39
The big event for them is the 2024 election. It is conceivable that they have data with everyday mail that show they.... usaf-vet May 9 #40
"It is conceivable" brooklynite May 9 #41
he was hired by trump to delay or stall the mail in vote . also to destry the ups . AllaN01Bear May 8 #4
DeJoys goals are DENVERPOPS May 9 #34
Wrong brooklynite May 9 #37
I disagree DENVERPOPS May 9 #42
Consider that apparently President Biden disagrees as well... brooklynite May 9 #43
DeJoy helps deliver chaos. Kid Berwyn May 8 #5
He was put into that position to kill the USPS Cosmocat May 8 #9
DeJoy and his type . . . AverageOldGuy May 8 #12
Well I have young people delivering my mail who never had to take a test to get a job with the USPS. elocs May 8 #13
I dont' know how they got out of any tests or screenings NJCher May 8 #19
It's hard to believe DeJoy has only been in the USPS for 4 years FakeNoose May 8 #16
there's every way, but apparently no desire quakerboy May 8 #29
Republicans pissed all over our US Postal Service BoRaGard May 8 #17
Kick dalton99a May 8 #20
While he's guilty of poor service, his prices are not high. Check out this Mother Jones diagram when we were 55 cents. Wonder Why May 8 #21
DeJoy DENVERPOPS May 9 #44
I agree wholeheartedly with you that he needs to go. I was just pointing out that U.S. postal prices are Wonder Why May 9 #46
Agree with you 100%...... DENVERPOPS May 9 #47
Shipping costs Historic NY May 8 #22
The myth of conservative business efficiency needs to die once and for all IronLionZion May 8 #23
Neoliberalism. Privatization and market based solutions for public programs. Ronald Reagan shit. jalan48 May 8 #24
Publicize the costs DENVERPOPS May 9 #45
President Biden could have appointed two new officials to the USPS Board of Governors - Please sign petition Number9Dream May 8 #25
Hahahaha "Congress" won't budge on Trump's appointee. They love the government sabotage. live love laugh May 8 #26
I frequent two or three post offices near me. llmart May 8 #27
DeJoy: Simply a major player in Repub anti mail in vote plan.... NowsTheTime May 8 #30
These clowns ChazInAz May 8 #31
I've probably called my Rep & Senators at least 10 times over the years to ask why DeJoy is still there!!!!!!!!!!!! diva77 May 8 #32
Why oh why is DeJoy still there in the 3rd year of Biden's term? summer_in_TX May 8 #33
He's going to do all he can to sabotage the mail-in vote karin_sj May 10 #50
Get rid of Dejoy...PRONTO oasis May 10 #51
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