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110. Talk about justices who should have recused themselves.
Sun May 19, 2024, 07:25 PM
May 19

Scalia's son at the law firm that represented Bush. Rehnquist's daughter ending up with a government job. O'Connor griping that she couldn't retire if Gore became President. Ginni Thomas on the Bush inauguration committee.

agree. AllaN01Bear May 18 #1
He didn't want to put the country through that kind of chaos and turmoil. Irish_Dem May 18 #2
Waaaay too fucking polite. Goddamn polite gets you MAGA and other assorted shit-eating fascist fuckstains. SoFlaBro May 19 #42
Yes the GOP wages a brutal war against the US and Americans. Irish_Dem May 19 #54
Like "fight" or fucking fight? SoFlaBro May 19 #70
gd f fight. Irish_Dem May 19 #73
I'm in. nt The Unmitigated Gall May 19 #76
My background Irish_Dem May 19 #78
Post removed Post removed May 19 #81
It was up to Gore to set the tone. Not Joe Biden. Irish_Dem May 19 #89
You couldn't be more wrong! GoreWon2000 May 19 #91
I won't be here to see it but my guess would be the historian will point to Bush v Gore as the start down this..... usaf-vet May 19 #128
What do you think he should've done? GoreWon2000 May 19 #84
You don't have a clue. I've been in Florida for decades. So get your shit correct. SoFlaBro May 19 #122
Do you always blame crime victims for what the crimminals do? GoreWon2000 May 19 #86
You don't have any idea what you are talking about. Welcome to DU. Let's see how this goes. SoFlaBro May 19 #123
In hindsight? intheflow May 19 #65
Yes I was one of them. Irish_Dem May 19 #67
Coward Senate dems didn't share your view GoreWon2000 May 19 #87
Should he have started a civil war? GoreWon2000 May 19 #82
Spoken like someone with no Florida campaign experience GoreWon2000 May 19 #85
Jack Ruby's defense of killing Oswald was not to put Jackie and the USA through that as well. GreenWave May 19 #77
Yes that was the story line. Irish_Dem May 19 #79
Why are you ignoringthe Bush crime family and their surrogates, they're the thieves! GoreWon2000 May 19 #83
The slippery slope was sort hung on a chad that was plain to see at the time... Model35mech May 18 #3
Yup ... the "Brooks Brothers Riot" RandomNumbers May 18 #17
It was so disgusting. AloeVera May 19 #109
Same here malaise May 19 #118
Florida had a remedy for counting machine unreadable ballots GoreWon2000 May 19 #45
Florida had a remedy for counting unreadable ballots GoreWon2000 May 19 #92
That magnifying picture of the guy trying to figure out the punches was a horrible optics picture. jimfields33 May 19 #111
Post removed Post removed May 18 #4
Yep. gay texan May 18 #5
NYC had at least two liberal radio stations in 2000. no_hypocrisy May 18 #6
Corporate and progressive media were AWOL in 2000 GoreWon2000 May 19 #46
How edhopper May 18 #7
Florida Supreme Court ruled to count the ballots GoreWon2000 May 19 #47
And The Florida Court edhopper May 19 #61
Fought who and how? Grins May 18 #8
True 'Dat! MyOwnPeace May 18 #33
Rethugs have always counted on Dems to be MOMFUDSKI May 18 #9
So you think Gore should have orchestrated an insurrection. onenote May 18 #39
Congressional dems other than CBC abandoned Gore in 2000 GoreWon2000 May 19 #48
And of course, there was the "Bush is the same as Gore" crowd who gave us Alito. NNadir May 18 #10
THIS malaise May 18 #12
Did you leave out a word? ShazzieB May 18 #27
In the literal sense, yes. NNadir May 18 #31
Was that meant sarcastically? ShazzieB May 18 #32
Thank Nader for the Gore is the same as Bushthief big lie! GoreWon2000 May 19 #49
As a Nader voter in a reliably blue state intheflow May 19 #66
Your Nader got Rethug help and campaigned in crucial states like Florida GoreWon2000 May 19 #95
I felt that way at the time. The media was playing it as business as usual enough May 18 #11
Corporate media was totally in Bushthief's corrupt pocket GoreWon2000 May 19 #50
The media did not report the NAACP hearing which found blatant examples of fraud. shrike3 May 19 #64
The media totally blew the post election coverage GoreWon2000 May 19 #96
Absolutely. Absolutely. shrike3 May 19 #97
That was the real stolen election. AloeVera May 19 #121
Absolutely!! onecaliberal May 18 #13
Hindsight is always 20-20, or so we imagine. Sometimes it's just wishful thinking. Hekate May 18 #14
How could Al Gore have fought the Supremes? MarineCombatEngineer May 18 #15
How? By challenging members of the Court to a duel? onenote May 18 #16
Yes, it went all the way up. LisaM May 18 #19
Gore filed the lawsuits he needed to file GoreWon2000 May 19 #98
Talk about justices who should have recused themselves. LisaM May 19 #110
He did and he lost... LeftInTX May 18 #18
The SC was already rigged enough to pull-off that sham election. czarjak May 19 #105
