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Thu May 23, 2024, 12:49 PM May 23

A peek behind the curtain. Trump is just the front man. [View all]

The Republicans are on the verge of owning America. Billionaires, whose names we don't even know, have spent decades buying their way to this point. And the irony is that Trump is too stupid to know that they lucked out when he came along. He's their flashing, neon, "free candy for everyone" billboard.-- And he's one of the most effective in history.

Tens of millions have bought into his "The drinks are on the house" pitch. After all, doesn't everyone love the guy who has said he'll pick up the tab.

Those who ran Germany's "Third Reich" sold much the same shit. It worked. They ended up owning the country, and then they tried to own the entire world. Britain, Russia and our forebears stopped them. But this time around, the shit peddlers are homegrown. Our founders called them "Domestic Enemies." And they have a good chance of winning or stealing this year's election. If they do, it will be the last.

And here we are. The majority. We're watching it unfold and our leaders seem to be caught like deer in the headlights. Yes, the media is assisting the barbarians. But you'd think that countless millions of sane people could put up a better defense. Actually, "defense" seems like joke. We're barely in this fight. And millions of people who are Democrats are only vaguely aware that the Republicans have declared war on democracy.

So what do we do besides everything possible to get out the vote and beat them at the polls? I wish I had the answer. Yet, we know going into this election that their suppression tactics, their gerrymandering, their "lost votes" claims, and everything else they have in their bag of dirty tricks, is being employed.

The only advice I have to give is VOTE! And if that's not enough, we need a Plan B, which we currently seem to lack. And it's a lack that could cost us our freedoms, our country and our lives.

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It is not just the billionaires who will own us. Putin and Xi as well. Irish_Dem May 23 #1
Unfortunately, experiential learners seem to make up... Hugin May 23 #4
yes. Steep learning curves seem to be the norm. Irish_Dem May 23 #6
I'm one of those that need 2 or 3 or more experiences to really learn. erronis May 23 #8
Just an FYI, a NYT story had Biden receiving support from MORE billionaires than Trump in 2020... WarGamer May 23 #2
I don't subscribe to NYT. Did the dtory provide any data or dource? Just curious KPN May 23 #3
The Dems will use the money for Cyrano May 23 #5
Also don't subscribe anymore to the very tired old gray dame. More background would be helpful. erronis May 23 #7
So sad about the NYT. It used to be the gold standard. kerry-is-my-prez May 23 #18
Yeah, I've read that too Farmer-Rick May 23 #25
DING DING DING!!! 2naSalit May 23 #9
Most of those billionaires think they're special wolfie001 May 23 #10
Then he's about as religious as the average christian. NanaCat May 23 #16
Yep!!! wolfie001 May 23 #26
I lived in Germany in the Fifties and Sixties and learned the lessons about the Nazis. barbaraann May 23 #11
Leonard Leo Maggiemayhem May 23 #12
Recommended. H2O Man May 23 #13
K&R...nt Wounded Bear May 23 #14
Just like Reagan was a front man... IthinkThereforeIAM May 23 #15
WTF NanaCat May 23 #20
Reagan was a tool Traurigkeit May 23 #24
I have been thinking and saying the same thing, BlueKota May 23 #17
That's what scares me. The only hope I have is that without his cult of personality, the people behind Trump will Martin68 May 23 #19
And yet, when leftists talk about how it is a systemic issue ... they get dismissed. Caliman73 May 23 #21
Trump is a useful idiot. Maggiemayhem May 23 #22
Where are the investigations? Why are there none? onecaliberal May 23 #23
THIS "Billionaires, whose names we don't even know ..." live love laugh May 23 #27
"Those who ran Germany's "Third Reich" sold much the same shit" speak easy May 23 #28
Exactly... posted this last week. This has been a slow moving coup for 40-50 years Cheezoholic May 23 #29
There will be future elections. SleeplessinSoCal May 24 #30
John Birch Society dream come true. czarjak May 24 #31
Yup, this posting is correct. republianmushroom May 24 #32
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