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59. I would....
Wed Nov 28, 2012, 09:41 AM
Nov 2012

Pay off my parents' and my inlaws' homes....
Pay off my home
buy a new car and take a ball bat to the old one for fun
Buy a cottage in a boss ski area
Buy a cottage in a boss beach area
Give $ to four local soup kitchens
Set up a scholarship fund for underprivileged kids in my city
Open a free state of the art day care for underserved families
Donate to the homeless shelters and vet home in my city

Sit on the rest until I saw a need I could take care of

I would donate more to DU and to Wikipedia.... loudsue Nov 2012 #1
cocaine and whores.. naaman fletcher Nov 2012 #2
Diogenes can quit searching JohnnyRingo Nov 2012 #151
sweet naaman fletcher Nov 2012 #158
i would spend veganlush Nov 2012 #3
I would buy a modest home onestepforward Nov 2012 #4
You can likely buy a modest home now if you move to specific locations. nt bluestate10 Nov 2012 #190
Laundry. madamesilverspurs Nov 2012 #5
Buy citizenship in a civilized nation and a nice sailing yacht small enough to automate. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #6
Sounds like a plan to me blueamy66 Nov 2012 #38
Ironically, I live in one of, if not the only state in which you can't buy a ticket. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #116
Well I live in AZ blueamy66 Nov 2012 #133
That's exactly what I would do, too Aerows Nov 2012 #54
I'd miss the horses, though. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #131
Not yet Aerows Nov 2012 #191
What "civilized" nation would "sell" citizenship? MADem Nov 2012 #62
Quite a few jberryhill Nov 2012 #66
Exactly. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2012 #68
They're attracting uncivilized people with boatloads of cash...not terribly civilized, IMO. MADem Nov 2012 #81
Not unless you have the required financial resources jberryhill Nov 2012 #88
Geez, Ghandi wouldn't qualify for any of these joints.... MADem Nov 2012 #174
All of them. Egalitarian Thug Nov 2012 #103
MONACO! WinkyDink Nov 2012 #165
I'd quit my job and take my kid to more ball games. LeftyMom Nov 2012 #7
Open a state of the art animal shelter. Also open a counseling practice where I do a lot of pro bono Michigan Alum Nov 2012 #8
Set up an educational foundation of some sort Sherman A1 Nov 2012 #9
10% off the top to charity onethatcares Nov 2012 #10
Ensure my parents in their 80s have every comfort they could enjoy for the rest of their lives eShirl Nov 2012 #11
Move, Enjoy, Give union_maid Nov 2012 #12
see the world JI7 Nov 2012 #13
I would become a Philanthropist. Historic NY Nov 2012 #14
Bribe my way into the Witness Protection Program NNN0LHI Nov 2012 #15
If? You mean when!! Uben Nov 2012 #16
I bought 5 - I got 5x the chances! Panasonic Nov 2012 #139
Give a good portion of it to republicans Sky Masterson Nov 2012 #17
I'd run for Congess Laochtine Nov 2012 #18
hehehe SammyWinstonJack Nov 2012 #49
College education for my kids. Help the school, the library ejpoeta Nov 2012 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author moondust Nov 2012 #20
weekly mobile vet surgery bus to the homeless shelters. irisblue Nov 2012 #21
Move back to New York HockeyMom Nov 2012 #22
I would probably share about 1/3 to 1/2 with my friends and family. Ganja Ninja Nov 2012 #23
$212.81 before any state income taxes. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2012 #34
So 42.4% of the stated jackpot. Ganja Ninja Nov 2012 #36
If you get a smaller place and buy and old shitbox to drive.... A HERETIC I AM Nov 2012 #50
Actually - I read somewhere that if you establish a trust fund, you don't lose any money Panasonic Nov 2012 #140
You're wrong. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2012 #182
It would never happen loyalkydem Nov 2012 #24
I'd become a philanthropist which has always been my fantasy lunatica Nov 2012 #25
Me, too! KansDem Nov 2012 #47
What a great website! lunatica Nov 2012 #184
Hire as staff to handle that question Eyes of the World Nov 2012 #26
And then hire a staff to find out where the money went. Renew Deal Nov 2012 #44
The first thing I would do is Are_grits_groceries Nov 2012 #27
that sounds like a lot of work former-republican Nov 2012 #32
Not really. Are_grits_groceries Nov 2012 #150
If I win it, I already have someone in mind to play with my money... Panasonic Nov 2012 #141
Where would you put all that money? Hassin Bin Sober Nov 2012 #155
Spread it around in a lot of ways. Are_grits_groceries Nov 2012 #172
Set up a foundation and play god XemaSab Nov 2012 #28
I'd make sure LWolf Nov 2012 #29
Share. Iggo Nov 2012 #30
give most of it away former-republican Nov 2012 #31
So what would you do with the money if you won the Powerball lotto? Flashmann Nov 2012 #33
You don't need $5 million to move Renew Deal Nov 2012 #46
