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45. The Chevy Trax and the Equinox are both actually shorter and narrower than the Malibu
Fri May 10, 2024, 10:00 AM
May 10

I concede that the Trax and Equinox are both taller though - 4 inches and 8 inches respectively. The Equinox is about 300 pounds heavier than the Malibu; though I'm not sure about the Trax - Chevy just says TBD on their website for it.

I bought a Kia K5 due to not being able to find a suitable American sedan dsc May 9 #1
There are more hybrid and electric options these days IronLionZion May 9 #6
That's a shame. NutmegYankee May 9 #2
America's love for "big-ass" anything is obvious in their car and truck offerings. walkingman May 9 #3
And roll coal to own the libs IronLionZion May 9 #10
I hate SUV's. Aristus May 9 #4
Some of those Moms have a false sense of safety IronLionZion May 9 #8
Yeah, one of them went on the news once, triumphantly declaring that if she gets Aristus May 9 #11
i have sarcastically remarked before that... ret5hd May 9 #13
I can't stand sedans..LOL LeftInTX May 9 #23
I hate SUVs too Poiuyt May 9 #36
The Chevy Trax and the Equinox are both actually shorter and narrower than the Malibu GregariousGroundhog May 10 #45
Honestly, they weren't really competitive anymore. Happy Hoosier May 9 #5
And I was just about to buy one. Kingofalldems May 9 #7
you still can Celerity May 9 #27
Yes got one as a rental and liked it. Kingofalldems May 9 #30
When the hubby and I retired a few years ago we bought senseandsensibility May 9 #9
I've never wanted anything other than a sedan or compact car Silent3 May 9 #12
At the time, the Volt was the best selling plug in hybrid in America IronLionZion May 9 #16
It was expensive to manufacture with the combined gas and electric components Silent3 May 9 #22
Am I reading the article correctly? It sounds like the Camry... keep_left May 9 #14
Correct, Toyota is only making hybrid Camrys after this year IronLionZion May 9 #17
Man I miss my 1971 Buick Skylark. Arthur_Frain May 9 #15
GM Retiree here yankee87 May 9 #18
My first car in 1984 was a 1974 Chevy Malibu TxGuitar May 9 #19
My first car was a 1969 convertible Camaro Dave says May 9 #34
Minivans, too. Dulcinea May 9 #20
I'll never buy another Stella tis product... Happy Hoosier May 9 #35
If anyone bought American sedans, they probably wouldn't do that jmowreader May 9 #21
I wanted to buy American when I bought my K5 dsc May 9 #26
Is there anything you haul in your Tiguan that wouldn't fit in a Passat station wagon? sir pball May 10 #43
The 900 pounds of tile I hauled back from Seattle several times come to mind jmowreader May 10 #46
The Dodge Charger EV coupe is coming later this year,... Rob H. May 9 #24
I wonder... jmowreader May 9 #31
I had a 1965 Malibu SS convertible when I was Emile May 9 #25
I just rented one of these while my Prius was being repaired. I really liked it Beaverhausen May 9 #28
Last time I rented a car it was a Chevy malibu kimbutgar May 9 #29
still... myohmy2 May 9 #32
My first two new vehicles were sedans. Xavier Breath May 9 #33
My 1968 Malibu was my favorite car until I drove the RubyRose May 10 #37
Dead and buried... by the US made Toyota Camry. WarGamer May 10 #38
My wife and I rented one for a trip not too long ago ITAL May 10 #39
Too bad. I have never owned an SUV, DemocraticPatriot May 10 #40
Chevy stopped trying. They were happy to have this nondescript rental flvegan May 10 #41
Imagine if they were in the 3rd generation of Volt right now JCMach1 May 10 #44
FFS I hate crossovers and SUVs JCMach1 May 10 #42
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