So much for hindsight being 20/20 - nt FBaggins May 18 #20
It's become their go-to modus operandi, suitable for every occasion. jaxexpat May 18 #21
No doubt. And those mf'ers bussed down from DC to stop the recount Evolve Dammit May 18 #22
THIS malaise May 18 #23
First Gore should never have Farmer-Rick May 18 #24
You don't understand Florida election law GoreWon2000 May 19 #52
Actually in 2000, Florida State law Did allow for it Farmer-Rick May 19 #62
Again, you're not correct about Florida election law GoreWon2000 May 19 #90
Well why would Bush want them all counted if he was ahead? Polybius May 19 #127
Look it up. Florida Election Code 102.141 Farmer-Rick May 19 #130
We coulda had a great country LiberaBlueDem May 18 #25
there would have been no Iraq war too Skittles May 18 #26
For sure no war and I'm oasis May 19 #114
Damn right......I always thought he was a mister nice guy and wouldn't ruffle feathers. a kennedy May 18 #28
Could you expand on what you mean by "shoulda gone the distance"? Zeitghost May 18 #37
Right, but didn't he just, and sorry for saying this, lay down after the ruling..... a kennedy May 18 #40
More what? Zeitghost May 19 #69
Right, guess tRump's BS is just stuck in my brain. a kennedy May 19 #72
George Bush interfered by going to the Supreme Court MagickMuffin May 19 #94
I believe it is and will always be Bush v Gore MagickMuffin May 19 #93
Stop blaming Gore for Bush election theft! GoreWon2000 May 19 #80
First, he did fight it all the way to the Supreme Court. Something after? Are you suggesting a coup? unblock May 18 #29
and just how was he going to do that? The mistake made was NADER and those who said "a vote for Gore JohnSJ May 18 #30
The mistake was not asking for a full state recount IbogaProject May 18 #34
You don't understand Florida election law GoreWon2000 May 19 #44
Somebody tried that already LeftInTX May 18 #35
Trump throwing out votes copying Bush not Gore! GoreWon2000 May 19 #100
How to say: Zeitghost May 18 #36
I suspect that 9/11 is the reason that everything stopped in its tracks. Baitball Blogger May 18 #38
How? There was no plce to fight it karynnj May 19 #41
Stop blaming Gore for Bush election theft! GoreWon2000 May 19 #43
That was definitely a major turning point for the nation 0rganism May 19 #51
12/12/2000 -- *THAT* was the day the coup actually began. Mike Niendorff May 19 #53
THIS malaise May 19 #57
Blame anti-democracy Bushthief not Gore! GoreWon2000 May 19 #101
Republicans are always "emboldened." Ideology. Was Florida theft proven in a way to take legal action? betsuni May 19 #55
What, specifically, should he have done? Patton French May 19 #56
At this point, there WAS a real dispute. Mike Niendorff May 19 #58
THIS malaise May 19 #60
And then what? Ruby Soho May 19 #71
Or he could have made pinatas of the justices and whacked at them with a bat. onenote May 19 #74
Thanks for exposing Congressional dems failures GoreWon2000 May 19 #103
Didn't Gore himself discourage congressional Democrats from objecting? tritsofme May 19 #107
This needs in-depth research and analysis malaise May 19 #119
Oh yes... blame-a-Democrat! That'll help... * Oopsie Daisy May 19 #59
Dems failure to act in 2000 have brought us to now GoreWon2000 May 19 #106
Post removed Post removed May 19 #63
Diana Ross JustAnotherGen May 19 #68
I was headed to Florida for the recount when Bush v. Gore came down LetMyPeopleVote May 19 #75
+1 betsuni May 19 #124
Right? Maybe he could have enlisted a mob to storm the capitol on 1/6 and seize power!! tritsofme May 19 #88
Yes. Exactly. Oopsie Daisy May 20 #132
Al Gore was VP and could have done what TFG wanted Pence to do LetMyPeopleVote May 20 #133
I remember when VP Gore walked out with his family to concede MagickMuffin May 19 #99
Chaos then or even more more chaos now dlk May 19 #102
Time to hold Congressional dems accountable for their failure to act in 2000 GoreWon2000 May 19 #108
How does one fight the Supreme Court? rsdsharp May 19 #104
It wouldn't have made a difference Jacson6 May 19 #112
Agree 100%! cilla4progress May 19 #113
There is absolutely nothing more Obama could have done, these ridiculous myths need to die. tritsofme May 19 #115
Not a myth. cilla4progress May 19 #116
Well it's not true. There is nothing else he could have done, regardless of how you feel. tritsofme May 19 #125
Hmmm.. cilla4progress May 19 #126
Definitely not! Plenty of folks love their fairy tales where Obama could have done "something" tritsofme May 19 #129
"Democrats don't fight" myths, some sort of moral passionate populist "fighting" spirit they could've, should've, betsuni May 20 #131
Agree malaise May 19 #117
Figuratively speaking, there should have been blood in the streets when that happened. hadEnuf May 19 #120
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