Not sure they would take him. nt. NCTraveler Nov 2012 #117
Secede cherokeeprogressive Nov 2012 #35
Give most of it away. Javaman Nov 2012 #37
I thought you were going to say Renew Deal Nov 2012 #48
After reserving enough for two self-financed long term care policies. AnnaLee Nov 2012 #39
Build a completely self sufficient farm in the mountains of northern Vermont Marrah_G Nov 2012 #40
Give $2 million to my parents, both my sisters, each of my kids..then disappear with the better half Ghost in the Machine Nov 2012 #41
Join Seminole AngryAmish Nov 2012 #42
I would purchase DU and tombstone everyone else. Renew Deal Nov 2012 #43
Ahhh! Politicalboi Nov 2012 #107
You don't think they'd part with DU for a mere $400,000,000 do you? What else is in it for them? denverbill Nov 2012 #195
Bugatti veyron for me and a spare for the wife. loli phabay Nov 2012 #45
Rent out Cheney's Undisclosed Location and drop off the radar for a while n/t deutsey Nov 2012 #51
I would buy me a big ranch somewhere and.... Hotler Nov 2012 #52
Leave BeyondGeography Nov 2012 #53
Fully fund the National Lawyers Guild IDoMath Nov 2012 #55
Keep a couple million for myself and give the rest away. n/t doc03 Nov 2012 #56
After i get out of surgery from the polar and grizzly bear bites I had received.. truebrit71 Nov 2012 #57
Set up some foundations to fund good works and political causes I think worthy. northoftheborder Nov 2012 #58
I would.... lukkadairish Nov 2012 #59
Purchase Grover Nordquist relayerbob Nov 2012 #60
Start with Pitcairn Island. n/t A HERETIC I AM Nov 2012 #71
I heartly recommend Bikini Atoll. Panasonic Nov 2012 #144
Partay!! hobbit709 Nov 2012 #61
1st class ticket to mars or the moon CabalPowered Nov 2012 #63
Quit my job. RomneyLies Nov 2012 #64
Buy more lotto tickets jberryhill Nov 2012 #65
Give it away give it away give it away give it away now Burma Jones Nov 2012 #67
I would give the bulk of it away. mysuzuki2 Nov 2012 #69
a house, private school for my son, college funds for kids, liberal_at_heart Nov 2012 #70
move to france. BlueMan Votes Nov 2012 #72
I lived there as a student. immoderate Nov 2012 #109
My problem would be where! Alsace? Normandy? Paris? ETC.! WinkyDink Nov 2012 #166
Employ the services of sex workers and ingest some benzoylmethylecgonine to start with, slackmaster Nov 2012 #73
Fund a shitload of liberal studies scholarships & professor-ships Myrina Nov 2012 #74
Reconstruct Secret Island Hideout from Man w/ Golden Gun NoodleyAppendage Nov 2012 #75
Buy a house, Drale Nov 2012 #76
$500 million (gross) = ~$370 million (net) AZ Mike Nov 2012 #77
Oops. AZ Mike Nov 2012 #79
If you take the cash option, you would get about $213 mil after federal taxes. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2012 #96
Well, after taxes and such with cash payout I would only get about $190,000,000... ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2012 #78
No way. AZ Mike Nov 2012 #80
nope... ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2012 #82
Fair enough.... AZ Mike Nov 2012 #154
it's way cool... ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2012 #171
IMO Mr Dixon Nov 2012 #83
fix up the small house I have. Whisp Nov 2012 #84
we're pricing new energy efficient windows... irisblue Nov 2012 #86
you made me think of a geothermal system. Whisp Nov 2012 #95
I would only want 4 million after taxes for myself, and another 12million after for family members graham4anything Nov 2012 #85
Fund something like Venezuela's Sistema (music education), only Lydia Leftcoast Nov 2012 #87
Buy a bag of weed TexasTowelie Nov 2012 #89
Three phone calls - My lawyer, my accountant, my financial guy. GoneOffShore Nov 2012 #90
ooooh... local theatre groups... hadn't thought of that! ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2012 #91
Money devoted to the arts is money well spent. GoneOffShore Nov 2012 #93
Venezuela's Music Education System is awesome. Manifestor_of_Light Nov 2012 #123
Burn the ticket. n/t Chan790 Nov 2012 #92
Breathe a sigh of relief and immediately switch careers to ecstatic Nov 2012 #94
Recruit a Small Staff RobinA Nov 2012 #97
Take a trip around the world, RebelOne Nov 2012 #98
First thing. msu2ba Nov 2012 #99
LOL! Thread winner! n/t A HERETIC I AM Nov 2012 #125
Unless I could use it to buy a cure for my cancer, it would be useless. Evoman Nov 2012 #100
(hugs) nt IdaBriggs Nov 2012 #122
First talk to my investment guy nadinbrzezinski Nov 2012 #101
Like Lewis Black, I would hire a personal ball washer Jersey Devil Nov 2012 #102
The Thanksgiving holidays really put a demand on me so I'm physically exhausted. Baitball Blogger Nov 2012 #104
When I win.....I will Gin Nov 2012 #105
Use it to get as many children and domestic animals off the streets... Tikki Nov 2012 #106
I'd send a fat check to Habitat for Humanity PD Turk Nov 2012 #108
