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32. Cohen's been tainted by association with the Djt circle of dirty characters
Mon May 20, 2024, 11:48 AM
May 20

...but the footprints are Djt's

His moral failings are well-known. The key witnesses in most white-collar crime prosecutions Ocelot II May 20 #1
Yes Johnny2X2X May 20 #2
No, he isn't. He's been very effective. The prosecutors know exactly what and who Ocelot II May 20 #5
He has been a total disaster for the prosecution Johnny2X2X May 20 #9
That does not seem to be the consensus of most legal experts. Ocelot II May 20 #10
A lot of litigators would argue that the prosecution should have brought this up and dealt with it on direct onenote May 20 #24
Even seasoned prosecutors are not watching the trials. Hardly anybody is. jimfields33 May 20 #52
lol Torchlight May 20 #64
Oh good. jimfields33 May 20 #67
Cohen has been an outstanding witness. Irish_Dem May 20 #26
Hope you're right Johnny2X2X May 20 #29
Criminals hang out with other criminals. Irish_Dem May 20 #42
Examples? MorbidButterflyTat May 20 #51
I think the average juror there EndlessWire May 20 #79
The prosecutors have all the receipts. usedtobedemgurl May 21 #93
You know what? I think the biggest danger here is that any MAGAts on the jury will decline Scrivener7 May 20 #89
Good point. Irish_Dem May 20 #90
Cohen must be The Bopper May 20 #85
You keep saying that unc70 May 20 #6
No he won't be. At best a hung jury. But not likely either. LiberalFighter May 20 #15
How much evidence is there that doesn't involve Michael Cohen? Johnny2X2X May 20 #19
It was also confirmed by others that had direct connection LiberalFighter May 20 #23
So that's what they're banking on? Johnny2X2X May 20 #25
They confirm details about the documents, dates, and other details.. LiberalFighter May 20 #54
Plenty of other witnesses, Cohen is just one of many. Irish_Dem May 20 #27
I hope so Johnny2X2X May 20 #30
It has only been a few days. I think day four and the defense ended cross. LiberalFighter May 20 #38
Phew Johnny2X2X May 20 #39
I'm sure the prosecution is ready. LiberalFighter May 20 #41
Yes, I'm sure they're ready. ShazzieB May 20 #81
Prosecution always does clean up during re-direct. Irish_Dem May 20 #46
Other witnesses testified for days too. Irish_Dem May 20 #43
Who are the ther witnesses? We've had three people take the stand in the entire trial: jimfields33 May 20 #53
Simply not true. The prosecution called 19 witnesses. Irish_Dem May 20 #57
Holy cow. It's a shame it is not on tv. jimfields33 May 20 #66
The jury has been very attentive and taking notes. Irish_Dem May 20 #69
Thank God there are not 12 of me. jimfields33 May 20 #71
Your mind might be focused if the eyes of the world were upon you. Irish_Dem May 20 #72
If you or I were sitting in the coourtroom day after day, we would remember a lot more than we do jow. ShazzieB May 20 #82
That's true. jimfields33 May 20 #86
Innocent of all MFM008 May 20 #63
What are the specific criticisms with his testimony Torchlight May 20 #37
Preach! jimfields33 May 20 #70
Well... except there's that photo. So... The vile thing is fucked. Scrivener7 May 20 #88
Big reminder: Michael Cohen is not on trial. Focus is on Trump's crimes. emulatorloo May 20 #3
Typically a good defense strategy Johonny May 20 #12
Blanche is not an experienced defense attorney. LiberalFighter May 20 #17
Good liveblog here, doesn't sound like Blanche is making much headway: emulatorloo May 20 #44
That's a really good point. Irish_Dem May 20 #48
I'm Looking Forward To Redirect. (nt) WiVoter May 20 #18
Redirect starting right now... emulatorloo May 20 #45
Thanks. Here the exact exchange per NBC underpants May 20 #55
The trump org is a vipers den of liars and thieves. getagrip_already May 20 #4
If they look at the facts that were presented LiberalFighter May 20 #21
Yes. The other witnesses and documentary evidence all tell us Cohen is telling the truth. Irish_Dem May 20 #49
I don't thing anyone should be surprised ... Tom of Temecula May 20 #7
trDUMP.COM,... magicarpet May 20 #16
Exactly. Trump didn't hire Mother Teresa types. Irish_Dem May 20 #50
Now the defense and Trump will be wallowing in victimhood. Fucking Cohen. Vinca May 20 #8
Seems like a weird guy to be doing legal work Johonny May 20 #11
He was never hired to do legal work. He admitted he was hired as a "fixer" Ocelot II May 20 #13
That was my point Johonny May 20 #14
And it's part of the proof that calling the reimbursement checks "legal services" Ocelot II May 20 #31
"Cohen isn't a witness as much ... Whiskeytide May 20 #59
Sammy the Bull edhopper May 20 #20
Trump would never hire an honest person Bayard May 20 #22
Need to tie that in with the Blanche and his other attorneys. Not honest. LiberalFighter May 20 #40
Cohen is exactly the kind of guy TSF hires. pandr32 May 20 #28
Cohen's been tainted by association with the Djt circle of dirty characters Jrose May 20 #32
im not so sure.. i think the public has been able to see/ hear cohen.. samnsara May 20 #33
Credibility is Questionable Renaissance Man May 20 #34
good for him bigtree May 20 #35
Which part of the prosecution's case does this actually unravel? unblock May 20 #36
Nothing. Exactly nothing. This whole case is paper. They have all receipts. Including the crime budget on paper. onecaliberal May 20 #61
Why is it not good? MorbidButterflyTat May 20 #47
Well for one thing listening to liberal talk radio mucifer May 20 #56
And....? So....? Did we not know this years ago? Does it mean rump's innocent? MorbidButterflyTat May 21 #91
shithole stole from his so-called charities........................... Lovie777 May 20 #58
Who among the *rump organization without sin, cast the first stone. marble falls May 20 #60
Defense coming across as rather incompetent this morning. Torchlight May 20 #62
Interpret. jimfields33 May 20 #68
And? obamanut2012 May 20 #65
So Trump paid his bills with bags of cash crazylikafox May 20 #73
3 different radio station news including NPR mucifer May 20 #74
I've been listening to NPR this morning and they were reporting pretty exhaustively Torchlight May 20 #75
Not the brief synopsis of the news during other programs mucifer May 20 #76
I'm still struggling to understand your assertion Cohen's testimony was damaging Torchlight May 20 #77
LOL compared to Trumps thefts, its small potatoes Historic NY May 20 #78
Works for me. Slimy Trump is going to work with slimy guys like Cohen & Weisselberg. -nt CrispyQ May 20 #80
Never a doubt. That's why trmp hired him. spanone May 20 #83
He's not slime; he's reformed slime. ShazzieB May 20 #84
Agree. MorbidButterflyTat May 21 #92
I don't think it's going to hurt him or the case. They all know he worked for a criminal organization captain queeg May 20 #87
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