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21. I stopped watching the Netflix series half way through. . .
Sun May 12, 2024, 01:40 PM
May 12

. . And not because I was creeped out by the story or the character. My ability to suspend disbelief was stretched past its limits.

I agree with the assessment that Lechter is "gifted beyong comprehension" but nobody has the time-management skills to be able accomplish everything that Lechter did within the timeframe allotted. Also, he kept throwing suspcion on other characters, and the FBI agents would frown at the new suspect and assume guilt while collecting forensic evidence, (which Lechter could plant) when some basic police work would have cleared the suspect by establishing his whereabouts within the proper timeline.

I had that same problem with the second "Da Vinci Code" movie, "Angels & Demons". There were certain events that coalesced in the big moments of the movie that neither the villian nor any other mortal being could have controlled. Yes, one sets aside incredulity for the sake of enjoying a story, but as I said before, there are limits.

There are also limits to Trump's luck and perverse influence as well. Every phenomenon carries within it the seeds of its own destruction.

Most importantly, remember that Trump has a shitty work ethic. Hannibal Lechter had a successful psychiatric practice, consulted for the FBI, was socially active within his local fine arts scene, committed horrible crimes finished off with elaborate presentations (while leaving behind no forensic evidence) maintained a lovely home and threw fabulous dinner parties for which he selected and prepared the menus all by himself.

Trump could never accomplish all that, even with Melania's help.

In re: Hannibal Lecter [View all] PCIntern May 12 OP
And Trump will only get worse. Turbineguy May 12 #1
Been a loooong time since I read the books. Arthur_Frain May 12 #2
You would be correct I believe PCIntern May 12 #3
I'm sure he was offed in some fan fiction Arthur_Frain May 12 #4
Professor Moriarty was the trope 100 years ago Ponietz May 12 #6
For the "birth" of Moriarty, see PCIntern May 12 #8
Yes, he and Clarice live in Argentina at the conclusion of the second book Aviation Pro May 12 #15
That book was horrible MorbidButterflyTat May 12 #29
I'd love to see Trump wheeled out on a dolly wearing a Lecter mask and straitjacket at the RNC. sop May 12 #5
I'd pay real money to see that. TSExile May 12 #23
Well, I would certainly tell Trump to "eat me." Chainfire May 12 #7
"Have the lambs stopped screaming, Clarice?" Glorfindel May 12 #9
This is pedantic, I know, but the title never made sense to me in the movie. Cuthbert Allgood May 12 #28
You're absolutely right. Glorfindel May 13 #30
Excellent essay...thank you for the insight....nt MiHale May 12 #10
Silence of the scams Zambero May 12 #11
A Lecter wannabe... hay rick May 12 #12
Thank you for that clear, and VERY disturbing, explanation. Having niyad May 12 #13
I heard the neurotics quote this way: nuxvomica May 12 #14
Lecter would eat his kidneys with some fava beans PCIntern May 12 #16
'how do you like children' et tu May 12 #17
*rump's dog whistle for racism Uncle Joe May 12 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author NanaCat May 12 #24
While they have cannibalism in common NanaCat May 12 #25
All it takes is one major commonality if it's an extraordinary, or unique situation. Uncle Joe May 12 #26
I have said since the beginning Trump likes murder porn. mercuryblues May 12 #19
ketchup on the fava beans DoBW May 12 #20
I stopped watching the Netflix series half way through. . . Collimator May 12 #21
I certainly wasn't suggesting that he was capable PCIntern May 12 #22
trump see's himself as any one of his favorite movie villians. Think. Again. May 12 #27
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