Get yourself a Piper Super Cub first. A HERETIC I AM Nov 2012 #176
Not a bad idea PD Turk Nov 2012 #178
Very cool! A HERETIC I AM Nov 2012 #185
I googled them earlier PD Turk Nov 2012 #186
Replace my 16-year-old-car. GoCubsGo Nov 2012 #110
I'd anonymously pay hospital bills for folks who had children who were very ill, and who Zorra Nov 2012 #111
The first thing I'd do is buy myself and everyone else on DU who doesn't have one, a star KewlKat Nov 2012 #112
Maybe help Animals Asia get a few more bears out of crush cages. Doremus Nov 2012 #113
Whatever I wanted that was legal, lol. bluedigger Nov 2012 #114
Have a 1,500 foot tall statue of me erected. It will be done in a Soviet-Stalinist style. Throd Nov 2012 #115
+1 Go Vols Nov 2012 #124
Pay off our debt, set up mom near me with in home nurse, set up trust funds for our kids and Blaukraut Nov 2012 #118
I would build an apartment complex for homeless Veterans finecraft Nov 2012 #119
Fund curing/preventing cerebral palsy, autism and decreasing infant mortality - IdaBriggs Nov 2012 #120
Set up some sort of irrevocable trust, firstly. closeupready Nov 2012 #121
I would give some to family, and keep some for myself, but I think I would buy up Cleita Nov 2012 #126
Oh, geez, another one of those idealistic bleeding heart liberals. Zorra Nov 2012 #147
Hey you forgot the Birkenstocks wearing liberal. Cleita Nov 2012 #153
Oddly Enough, Sir, This uestion Came Up In Our House Within The Hour The Magistrate Nov 2012 #127
Buy medical and student loan debt and set those people free nt. abelenkpe Nov 2012 #128
Upon further reflection... bluedigger Nov 2012 #129
first thing... Evasporque Nov 2012 #130
I think I would... jonthebru Nov 2012 #132
Have a blind trust formed and collect the winnings though it. Dawson Leery Nov 2012 #134
Buy a modest-sized house and fix it up just the way I want it, kestrel91316 Nov 2012 #135
move to a blue state Corgigal Nov 2012 #136
Donate $5 million to DU Panasonic Nov 2012 #137
set up a non-profit Arts Education Foundation, and pnwest Nov 2012 #138
Pay my taxes personally, and then stick it in a variety of investments Taverner Nov 2012 #142
And nobody ever heard from Ohio Joe again Ohio Joe Nov 2012 #143
First, decide where I want to live. hifiguy Nov 2012 #145
I would start pumping it back into the economy....spend ...spend....spend....spend...bnuy....consume bowens43 Nov 2012 #146
While I was packing to travel the world... LadyHawkAZ Nov 2012 #148
I'd go to the bank and make a huge withdrawal in $1 bills, then go coalition_unwilling Nov 2012 #149
There are a lot of people who could use some $$ right now Kookaburra Nov 2012 #152
Buy each of my sons a nice house & a new car SoCalDem Nov 2012 #156
Disappear. nt Romulox Nov 2012 #157
Set up.spay/neuter programs for pets in the south adigal Nov 2012 #159
Become a Republican and demand tax cuts for the 1% denverbill Nov 2012 #160
Seriously...this much money would be accursed, ruin most people's lives adigal Nov 2012 #161
Donate to places like AlexSatan Nov 2012 #162
This commercial runs in the NY NJ area.I would want Elton/Neil Tenant/Lana Del Rey instead of Cyndi graham4anything Nov 2012 #163
1. Get a Jaguar X-KE; Move; Help my relatives. WinkyDink Nov 2012 #164
I would spend it. TeamPooka Nov 2012 #167
Make sure I'm set, I'd pay off my friends debts, Set up a scholarship fund for family thelordofhell Nov 2012 #168
It's not $500 million. Advertising fraud. JackRiddler Nov 2012 #169
To those of you who say you would give it all away.... A HERETIC I AM Nov 2012 #170
That is really very good advice Lydia Leftcoast Nov 2012 #193
Build a Liberal Family Dynasty to Rival the Bushes NoodleyAppendage Nov 2012 #173
I have a plan... Agschmid Nov 2012 #175
Easy! Rider3 Nov 2012 #177
Start a corporation that would employ at least 3000 workers jmowreader Nov 2012 #179
a lot of good things notadmblnd Nov 2012 #180
Make sure family was taken care of, including family of choice. PDJane Nov 2012 #181
I have had a plan for a looooong time just in case savebigbird Nov 2012 #183
Hide. Posteritatis Nov 2012 #187
Take care of my parents, my in laws Bluzmann57 Nov 2012 #188
I don't own tickets. If I did, I would want to win a smaller prize. But if I won the big prize? bluestate10 Nov 2012 #189
Help fund gambling addiction programs Ilsa Nov 2012 #192
With money like that you could almost run for President quaker bill Nov 2012 #194
I would help my family and friends. hrmjustin Nov 2012 #196
Strange, nobody offered to give it to the federal government to help lower the dept. oneshooter Nov 2012 #197
because $500million wouldn't make a bit of difference... NONE! ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2012 #198
Probably die chemenger Nov 2012 #199
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