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11. (the intro) Oh, PCIntern, you are a good and faithful voice in our wilderness.
Thu May 23, 2024, 07:29 AM
May 23

(.... next up, the sarcasm part)
Why must you always wave the traffic back the way from which it comes? illuminate the tides to reverse their lunatic mission? shame the sun into rising from the west?
(and now, the serious part)
Republicanaries cannot appreciate the poisonous futility of their own exhaust, they exist only to gasp their last in the clammy darkness of epic tragedy, their collective unconsciousness.
(but for me, the best is the last)
You get media news filtered and second hand, even as you pay extra for fresh.

I always thought that Trump sold classified intelligence to others. Lonestarblue May 23 #1
He also doesn't care what happens to the US MutantAndProud May 23 #2
I think the same goes for much of the wealthy elite in the U.S. C Moon May 24 #64
I believe that is why Russia attacked Ukraine. The timing live love laugh May 23 #5
100% Cosmocat May 23 #9
The most important of questions about world events. Hugin May 23 #22
Well, To Be Fair... GB_RN May 23 #3
Yes it was superior... PCIntern May 23 #4
Just a question bdamomma May 23 #6
I came in to post that, too. I remember that meeting where Feinstein & Grassley came out looking like japple May 23 #7
Yes, it is very strange we have not heard more about the substance (even wo details). . . nt Bernardo de La Paz May 23 #10
Right. The Gang if Eight meeting, I believe. yorkster May 23 #31
I have been thinking alot about the reactions to that meeting. Delmette2.0 May 23 #16
It must not have been that bad Catherine Vincent May 23 #37
grassley doesn't want his ass to be grass Captain Zero May 23 #56
What year bdamomma May 23 #39
2018. NT Delmette2.0 May 23 #41
who else was in that meeting ?? besides grassly/Feinstein Captain Zero May 23 #54
I know my Senator Steve Daines Delmette2.0 May 23 #57
Well, you CAN have no product and be worth billions: Truth Social Bernardo de La Paz May 23 #8
(the intro) Oh, PCIntern, you are a good and faithful voice in our wilderness. jaxexpat May 23 #11
Not sure where the sun is over the yardarm in your part of the world, erronis May 23 #42
I take what I've observed about the world and opine from there on stuff. jaxexpat May 23 #47
More stuff for me to gnaw upon. erronis May 23 #49
...don't know about anyone else here, but I am most curious to know how Nixon ended up using your razor? diva77 May 23 #52
Possibilities bucolic_frolic May 23 #12
That's true with almost anything dealing with "Classified Information"... SKKY May 23 #13
What I don't get ---- those Dems can go on the floor of House and disclose what they learned. 3Hotdogs May 23 #14
Maybe they don't reveal what they know... Trueblue Texan May 23 #18
Information we learned, included that Mr. Trump ......... classified information and 3Hotdogs May 23 #24
It could affect our allies' willingness Mr.Bill May 23 #61
Did you see what they did to McGovern yesterday? nbsmom May 23 #62
Owned! czarjak May 24 #65
I'm with you. The breadth of this security breach may not be known for years if ever Cheezoholic May 23 #15
Let us not forget, if our side knows about some dastardly deeds TSF is guilty of KS Toronado May 23 #17
No doubt dlk May 23 #19
"Nothing but nothing is EVER what it appears to be" brooklynite May 23 #20
Of course you feel that way... PCIntern May 23 #21
Nobody HERE is "in the know" on this matter... brooklynite May 23 #25
Opinions vary. PCIntern May 23 #29
And we shouldn't accept one person's absolutism. erronis May 23 #43
Agreed duckworth969 May 23 #60
now we know what Jared's newdayneeded May 23 #23
If they have proof he sold/traded documents, he's toast. Don't think they have that, unfortunately. Silent Type May 23 #26
Correct ScratchCat May 23 #33
Eactly, could probably get away with a firing squad in the Rose Garden. Silent Type May 23 #35
Or, it was so serious that emphasis has been on damage control before punishment. Hermit-The-Prog May 23 #48
I disagree. EndlessWire May 23 #59
The corruption is boggling. CrispyQ May 23 #27
A treasonous POTUS is the worst case scenario. Kid Berwyn May 23 #28
Only in the USA can an idiot traitor remain free to run for potus again BSdetect May 23 #30
I think the caveat about the jury is a good idea wryter2000 May 23 #32
So... If Smith has this evidence... Ohio Joe May 23 #34
I didn't say he had or didn't have admissible evidence PCIntern May 23 #36
To use trmp's term, I think this one was rigged from the beginning. spanone May 23 #38
Justice is only for the poor and working class. onecaliberal May 23 #40
Don't worry. In the Emperium Trumpus 47 justice will be quickly handled. erronis May 23 #44
I believe that's likely true. I've often felt that there are powerful voices on both sides of the aisle and wiggs May 23 #45
If elected again he'll be a multi-billionaire by selling all of our intelligence flamingdem May 23 #46
In a court of law you're innocent until proven guilty. In the court of common sense... hay rick May 23 #50
SOB still has more documents. GreenWave May 23 #51
40 months and counting (includes foot dragging) republianmushroom May 23 #53
I hope you have this refrain scripted! erronis May 23 #58
The pundits certainty bothers me too Bobstandard May 23 #55
They should put it out everywhere that the traitor sold classified docs. True or not. Let's do what they do. OverBurn May 24 #63
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